Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass 4-string bass guitar

Geddy Lee Jazz Bass, 4-string bass guitar from Fender belonging to the Geddy Lee Jazz Bass model.

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All user reviews for the Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass

Average Score:4.9( 4.9/5 based on 15 reviews )
 14 reviews93 %
 1 user review7 %
Value For Money:Excellent
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Fb02's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
Everything is said above. But like all insist on the quality of the handle, I tried many low rounds trs purposes and that is the the best, fan of precision, go your way, it ' is the opposite


Handle the handle the handle --------- Impec enjoyable "fast" sweet .......... C for the rest what a jazz bass! but with its superior quality even when the mean. There are RULES branch is the neck pickup or the bridge pickup, the two at the same time, as you will, it is always good, even excellent!


Is LOW, the extreme versatile, con, just all kinds of games, amp, sounds ........... I find nothing wrong ........


It's been a over a year I use it alternately with a "custom luthier (Michel SCAMPI)" and there is only This category we rouve better and yet I spend my try the low life (that is second nature) there is no point ngatif if you want to find one, we can possibly talk about the weight but it was really to say something because it is trs is bearable and especially hyper equilibrated (more often it is not lightweight qulibr. qualitprix Report unbeatable, there's a sale now, if you hsitez, you can darken their eyes closed. Report quality / price ratio - If I should happen to her malheurn Rasht one pronto! I just spent over seven hours without stopping and no sign of fatigue, nor in the arm, shoulder, fingers ....... nothing. Oh yes, I veisn to find a large default trs ........ that does not exist for left !!!!!!!!
Angel heart07/10/2006

Angel heart's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
MADE IN JAPAN (and be seen!) The violin is very beautiful irrepochable low ... its quite a lot of typ carractre the bug, I changed the pickups for Bartolini and I now I need the sound (punchy but accurate, just from the perspective of the last megadeth)


The handle is superb as well esttiquement qu'agrable touch


I play the good old Hard Rock (maiden, metalica, Ozzy) I have a TC Electronics RH 450 and the fact that the torque of the century is a little Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt ...


I use it for 8 months, and more I play with and I like it, before I had a precision Mexico, a precision United States, an Ibanez SDGR1000, an Ibanez roadstar, a Cort GB34 one Jim Harley ... and I've never had a lightning strike like this. the only one that made me silent as a flacher frank bello fender but silent at the store and I only play 10 minutes.

This low Representative for me the best quality market prices.

I confirm: The Made in Japan are either good or trs fantastic Made in the United States are either correct or Fantastic. So the choice of japan is the assurance ...
I Refer this choice, and I will never sell my jewelry!!

chris2punk's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
^ ^ Really beautiful bass made in Japan

20 boxes shame but hey you get used to it, two jazz bass pickups type with two knobs of rglage

ass bass bridge 2: superb prcis, say anything

rglage the two pickups and a Tone knob if I'm not mistaken ^ ^

the handle is probably what makes this bass is so good, it's a pleasure to play over the end, dare I say perfect


As said prcedement the handle is a real highway, the ACCS is very easy to acute, however, I find it a bit PSE but you get done quickly, the sound is really good I play punk and it suits me perfectly, are the serious and treble sound really good, and as you say that slap is happiness, good sound slap it right!


Through the prog rock, punk, pop etc ... even more R & B sounds, it sounds a hell of a good is that if you play black metal as an Ibanez or another switch, if not for the rest Seems niquel, I play with a fender 100W rumble and two great all agree, I like a bass sound with great bass and I put the middle and treble in the middle about, I find a perfect for my style of play


I have this bass for 3 months now, I love her look especially on the neck between the frets, black keys show it off, the handle is great, nothing wrong on this, I for one year jou on an Ibanez SR765 is sure it has nothing to do And it's not even comparable because these models are too DIFFERENT (5 strings, active for the Ibanez etc ...) In Regarding the price, 1080 with nine Pouche a rigid stand, a strap, all in the negotiate and fender soft case comes with, it seems proper
I think I would change may be low with the exprience because I would need a bass that sounds a little more hard-mtal but I do not regret my choice, I love this bass is trs a good investment

Lolio's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
See notice below.
To handle: Between the delicacy of the subject and the quality of the varnish is actually a highway.
For cars: I do not know quite what to think. I kept the original ones which I do not pose a problem when I play.
The quality of the polish of the body seems to me to be good because I only managed to make it a little tchard in a year and a half I took him with me at work to play at MIDI! I would say that the whole gives a sense of quality both in the elements used in the assembly.


The handle? Frankly I do not see how there could be a more enjoyable round. We say the measure. With a good varnish. The thumb has very easy access to the E string which is nice to slap. Access to acute not particularly difficult.
Totally agree with Larrytron: this bass is made for the slap. It snaps, it sounds even without amp (I think it comes from other type of frets used) and above the neck is fast. It's easy. it's been a year and a half that I and the handle has not moved: he was perfectly settled Ha.


For me to base it on his "jazz bass" so the standard in my opinion. I set up a J-retro preamp above for more fishing and a wider range of sounds without affecting the next Jazz bass (I preferred to keep the original pickups). Half the time I play without the preamp. I used mostly at home when I plugged directly into the sound card and / or headphones when I play.


What I like most is the ease of play slap in particular. But it remains a versatile low: Thurs finger, pick, tapping, harmonics without any sound problems. I use it to repeat, on my amp (Ampeg B5R) and my sound card (emu0404) with which I play a lot with headphones.
I put the armor and shielded cable to reduce the paratroopers to the max without changing the pickups. Blackpearloid plate and straplocks.

larrytron's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass
The Geddy Lee is made in Japan. vintage look resolutely (reedition model 72) is the signature model bassist of Rush, progressive rock.
The body is alder and the neck / fingerboard 20 frets maple veneer is a pretty black binding adorns the handle and the rectangular inlays (also black) are used as landmarks. It reveal what are simply a layer of paint under the varnish, I think it is good but limited esthetique.Pickguard white.
The bridge is a Badass II which is very good, very yes!
Eslectronique part is very simple: two volumes, one to deal with Tone 2 fender jazz pickups USD.
profile of the handle is excellent, the sleeves thinner than usual Jazz Bass D with a flattened shape, a highway!
Oh I forgot a set of mechanical vintage Fender. I put a 7 because of the mechanisms that are the real stews ... a change immediately after purchase!


Comfort level of play, this bass is a killer! It is his weight, like all jazz but it's still more than adequate!
This is for low slapper stick thin can do anything he can do on a bass. It is what one expects from a jazz bass. Playability, comfort.
a very good Fender. The handle provides perfect better than a US feelings for my taste! Even if it is varnish, which may not appeal to everyone.
10 for the round that kills!


The sound is definitely that of a jazz. The two microphones and a donf is paradise! The pickups are a bit feeble and in dire need of especially low bridge pickup, but the amp quickly corrects these small defects.
From a fan of Marcus Pasto through Larry Graham (or even Geddy Lee, if so!) All sounds are arranged. After all it's a Jazz Bass so it's going to sound like a warwick ... You can do everything with: Rock, Funk, Jazz, Latin ...
She is branch, at home on a GK 700 RB and A 4 * 10 I have everything I want sounds like, well fat on the neck pickup, full with two microphones and very articulate on the micro bridge.
This config micro proven, and you plug it sounds!
9 for microphones for improvement


I use it for more than two years, I changed the mechanical after a week they were so rotten, I also changed the pickups for Villex, which in addition to a higher level of output and offer the possibility of serious squeeze mediums thanks to a dedi knob and while passive! If Mssieur! I also put a black pickguard, which improves the look in my taste, very classy!
So it's a very good bass! Handle of a dream of good features like the Badass bridge which provides more sustain. a very good sound.
For me this bass is the best that Fender has released at qualitprix it has nothing to envy to a US (far from it!). It takes about 1000 euros for the beast, at least in Germany /.
This choice I would do without hesitation.