Schertler Jam 400 - Wood
Schertler Jam 400 - Wood

Acoustic-Electric Guitar Amplifier from the Jam 400 model by Schertler

Users' review: Average mark of 5/5 for 11 reviews

Schertler Jam 400 - Wood : abirato's user review

" I love it"

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Product bought used in February 2012


Combo - Portable PA / bass amp or keyboard + voice or other 360 + 40W

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Combo - sono portable / ampli basse ou claviers + voix ou autres 360 + 40W


perfect - very effective copy Shertler, developed with Bang and Olufsen and Alesis if I understand - compact and powerful thin, versatile and beautiful - acoustic clarity of a EAR or HK Audio

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parfait - copie très efficace de Shertler, développé avec Bang et Olufsen et Alesis si j'ai bien compris - léger compact et puissant, polyvalent et beau - clarté acoustique d'un AER ou HK audio


jazz, rock, shows, song, trads - perfect

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jazz, rock, spectacles, chanson, trads - parfait

Overall Opinion

I took it to sound to my set - clavia Rhodes, Pianet, piano, melodica, sanzas, etc. ... perfect.

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Je l'ai pris pour sonoriser mon set - clavia, rhodes, pianet, piano, mélodica, sanzas, etc... parfait.