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Value For Money: Excellent
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Archy1 09/06/2014

Archy1's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Excellent stuff"

Rackable course, ideal space for 16 tracks (12 mono, 4 stereo) ... I wanted to direct outputs, I served, we may need subgroups but for the price, you have to choose.
10mm faders, they lack a bit of resistance, but the race offers good accuracy.


Setup could not be more clear, very classic


I'm no expert but to me, not really coloring rather slight warming.
The preamps are very quiet and if you choose to saturate, the sound is singing, musical ...


I've had two weeks and I want to remix my old songs, or new :)
Some will want a digital audio interface instead of spdif or subgroups but in my opinion this table does little but very beautiful way then test it if you have the opportunity
Rivageaudio 12/03/2012

Rivageaudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Very good mix consolle"

xlr jack
no bus, 4 aux (2 pre and 2 post)
no effect integrated
consolle analog


g had no manual and no need to have
usual functions simple and accessible


very good sound
pre amps excellent, no breath


I use it for 10 years and no problems with it is fly
PlakDeGoudron 11/12/2012

PlakDeGoudron's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " well"

nothing more simple, super effective home studio setup fairly limited anyway, but for that price it is very good


easy to use


when you push it above 0dB induces a little breath but nothing nasty.


I had three years in a home studio in this price range is really good. The've sold to go to the Midas, but if I had to take a second table in this price range I would do this choice
VvSurLeRiddim 11/12/2012

VvSurLeRiddim's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) "Battery that I needed"

- Is the rack?
Yes, and without additional accessories: you must remove the "cheeks" on the sides and bottom, which reveals a strip on each side part of the aluminum chassis and drilled 4 holes for the screws on each side of the rack .
Note that it is hair cell (to the nearest cm) on top of my flightcase / rack "Thon L-Rack 4U 45" provided only to only 3 screws on each side, and leave 1cm space at the top so that it can still tilt / fold and move your fingers to the chopper.

- What is the type of connectors (RCA, Jack, XLR ...)?
On every mono: XLR mic input, line input TRS (= symmetric), direct output out TRS (= balanced), 1 Jack insert send and return 3 points in the same connector connection (= asymmetric) classic small mixers.
On each slice Stereo: starting with TRS, line inputs in 2xJack TRS inputs 2xRCA
For the rest:
Main output 2xXLR
TRS monitor output 2xJack
Mono Sum Output TRS 1xJack
SPDIF output (main mix)
Playback 2xRCA entry
2x inserts on the main mix in 3 points Jack (send and return asymmetrical in the same connector as the inserts slices)
Stereo Headphone Jack

- What is the accuracy of the sampling (bits / kHz)?
44.1 KHz to the SPDIF output.

- How many lanes, bus attendant, departures, returns ...)?
12 slices with mono XLR mic inputs and preamp, 4 stereo channels with TRS line inputs 2xJack without preamp, 4 aux buses (2 pre and 2 post), 4 mono aux send, returns to making input the 4 stereo channels, attention: group no.

- The equalizer is it parametric?
For single slices: 3 band EQ with semi-parametric MID, like the vast majority of such Mixers, classic anything.
For stereo channels: 2-band EQ, nonparametric.

- The effects section is it integrated?
No, that's good, I think.

Note that on every single one also has a low cut at 100Hz and a selection switch PRE / POST for direct output OUT.

Construction of all solid air. the frame of the console is entirely metallic. Faders on a long run and are very fluid. By the different knobs are against plastic, it has the air of a solid acceptable remains to be seen whether they will over time.


- The general configuration is it simple?
Yes, it is a small mixer, anyone who has a few basics to find it quickly.

- The usual functions are they easily accessible?
No problem.

- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
It is comprehensive, relevant technical data are present.


- The console is transparent?
I think, yes.

- Introduced she breath?
No, no worries on this side here.

- The equalizer is effective? ...
He does his job, nothing transcendent either, but that's okay.

In general, it is clean, nothing to say.
The preamps do not blow, it does not particularly lack of gain (never had a problem), they are not particularly colorful, but not great either: for the live largely enough. For the (home course) studio, they may be a bit dull, depending on your requirements.

EQs are good, no more.

The set is quite honorable, not sound sick (for the price, do not dream!) But not its not rotten, which is not bad.


Personally, one of the main reasons for my choice is the number of slices (12) and the direct out. Indeed, as I have a sound card 12IN/12Outs without preamp, the two complement each other perfectly:
- I live manages its front and back and normally I send 12 tracks (or less if I did not need all but up to 12 tracks) from Direct outs to the inputs of the sound card. And in case of computer problems, the concert is not affected.
- At home (home studio) as my sound card to direct monitoring, I connect my various devices and instruments to inputs of my soundcard, and 12 outputs of the sound card to the line inputs on the 12 console. That way I can save time on the computer (or not), and I want to send in the console, manage returns mixes for the musicians I record etc ... see - why not - totally in analog mix up to 12 tracks recorded digitally on the computer. And all this without having to hack the connections permanently.
In short, this is very flexible, very practical and complementary, that is happiness!

- How long have you been using?
2 years

- Did you try many other models before buying it?
I had owned a Behringer mixer low end and I could not see painting (which is why I bought the Soundcraft). Here we are well above level quality, I am very happy, I do not need any more and I think if it is well shot, I would keep the long view for very long.

- What is so special that you like most and least?
The -: only 2 buses AUX PRE is a little short for musicians manage returns with two more, it would have been the top. This is the only thing I blame him, but I knew that by purchasing it.
Pros: reliable, easy to use, good sound, and especially well suited to my needs.

- How would you rate quality / price ratio?
Very good quality for a small mixer, very affordable price ratio = Q / P excellent.

- With experience, you do again this choice? ...
Rego 01/13/2008

Rego's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)







Very good console, soundcraft sound is there, in the absence of groups does not bother me but it is personal, direct-out handy. I do a good job with this console.
Duke_92 08/09/2007

Duke_92's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I see the reviews above.


Operation is simple, direct outputs are assignable pre / post, contrary to ancillary.

RAS on the doc, examples can be useful there, there are the pinouts for the cables and even sheets to record rglages.

Small point -: the RCA advantages are unnecessary for my use, I AIM 2 subgroup possibiit or pre / post on the ...


I never t but it's because I always bathed in the sound since I Soundcraft mix.

This console does not droge RULES (advantages / O in the tradition of the brand).

Ct transparency, I would say Soundcraft introduced a "sound" and personally, I was going to rev it!


I use it now for just over two years to use a little studio and live.

I am fully satisfied by its ruggedness, sound, use it.

Even if other consoles are more for the same price, I strongly advise you to get a ide ear and compare, as a ring!
+deson 11/10/2006

+deson's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

It is a 12 channel console + 4 between Stros (20 entries in total), 4 Stros return, rack if enlve cheeks.

Premire Of the 12 slices that we see? :
- 1 from 6.35 + 1 XLR + 1 insertion between 6.35 + 6.35 a direct out
- A low-cut filter 100 Hz
Semi-EQ-paramtriques of medium (6 of 240 khz), frquence of 1.2 KHz for treble and bass to 60Hz. All corrections are + / - 15 db.
- 1 Pan
- Mute 1
- A signal entrbr /> - a signal crtage

For the 4 AUX in, that's all the same, except the EQ is Reduces to HF and LF, but in exchange they earn a rglage Gain Back in addition to the gain.

And also:
Rglage Phone, Monitor, Mono sum
Phantom power supply
Master AUX 4
The faders are "long run" (10cm)
Numrique output S / PDIF @ 44.1Khz (not tested)
No FX ...

Well, j'arrte ... For those who want to learn more, the best is yet to go to the website of Soundcraft.

Oh yes, a note on its appearance. It is all mtal (black) and edges (removable) are brushed aluminum. All plutt inspires confidence.

Little attention to Audiofanzine note: his real name is "Spirit M 12".


To use it, there's no more simple: you plug, play and ... CA SONNE!
The buttons are easily DIFFERENT reprables (color chip), it lacks a power Lumire Fawn Allen & Heath. If you really want to quibble: the buttons are hard lgrement when they are running, while the long-running faders are themselves low trs. Personal I like when arsiste a little but it's a matter of taste.
It is pluttlgre despite what its size leaves prsager.

If the doc is done? Not good if you speak English, for others, démerder YOU!.
Personally, I find not at all normal for a product that pays 800 balls is no doc in French, I put two (and still is good pay.


The console is clear (much better than the Mackie 1402 VLZ pro I tried for 2 weeks. Well, it's not the same price either) and EQ super effective. The semi is a rgal and I did not not faade of breath, even when RPET some muscle.
The sound is a bit of pramps "clean" basis but the EQ and ensure any possible corrections.
In addition, it is easy to mess + one of its own as a cleaner sound dgueu. I know from having test on Mackie 1402: when the bandwidth is closely and that was not sound, there's nothing to do!


I did that for one month, but I can not do without. It is clear that with this console, we changed CATEGORY: His + warmer, pchu more pro, you can play louder without microphones hang ...
If I had to miss a thing (from the inexcusable lack of doc in French, although sr) is that, given the scale of the machine, the guys from Soundcraft has not added a small FX or EQ section gnrale very useful for live performances. That said, given what is currently on the market is for me the best qualitprix.
Over there eg WZ12 DX Allen & Heath, but a quiet 1200.

I would do if this choice? Yes, friend. I, I care!
cabana 06/17/2004

cabana's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Rackmount console, 12 mono channels, 4stéréo, 2For post 2For meadow, direct out on each mono channel, semi EQ settings on mono, 100Hz low cut, big fader 100mn
no subgroup is robust, digital output at 44.1 kHz or from the master, either to.


Very simple, clear and comprehensive manual
the pots are too close vertically
faders are great.


It changes me from my DJ mixer. good signal to noise ratio. clear sound.
direct out pre doubt, it is necessary that I address the issue, to see if it's not my wiring, ca piss on the other way when a jack is connected.


Uses for a year, appreciates the direct outs to concerts and multidisciplinary spatialization.
In the studio, combined with a patch (Neutrik 48 points) and a dispatcher, the possibilities are endless sound creation, better than the virtual (possible re-injection) and with real buttons. A little weak in generating feedback, but a good c originally not made for that.
stereo inputs for connecting stereo sources with fixed (CD, K7, radio, vinyl (preamp to add))
value for money is very HOnet. we have a robust tool, the real fader which glides all (not like Beringher), when it was, we feel that it will last.

defects: no subgroup, I knew it by buying it, and c ca m'handicap true that a little, but I ruse. The output sample rate is set at 44.1 kHz, as a result I rarely use it. I wish I could choose the position of the (pre or post).