Access Music Virus TI Keyboard
Access Music Virus TI Keyboard

Analog Modeling Synth of the Virus TI series

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[NAMM] Virus Ti's OS version 2.7

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Access Music releases the 2.7 version of the TI's OS.

The new OS version includes a new control centre application for Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows XP and Vista. Using the stand alone application users can overwrite the ROM patches of their Viruses with their own sounds and perform complete memory backups for safety reasons and archiving.

OS 2.7 furthermore increases the amount of audio streams from the TI into the Virus Control plug-in by 50% and adds input side chaining capabilities. This way, users can send audio from the host sequencer into the Virus' sound engine all digitally, process it with the TI's filters and FX and finally loop it back into the sequencer.

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