Audiophony Supreme 8
Audiophony Supreme 8

4+ Channel Mixer

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weetos 02/15/2005

Audiophony Supreme 8 : weetos's user review


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I possde for 1 year and a half.
Rack 19 "
24 switchable inputs
4 phono lines 12 8 XLR mic.
2Quit master XLR + 1 RCA RCA monitor.
effects loop send + return RCA.
ALPS fader and VCA (rail).
compose them are welded on slices (like consoles).


Perfect setup and intuitive.
mose franais job well explained.


No breath

the qualisation is efficient (no need to turn the knob thoroughly to see a change).


I possess for one year and a half

before I pass by:
silver2 AudioPhony
JCB NA2010

No comparison! the suprme 8 is a copy of a revox of 1600 and is manufactured in New zlande.
The award is justification for me to see even small!.
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