Waldorf Pulse 2
Waldorf Pulse 2

Analog Synth Rack/Sound Module

User Reviews: 53 Average price: $750
gihaume 11/02/2013

Waldorf Pulse 2 : gihaume's user review

" Yum"

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See the site for Waldorf features, but both say they are many and varied.

Which is nice at first: 4 types of filters (LP24, LP12, BP12, HP12), modulation matrix (8x) paraphonie (8 oscilloscope for 1 filter), 500 presets, design and superb ergonomics, attractive price (as for Pulse 1).


The manual, I do not think there was one ... Ah, if a "Quick Start Manual" 17 pages. I did not even read it and I did not have trouble understanding the operation of the machine.

Ergonomics: really on top for such a small thing! My DSI Tetra next task too! And the knobs (well, the "rotary encoders") have a very good touch, ultra mastered race (you can go from one extreme to the other of a parameter by moving very little but very fast), a spacing somewhat limited, but it will.

There are still some bugs. It crash often casually (V1.11). The arpeggiator in particular is often a problem. I just did the 1.13 patch and it is a little better but still not perfect. I think everything will be settled in the end, Waldorf has a serious reputation to keep the software level it seems to me (Wave).


The thing that worried me before testing was jumping MIDI parameter values ​​we could hear (eg change the cutoff while the res is full). As the analog components are managed digitally, there are only 127 possibilities value parameter, and a variation of one that is brutally could hear. It also speaks of a "staircase effect" sound.
Ok, "is mastered" that I read, but I still tried to hear a little bit, well, I never succeeded! It's pretty crazy. We'll see, because with the modulation matrix that includes things I do not imagine so, to see, but for now it looks perfect!

Good sound ... The presets do not have knocked me down but he has good ideas from which we can begin to make or own. This is what I did, and WAAAW!

It sounds very modern, accurate and above all BEAUTIFUL!

Ah, speaking of accuracy, there are two distortion effects included (a TUBE and FUZZ), it is true that they are nice, they dirty the sound of a very clean and dirty way to both (modern anything. .), but against really alter the basic sound and especially in my opinion its specific aspect. Also, you can not make a variation with and without or put just a little, from the moment one active one, with the same intensity value of 0 sound effect is already changed dramatically, mini damage to it.

One thing I especially like when I get the filter resonance, I do not hear the bass that literally evaporate as on many synths. This is somewhat the case of course, but it is not "the first thing I hear in the amount of resonance."

In fact the sound of the filter reminds me of the module Doepfer A-120 VCF1 more powerful, it also specifically not lose much bass resonance, oh yeah, that's the kind of shot! There was also sometimes a side that reminds me of Telemark (clone Oberheim SEM).


It's not even one week that I have so my opinion is not very objective, but it is the result of what I saw in discovering.

At first I was not blown away by the sound, but seeing that all sounded great for what it claimed to offer. But tinkering a bit, I had a few surprises that made me guiliguili in the ears and when I did, "WAW". From there, I fell in love and I'm already pretty sure that no one leaves before long.

In my opinion it is very versatile, but there will always be this clean and precise in his side. Even if he can really go "far", I feel it never sounded dirty, which is modern and appeal to some (and less to others), but I have the impression that it is quite what is expected of him.

I love this organic side that we hear it without really hear so its sound is "intuitive". This is what I particularly like the Roland SH-101 and I found completely there. But beware, I'm talking only of aesthetic sound, because at present it is level (or it can be if you want) very powerful! In fact, what I meant is that the "feel" almost more than you hear.

Anyway I am very excited about this reissue where ergonomics is comfortable and sound as good as ever!