Yamaha LS16 ARE
Yamaha LS16 ARE

Acoustic-electric Folk/Western guitar belonging to the LS16 ARE model

User Reviews: 41 Average price: $775
Average used price: $698 Warning, the average used price is based on a small number of classified ads
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dollenamor 01/26/2017

Yamaha LS16 ARE : dollenamor's user review

"An outstanding value and instrument for the money "

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I am a professional studio and performing musician who purchased this instrument to fill a temporary gap in my acoustic arsenal for a small-sized guitar while waiting for a commissioned, custom-made instrument to be delivered.

Pros - Sound quality, playability and workmanship are exceptional at this price point

Cons - Tuners are low-end Gotohs that don't provide precise tuning. These machines were replaced with Grover 102 series Rotomatics. OEM Yamaha strings are thick, dull and hard to play.