Fender Bassman 100 (Silverface)
Fender Bassman 100 (Silverface)

Bass Guitar Amp Head of the Bassman series

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moosers 03/14/2009

moosers's review

The Fender Bassman 100 bass guitar head is a tube based amplifier that has 100 watts of power. It has two 1/4 inch inputs for each channel and has two channels in total - one for normal and one for bass instrument. It has EQ settings for each channel, as well as a master volume. In the back it has a 1/4 inch speaker output to send this to a speaker cabinet.


The configuration of the Fender Bassman 100 Head couldn't be easier to use as it has quite basic controls. Because of this, zeroing in on the sound you are trying to achieve isn't too hard and there is a great deal of variety available. It is easy to get a good sound out of this and has a great sound quality overall. I don't have a manual for this, but it is easy enough to use that you shouldn't need the manual too much.


The Fender Bassman amplifier is great for all types of music, but I have mostly used it in rock and pop with great results. I usually use this amplifier with a Fender speaker cabinet and a Fender P-Bass or Jazz Bass. I only use this amplifier with a clean tone, and I always get great sounds with this. Its ease of use makes it a quick process to get a good sound from this amp.


I've been using the Fender Bassman 100 Head for about five years and it is really one of the best bass amplifiers I have used. The sound is full and great for both recording and live use. The price is reasonable if you can find one used, and is great option for all bass players looking for a high end amplifier. All in all, the Fender Bassman amps from the 1970s are some of the best bass amplifiers around.
ThePinkFloyd 07/20/2014

ThePinkFloyd's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Authentic and very fat"

It is actually a hybrid fender silverface / blackface "drip edge" to 66 watts without master.
Mounted with good lighting and a cab with Weber.


Easier is not: we both channels (normal and bass), divided into 1 low gain and one hi-gain each, which can of course be bridged.
There are 3 settings channel: volume, treble, bass. That's all for potentiometers.
It is therefore plug'n'play


The sound is really round and heavy, it is far from Vox AC30 and Celestions.
He eats very well the effects (big muff, screamer, prince of tube tone ...). When doing cruncher amp sound is absolutely daunting, but what I prefer is to stick a fuzz. You end up with a wall of sound incredible in front of you.

A little breath when you do not play but given the age of the beast is a bit normal.


I use it for 2 years, I had a Vox AC30 cc2 before that was only good for clear sound (unlike the old vintage AC30 sounding exceptionally well).
I could compare it to a twin reverb silverface, the type of sound is comparable but HP Weber make the difference.

I have to bring in revisions every year because it often has bad capacitors, but since the sound that I draw that does not bother me.

If the choice over again, I would do it with closed eyes, ears wide open.
DrPhilGood 10/29/2012

DrPhilGood's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Just crazy"

All Tube Amp. Date 74 mine, bought secondhand last year. Of 100 w fender, which dislocated.
low two inputs, two inputs "Instruments". A bright instruments on channels (which I think is useless), a volume for the crunch, three knobs bass, midrange, treble, a master volume.
This summary is wish!


This is an amp 70s, there are 5 knobs to move ... It plugs, adjusted the gain a little, and it plays live. A manual would serve no purpose.
the origin, it was intended to be a bass amp. But he has no interest for bassists. Too round, too hot, too "soft". However, with a guitar ... It's just monstrous.
So both inputs low (I mean entries, because they are not channels, clean and lead by example) (me) useless. Even plugging a guitar top, the sound is completely muffled.


Precision: with this amp, I 4X12 cab fender pyramid the same time. The final report is to my mind much that the amp cabinet. I tried the amp alone on a Marshall 2x12, it sounds serious, but still much smaller. Conversely, I tried the Blackstar Artisan pregnant with a JCM 900 and Marshall, both amps were transfigured!
Overall, the Bassman back a density and serious medium incredible. There is a thick its pretty crazy.
clean sound, with the volume to 2 or 3, is highly crystalline. as the sum of fender. grow to 8 or 9, you get the crunch ... :-) No effect, no hope of having a popping sound, or even really fat. it is very clean and precise.
I play with a 333, a Gretsch Anniversary box half a Danelectro 12 string fender or Spirit. In fact, I just have a TS9 and a Rat for distortion, a Wha and reverb (which still lacks the amp ...). And each time, it sounds serious ... In a style Blues Rock / Rock but both more violent stuff, type stoner, Noise, No Wave. I believe that what most characterizes it is this density / power sound at once precise, warm and full.


I for one year. I had tried many or amp before, Vox (AC 30) Fender (hotrod twin reverb) and Marshall (JCM 900 and 800). For now, I have not found anything that suits me much.
I bought 1600 euros with the enclosure (ok, a bit expensive, I admit). Still, I bought it tomorrow if it is necessary!
EPbassliner 04/08/2012

EPbassliner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " That happiness"

Bassman 100 silver face has evidament lamps, without effects, connectivity can not be simpler, just over 100 watts issued, all settings to what is most useful minimum effort for maximum sound


The configuration will be more complicated for a penguin or a dork! Ha there is a good manual! The sound that is sought and easily found even without setting the equalizer was déjas THE sound that'll make them turn pale guitarists and drummers! Hummmmmm power when you hold us!


Yes for haevy I love, with a small Fender deluxe active or all just an Ibanez ATK, saturation (for style) but a warm, round clear
And god knows that the Eleventh Plague make a lot of bass intro!


I utiise 6 years now but mostly for the studio, on stage it so that shipments must déjas have a room with a volume sufisant lol, for small rooms, I still had my old fidel Pevey TNT 115, I like all the particularitée the fender ....... except its weight!
jeffka 12/21/2011

jeffka's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " A Wonder"

Fully amp lamps, 100W, and the strict limits are rglages ncessaire, the connection could not be simpler. No effect on the available amp.


Versatile amplifier architecture, there branch what you want: Bass, Guitar, Microphone voice, keyboard, bass drum microphone, bass (large focus feedback very serious ),...

To get a good sound just turn it on and plug in a bass and that's all APRS is not quibble with a few pots to fine tune the sound but it works no matter what.

A manual? What is it?


Depending on the juggling between the master volume and the volume of each channel is a power and a sound that goes from light to crunch. Then we can use the two channels that have quali diffrent to fawn on her.

I personally use the channel by connecting a low precision with low knob 7, 7 knob treble and volume 7 (a 7ender is normal). master 3 or 4 and it is already too strong for my guitar. And the sound is rock and roll crunch is a warm and fun makes me hallucinate.

You can have a trs its jazzy bass by plugging in the active channel in the 2nd between 2 and looking around at the qual.


I've had 6-7 months is a divine pleasure to use, it is a galre to transport, the head 25 kilos and 50 kilos the cabinet (2x15) a dm nagement each use, the better to have a local ddi and not to move except for the concerts.

is the sound I was looking for more than 10 years but never had the opportunity to test it. I miss him more than an old Hiwatt head and I would be filled.

I had some pre amps, a Hartke, Ampeg and a Gallien Kruger. This amp can do the same thing as the three with its grain and more. A killing.

My grateux I think its the one with Roger Waters.
teuzibon 02/19/2011

teuzibon's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " A Must!"

All tube amp, made in USA, of course, distributed roughly from 1970 to 1980. Recall that when the Beatles played on the roof of EMI shortly before their separation, McCartney used a Bassman Silverface. So if it's good enough for Macca, it must be good for a lot of bass players ... including me! 100 watts, the real, which allow you to play confidently in group, unless drummer and guitarist decided to orbit the scene ... The connection is reduced to its simplest form, the 70 required: 2 HP, which used to connect a 4 ohm cabinet or two 8 ohms, and that's it! The settings are simple: bass, treble and switch "deep" to boost the bass on channel 1, originally planned for the bass. Low, mid, treble and treble boost switch on channel 2, for guitar.


Can, if you look closely, find the manual on the net, but is it really necessary? Plug a good bass, both in channel 1 than in 2, and play! I'm not a guitarist, but friends who have tried the guitar would have passed well ... That's the advantage of amps vintage, it is never gas plants, and so much better.


With this amp, I play rock, pop, blues, ... And the resulting sounds are quite suitable for these styles of music: very warm (normally it's all lamps), but clear. Pushing the preamp, you get a slight crunch in the grave to sully (a little) stuff. The sounds are of course some colorful roots, but the timbre of the bass part that there is this: a Jazz bass, precision, Ric 4001 are perfectly recognizable and valued. Try also with a Stingray, which makes the gear grunt loudly. Small flat, there are much better today than 4 x 12 cabinet home rather soft. But what he is beautiful! It seems that even when the head is transcended on a modern cabinet. A check, then.


I use this nice amp for 8 months. I also have SWR Workingman 15 combo, an Eden Traveler 300 coupled to a cabinet SWR Golliath 3. All have their own personality: Eden is great for jazz and funk, SWR perfect for portability, and the Bassman for all the rest. His fault: its weight (60 kg cabinet, although the head must do 25 kg), and also the potential fragility of tube amps that do not specifically be handled hot. A little research, you can find all head-cabinet for less than 1000 € now. It is reasonable to finally have one of two icons (with the Ampeg V4B) of the 70 at home ...
cedart 10/18/2010

cedart's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " fective."

Amplification Lamps, 100w. 4 entries in faade (Jack 6.3) in total: 2 for low (active or passive) 2 Guitar (Active or passive). For the bottom: rglage Volume Treeble, deep bass and a switch ( boost the low frequencies). For the guitar part: regulation of the focus volume, treeble midle and bass, and a bright switch (boost needle and finally the master volume. 2 outputs Loudspeaker Impedance with a maximum of 4 ohms. intgr No effect.


In terms of simplicity I think it's peaked, nothing mysterious all the controls are clear and effective.
No need to book.
Get a good clean sound is childish ... PS: I use it only as guitar amp I


cheeks mainly rock, pop and blues. I use a Marshall 1960 Lead cabinet (4x12 '), it perfectly suits my style very 70's.
The resulting sounds are crystal clear and unmistakable warmth, I use it mainly with a Gibson Lespaul Studio and a Fender USA Jazzmaster 62 '. For saturation I use an MXR GT-OD (or its crunch blues solo typ) and is ecstasy. For rock I use a chroma MXR Distortion III. But I think acqurir a distortion pedal lights for even more gain. Add this Holly grail reverb and you get one of the best guitar tones I know.


I use it for over two years, high-volume session can, concerts, I tried a lot of amp (Messa Boogie Triple Marshall TSL 60, Vox AC 30) the only comparison that makes sense is the Vox AC30, but I prefer the heat of serious Bassman. The only default that I found is the lack of rverb intgr and weight .... But when you love it does not count.
Sight of the purchase price opportunity (750EUR) the ratio is for me qualitprix Ingala.
And with the exprience I would do it without hesitating one second choice. Simple and
Electric Bigband 03/13/2010

Electric Bigband's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I have one for 12 years. I do not just use it unfortunately because it is too big for my apartment. In the era pay 4000 francs. Today is 1,500. I did a studio session with there are 6 years with my rhodes mark 1 to 88 and was doing great. It's a bit too strong even when. I would advise the 50W version of dj very very powerful. Otherwise I'll post a "real" review when I have this amp test as it should. If qqun version 70 '50 but could have intresser me to make a change with a few more.

A +
antho-38 07/25/2008

antho-38's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Header tube amp, 4 6L6 for amplification and three small lamps for préamplication.
-100 Watts
-2 Output for connection Bafle and 2 output for each instrument (bass and guitar / other)
-No effect includes
-In terms of the settings can not be simpler:
* At the bottom: volume / treble / bass and a button to activate the "deep"
* Part of other instruments: volume / teble / middle / bass + button to activate the "bright"

* Égualement there a master volume, which is very useful!


The configuration is very simple view that there is not a multitude of buttons
plus it is really easy to find a sound suitable.
after in terms of the manual I can not tell you since I delivered the free, it is difficult to find a manual for the age of this amp ...
You just have to watch one thing, it's not on any such head, but mine come from the United States so it is supplied with 110 volts, not 220! So remember to buy a transformer!


It should be quite to my style of music, I love the vintage sound so I am more than satisfied!
I'm on a fender precision of 80 years.
I partly chose this amp based on my bass because originally the bassman amp was designed specifically for details (it's always good to know ...) but do not take into account those out of the factory today is the day and night


I are the last 2 months, 2 months of pure happiness!
-I have tried many transistor amp, I was always very disappointed ... standard lamps
I had the opportunity to try a head of 70 years Made in England straight out of the factories Hiwatt, the sound is more than beautiful, but different from the bassman. I find
they Vallent, but if you have the opportunity to have a Hiwatt the question does not even go for it!
-In terms of price / quality ratio, it is just finding the right OCCAZ because it is listed at around the € 1000 so it is expensive ... Assé but to me he handed me his arms to € 590, a steal! I remake that choice without thinking!
Mikus62 07/04/2006

Mikus62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

All-tube amp head product from 1972 to 1976
Power of 100W with 4 6L6GC
Or rather to the effects of the shade there are a small switches on the two inputs DEEP BASS instrument Bright and Normal inputs on both instrument and of course a master volume to do cruncher.


The configuration could not be easier
Two instrument inputs BASS VOLUME - Trebble - BASS
Two instrument inputs NORMAL VOLUME - Trebble - MIDDLE - BASS
This gives a good sound from the start.
No manual, but finding his own sound takes some time, matter of taste.


This amp suits my style of Blues music - rock, but many other styles.
I play this amp with an old Italian SG copy, a GODIN sdxt and sometimes I'm an aunt LOW Aria Pro II TSB-400. As I await an effect MAXON OD-808. It varies more or less the attack and the sounds by changing the lamp preamp.
The sound and less crystalline than a TWIN and notes the further, no need for reverb. Easily obtained a crunch (vol 9 or 10 TREB 9 - Mid 6.5 - 7.5 vol bass master 4) perfect for bluesy sounds this amp fully respects the characteristics of the instruments connected to it.
I do not hate the sound of this machine. I use it in a 2x12 LEGEND 121.


I use it for several months but has for many years (bought down)
I like its look and what its type fender vintage, it is a bit heavy but it is the poor weight distribution that makes transportation a little boring.
I have not tried many other models before this one, I owned a transistor amp SISMI head and a very old VOX I stupidly sold my youth ...
Bought down to 250 GB at the time the price / quality ratio is good (relamping and repair about 200 euros)
I do it again this choice with his eyes closed, if I see one in the same price I bought it without thinking.