Pearl Export EX
Pearl Export EX

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3magic 12/17/2011

3magic's review

I just wondered what you people who owns Export EX drum-kits thinks about them.. I'm considerating to buy a Export EX-kit and i need positive or negative feedback so you guys can let me know if the kit is worth the money..
guibouff 12/07/2007

guibouff's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I played an export for over 15 years. I bought it new in 1990. At that time ISS suspension point, the toms were held by the articulated arms that had to plug into the bass drum. The standart dimmensions me very well suited (22/12/13/16).
I have always found the toms were easy to give especially pinstripe skins. Evans Genera with the skins is much more subtle .... The floor tom is more difficult if one is looking for a bass sound and powerful. In fact to get a good sustain "Boowa" you have to play on a surface too "reflective" not too hard if the resonant does not vibrate well and tom does not ring. It is better to play on a carpet.
The bass drum is too childish to be paid. For a big sound should relax the maximum resonant drum head and, with just a small cushion evans style muffler that supports a little on the drum head. And here's the big bass sound that sends.
For the snare, that's another story. Now they are made of wood but I think at the time pffff what a pain. difficult to adjust it just sounds high (very high volume). Forget the ghosts beautiful pianissimo notes and effects.
The original equipment was simple base but even after thousands of miles and hundreds of concert he still holds the shape.

Overall this is a good mid-range bottom, or a good amateur model. Much better than the yamaha tama rockstar or at the time. The rhodoid has passed away relatively quickly. I had to take off, sanding and varnishing was. Guaranteed effect, custom drumkit pretty to watch.

I would recommend this choice to people who want to play regularly and looking for a model rather rock or hard rock. For jazz ride while Evans Genera G1. It is more open and singing the pinstripe.

One thing is certain: this model is extremely robust!
mou-flo 07/06/2006

mou-flo's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I bought this drumkit used 8 years ago and is still in good condition. I played rock and jazz fonk no objection. I opted for Pinstripe skins for toms and snare drum for the sand.
In short, versatile and durable, it's a great product in its range but some rafistollages can give a more personalized (a handkerchief on the snare and toms and I removed the skin of resonance of the bass drum) .
bertoliv 12/17/2005

bertoliv's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I have an Export from about 20 years (the orange in the photo), and team pinstripe Paiste, complte with Maxwin toms ... By treating rglages, a sound tip top! For anything I would change it.
Ra7 08/24/2005

Ra7's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Friendly drumkit
I tested it with a friend and I t trs enjoyable surprise!
trs sound is correct, the toms are of good quality the iss Systm is a pure killing.
all a good drumkit for the trs price range!
Note down a little for the quality of skin, replacing them with pinstripe!
fcake 08/25/2004

fcake's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

Here it's me again (the drummer avt) just to dikr that we must set the snare and put a thought mutes (handkerchief etc. ...);)
FadArtik 08/24/2004

FadArtik's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I have the all black version configuration fusion (22,10,12,14) + 2 toms (8.16), accessories double braced, Series 820, nothing to say it is very good, if not true that it will eventually change the skins included with (protons: s)

notice drummer Skyzo & artik

Deven: Satisfied (the note is from me)
miles1981 06/30/2004

miles1981's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

I have about 3 years in 22/12/13/16 for toms. Double feet ablaze for cymbal and hihat. ISS tom mounting for - no perage - and the joints are continuously adjustable - no respect notches -
Sound, a sound that rsons well, the snare is a little worse when compared to the same toms, skins standards are changing.
Trs a good choice for the price.