Eden Bass Amplification WT-300 Traveler
Eden Bass Amplification WT-300 Traveler

Bass Guitar Amp Head of the World Tour series

User Reviews: 4.85
jolefrei 10/20/2010

Eden Bass Amplification WT-300 Traveler : jolefrei's user review

" Very good!"

Transistor amplifier with prampli lamp (I still have not changed the lamp, and it still sounds great).
See manufacturer for dtails ...


Obtained very easily sound you want ... I love the Enhance function, which basically makes Plutt the bass and treble to dtriment the medium, but a lot more fawn homogne the semi-parametric EQ tric.

I connected a Markbass 2x10 is really not bad (despite a slight lack of 20-50Hz), excellent dynamics, a very good record of transient short trsractif.
On a 4x10 or a 15 "still sounds a little DIFFERENT must choose one that suits us. (For me the Eden Nemesis were too heavy ... Plutt good!)


I play Rock and Funk with a Musicman Stingray and Conrad (low 60's Japan), a ring!
The semi-EQ parameter is fairly well thought it must look for bands that we are interested to frequency drives or embtent and we hop, we act on it.


I use it for 4 years before I had a Trace Elliot.
No problem except that the pots with a noise amplifier with time ... It's a little dangerous, but I think it is easy to remove ...

Anyway I am super happy, and I continue to think of the way with;)