T-mix 1204 FX
T-mix 1204 FX

Analog Mixer

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lairlair 10/24/2010

lairlair's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

It comes with what he takes to the rack.
It has almost all the basic connections to both of his catches in the studio or sound with a few microphones on stage.
6 tracks: 4 mono that can be supplied via XLR or phone jack, each with 2 2 stereo input jack (L / R).
Opportunity to use feedback (2 output jack L / R), the main outputs: 2 XLR (L / R)
On each track: 3-band eq (low, mid, high) ...
Some built-in effects.
See more at thomann for details


Usage is very simple. Even if we have almost never made it, we can successfully get out without too much trouble. I did not use the manual, but I clearly managed to get by without.
Very simple and intuitive.


Console renders the sound quite well. I would say that it "flattens" a little. But the equalizer plays its role which allows her to restore volume.
The biggest worry for me is the breath that the console introduced on routes equipped with XLR input. Other channels do not have this problem. But if when you push the volume, it quickly becomes very annoying and restrictive.
The effects are not great. I did used to test them. They are not very customizable. They can be useful for reverb, but otherwise it seems a bit difficult to adjust effects like flanger + reverb "with a single knob. I prefer to add effects with my sequencer (Cubase).


Is my first, and I use it for almost a year. The value for money looks good to me, but as I said, I have no basis for comparison. Important to know: I have not had much chance to use it, and I use it as an amateur. So my opinion is only moderately reliable. Also note that a mixer is for use still fairly advanced sound, and that this might be the "heart" of the studio, everything must be even afford to use it and learn to cope with stress that implies in terms of space, cabling etc ... In that sense, I did not do a very wise purchase. I leave a review anyway.
So with the experience, I would say two things:
- I might have bought in other priority items for my home studio as a microphone or a "real" headphones.
- I'd be better informed in the breath. Be really careful with that, the little I know, I can tell you that you could mix! But if we can manage this constraint which is not rocket science, it is a good product that I think is good company.
vinvindub 11/01/2008

vinvindub's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

It is the twin sister of Tapco 220fx
technical specifications
THE T. MIX MIX 1204FX, 12 Channel Mixer, 4 Mic In with 3 Band Eq, 2 Stereo In, 2Track In / Out, XLR and 1 / 4 "Balanced Jack Out, 20-bit internal DSP with 256 effects, dimensions 295x360x42 / 96mm, weight 4.2 Kg


Could not be more simple
without manual operation trs well, no need to bac +
yes the manual comes with simple, otherwise we can Tlcharger the pdf doc of its twin the Tapco fx 220


The sound is good, you get make the difference with the effects
absent breath average power, opening too (bottom) yes a little
the qualisation plays its rle
I put a note not in the max because there are better Contents of course, but more expensive


Recently purchased at Thomann (delivered in 48 hours via UPS (delivery Socit great, nothing to do with the post office)
for simplicity in all sound to good little onreuse small table, with proper rendering
The box mounted on two PA110 (very good also for the price)
qualitprix excellent
yes again
faitchoici 09/29/2008

faitchoici's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Same monitor as the TAPCO mx 220.
The price in less than 115 euros.

Exactly the same characteristics. The copy is such that even the instruction manual is a copy and paste of the original connection diagram is the same to the extent that Tapco brands are included in the examples to plug products (trade agreement or forgotten?).


My use: in my home studio: just a routing (I do not use the preamps are good but I have not tested on record (I have a preamp JOEMEEK makes very good use).
To live: the effects are very good and relatively afraid of breath now.


In sound: see at the top.


Robustness level, I am sharing: the case seems solid but the knobs and faders particular seem somewhat fragile. I would see the long term.

In conclusion:
I took this console for its versatility, its number of inputs, the effects of integrated live and excellent positioning information in price (unbeatable in my opinion).

Without having ruined, I am very pleased with these first few days of use.
I put a note but not the maximum as having no comparison, I doubt that there is better but more expensive. But in its range (just over 100 euros) c is again the best value for money.