Singular Sound BeatBuddy
Singular Sound BeatBuddy

Drum Machine

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BeatBuddy, the drum box pedal

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Singular Sound introduces BeatBuddy, a drum machine in stompbox format designed for musicians who have many things to do with their hands.

BeatBuddy is intended for guitar and bass players, keyboardists and every musician who needs a rhythmic accompaniment without the hassle of buttons and knobs.

The pedal can be chained into an effect pedalboard. It includes 8 pre-programmed drum kits (including one for beatbox) for different music styles, and it is possible to program up to 1000 tracks per style (8000 tracks in total) via a dedicated software editor. A mini-USB port is included for connecting the BeatBuddy to a computer and an SD card slot is also on the menu.

The BeatBuddy offers several controls, including tempo (tap tempo or knob), volume, music genre (rock, jazz, pop, hip-hop...), and a stomp for switching between drum parts, adding a fill, a transition between parts, etc. You can also add an external footswitch to control claps, cymbals, etc.

The pedal features stereo inputs and outputs, a headphone output and requires a 9V power.

BeatBuddy will soon be available for presale at a special introductory price for a limited time (price has not been specified yet). To receive information about the BeatBuddy pedal, subscribe to the newsletter on

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