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Jetter Jet Drive : $135

Retailer By Guit_fishN's Gear Depot via on 08/13/2017 - Expires in 85 days
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Jetter Jet Drive
This is a great pedal in very good shape.  I would've listed it in excellent shape, but, if you hold it in the light just right, you might see a mark--but, there are no scratches.

One thing I really like about this pedals is the harmonics/jangle of the tone, even with a higher gain.

This is a great pedal for a gigging musician because you can keep your amp clean and have a grit channel, then a crunch channel--then, with both engaged, you can do your solos.


Does not come with the original box.  Item will ship fully insured + tracking inside a generic box, bubble-wrapped, inside a USPS bubble-pak envelope.  If you don't care for the bubble-pak mailers, please don't buy the pedal.  I've shipped almost a hundred pedals this way and I've never had an issue.

No trades.

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Jetter Jet Drive