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Daoloth 01/06/2012

Daoloth's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Unbeatable for the price"

Overdrive for bass, I'd try that guitar before. Clone physical model from Boss. The case looks solid, the buttons in place, easy to open door. No major fault at first.


Like any pedal that is not a Nano to a button at EHX, we must seek its sound for some time, but nothing that requires either a PhD in quantum physics. Level, severe and acute concentric tone (which is actually a blend between overdriven and clean) and a gain to select the level of distortion. Clasique and intuitive, even for a beginner. The manual is the bare minium is about 36 there is no configuration examples.


As explained above, I had only used distos guitar before, so missing a few serious (and not necessarily of distortion, such as with the uber metal). I play a Kramer 700 ST P + J config, I set out for use with saturated fat, but it quickly becomes synthetic draft. The pots of severe acute and are very effective, you must take it easy. The grave also adds a lot of quite serious, while the sharp turns at screaming fast. Finally with settings "light", I find it gives its full potential with a light and warm overdrive full of serious: I feel like I have turned my microphone roughly double precision Gibson EB 0! bluffing!


I'm starting to find my settings, but for me it will give its full potential in overdrive light, warm and very serious there. For a huge distortion to gain, I will pass on something else.
For this use, value for money is great! Those who want something else, it will be hard to try it, it is better to build on something else directly.
In any case, it makes you want to try the little sisters, as stated in the previous opinion.
In short: yes for an overdrive light and warm, not huge saturation of death!
Postmortem 09/12/2008

Postmortem's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Then it is a distortion pedal (hey it in my opinion it is already known) brand harley benton for the sum of 24 euros ...... pathetic.

there level settings (volume) mid (medium) low (bass) and high (treble)

well it's simple right?


The settings are simple turning and looking at doing that ca ..... it's as silly as AC and 2 minutes was the sound slap.


So I was looking for a fairly heavy sound dirty qi do all tremble ........ and I found that sound. and yes this pedal is perfect (I'm of metal) and on each bass has a different sound (tested with a 374 yamaha rbx an Ibanez btb a ibanez atk bc rich warlock and .....)

I love this pedal all sonoritées are good.


I use it for a month and I can not past me:-) .

the price / quality ratio is surreal.

I would do this choice with his eyes closed.
GrasLeLapin 05/26/2008

GrasLeLapin's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

This is one of the overdrive for bass in the format "pedals" everything from classic:

- 1 Level knob
- 1 knob of EQ (like! It is split in two!)
- 1 knob of tonalitbr /> - a gain knob


In this price (24.90 at our friend Tho-tho) how not to cmmoparaison with the BOD-100 BEHRINGER home? Well the comparison is made quickly: There's the same price! Just open the box, we're a little surprised:

- Used to the plastic housing of BEHRINGER, we are here prsence a great big box mtal very heavy and seems solid. BEHRINGER contrast, the case is screwed up: no need for two pens and four hands to open the battery compartment as a clever Systm screw to open with one hand.

- Unlike still BOD-100, Harley Benton had the good ide to put the power connector electrical connector jacks off, allowing the plug! Nothing less.

- Finally, when you press the switch to the Harley Benton, it was not the right sound of an old spring dgueulasse the "schtoinnnnnng! Like the other pedals.

I do not want to look to add more, but for that price, Harley Benton provides the same standard 9-volt battery ... what more??


This only two weeks I use it, so I step back enough ... but frankly, it's a good effect for the price ... Well OK, a breath a little when you push the volume, but hey ... what ... it's also an overdrive! The possibility of the rgler qualisation on 2 levels is trs INTERESTED and can tweak the sound much.


Frankly, no problem on the pedals! Is that of happiness for the price!

It was grafted into my pedal-board and little sister CHORUS (BCH-1), COMPRESSOR (CL-1), FLANGER (FL-100) and BASS EQUALIZER (BEQ-1) are moved little by little turn ....