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alak 01/11/2013

alak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " I love"

all types of effects available
digital technology + lamp output
Via an editor editable PC
Audio connectivity / USB and MIDI


The general configuration is not really simple, but the game is worth it = you can tailor sounds fabulous.


Effects effective, appropriate and realistic
the only multi-effect that is best
but it costs ... 2000 euros!!


Excellent price / quality ratio
of occaze is more a matter = buy without hesitation
Alexneodelta 08/21/2012

Alexneodelta's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Very nice to see the world the guitar ..."

See website for technical info.


Manual clear.
Using simple enough despite the amount of button and knob ..
The screen is very convenient, although sometimes you get lost just seen all the options possible ...


The effects of bases are nice, but be careful not too hack in every sense, it can quickly become indigestible. The amp modeling is nice, but not exceptional.
I play on ibanez RG 1570 prestige.
Up to 2 weeks, jutilisais mics of origin: sound was much enhanced. But since I started a crunchlab and LiquiFire of DiMarzio (petrucci fan forced) and I must say that the pedal does not come out. It overwrites all the dynamics and power of the microphones.
So, my amp that I could not hear without my pedal comes back in my opinion ... Need fireworks ...


I use it more then 2 years, bought on the internet by heart stroke.
The value for money is good, but I repeated: it is perfect for beginners and learn about the effects and amps.
After that, it is better to go on a real pedal board once you have your type well in mind.
I would do this purchase for a gift to a young ... but for my part, I have a gear sells for more "accurate".
Dux'O 06/10/2012

Dux'O's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Excellent value for money"

The G71ut full of effects and amp models, with everything he sailed, there really is forging its way to "Sound" from A to Z.

The sounds can be edited on the PC (mac I can not remember).

Digital technology, but the presence of the lamp is really nice, it certainly is not an effect of egg with this lamp there (anyway I'm quite adept sounds cold and violent digital), but in many occasions that m has added a good addition.

In connectors are all the stuff but I'm never used to share USB for recording.


I found that its effect was to create a very simple even directly from the pedals, while I like galley is not allowed to edit my sounds from the HD500 if I'm not on the computer.

In use, everything is clear, change banks easily, sounds, effects to each one. Nickel.

If I had to tone in use is that the knobs management characteristics of the amplifier is infinite. It's a bit boring to edit an already set his.


I found the effects nickels. From clean to heavy through sounds etc kurt cobain. It pleased me a lot, I found my sound for every occasion.

I used it with a guitar unbranded low-end and with a prs is Allender.

I liked most of the effects, I have no hate. We had a good laugh with the most bizarre effects (we almost forget they made the guitar ...)


For the price, quality goes through the roof, for me there is no comparison. I used it for 5 years.

I had tried many other multi effects at the time. But even the boss could not ankle level features and even sound (for the metalhead that I am) zoom g71ut.

I would do without hesitation that choice ... Robust sounds that pass perfectly, little more than the lamp, little emcombrant.
lumberjak 06/08/2012

lumberjak's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " It depends ... the rest?"

I will not dwell on the possibilities of the tool ... everything is easy on the Net, or even on mixed technology lamp / transistors.
I will not write any more than the back holds most including an Aux In input (output not adjustable ... too low for the ears of guitar playing very close to the drummer's ride!)


A little practice (and this applies to all :-) ) lets delve into the intricacies and diverse and varied possibilities of the machine, BUT ... some habituation with this type of pedal will be a plus for the full understanding and quickly.
For "primos buyers" ... the record will be a valuable asset that will keep and read quietly at your fingertips.


Ah! the main subject! THE sound! The Grail! The quest for sublime ... Personal ... Looking for allowing us to "shine"!
Well, in my humble opinion, do not leave right away what you have put hours to polish the headphone on your amp with your favorite guitar fetish.
There is a HUGE difference between the two renderings. As I have always found so far, the amp and the guitar will have a decisive final report on your results.
It is quite possible to have sounds very good in both cases and in all styles.
It will be essential to work with your guitar AND your amp to set the desired sounds fine.Pour in my hand, banks can store sufficient sound for several different guitars during a gig.
So, sounds are good ... but will need to build according to your hardware and your final needs.


I always have a Vox ToneLab I take more willingly live as half as bulky.
The expression pedal G7 race too short for my taste. But it is a criticism that can make many other models.
The possibilities are many and varied. Curing takes place smoothly in a short time, after all.
The overall quality is very good to fair prices into an opportunity.
This is generally a good tool, a bit bulky and "heavy" if you were to wear it over "the rest".
ProgressiveTom25 09/14/2010

ProgressiveTom25's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) "Lethal Weapon ..."

The pedal has a large size, with a metal frame that seems indestructible. This results in a high enough weight ...
It has a bunch of buttons and knobs at the top of the pedal for editing and adjusting the sound and 7 switches at the bottom for the selection of banks and patches.
All right pedal, it was an expression pedal that can be assigned to different functions.

The pedal features a 12AX7 tube pre-amp. Otherwise the pedal is 100% digital.
Overall the pedal incorporates virtually all the effects that exist on earth ... (visit zoom for details).
The pedal is editable by computer via MIDI / USB (not included).
The connectors on the back of the foot that are more complete: stereo output jack (for connecting 2 amps), USB output for direct recording, MIDI in / out, ...

Basically, it's hard to find something that this pedal can not do!


Let's be clear ... the configuration of the pedal at first is not easy and may completely deter novices. Fortunately, the manual is very well done and very clear. On the other hand, by investing in a MIDI / USB (30 € approximately), you can edit the pedal from a computer and it immediately becomes easier.
However, the use of the pedal itself for the game is very intuitive and does not present difficulties: one chooses either a pre-edited patch is a patch you send personal and sauce ...

It has a total of 4 x 10 banks of sounds: 2 x10 "user" editable and 2 x 10 "factory preprogrammed with sounds. For each type were 10 banks for live (power amp) and 10 banks for saving (connection to a mixer).
Not easy ... but overall it is found mostly use the user banks for live performances (10 banks).
And for each bank of 4 presets are available (or patches) that can still be divided into two modes of pre-amps.
What makes sounds at all ... 320 ...!

For each patch, we can then assign different effect: reverb, compressor, chorus, ... and choose 2 types of pre-amplifiers that can switch to using the button CHANEL A / B (the other effects do not change). This allows for example, for the same patch, having a clear and a crunch sound with the same effect settings, or to have two different gain settings of a single amp modeling.

There is a option to play as a pedal-board where each switch corresponds to an effect that can be activated or not (we can not change on the other hand patch in this mode).

Finally, you can assign almost all parameters of each effect to the expression pedal and up to 4 parameters simultaneously which can afford to do things completely crazy ...!


It is clear that what follows is a comparison with other similar products ... it is obviously out of question to compare this effect with a multi-amp Mesa to 3 000 € ...!

That said, I find that this multi-effect is very good in terms of sound it delivers.
Overall, we are free to create all the sounds you want ... (you can also find many on the internet).

Personally I plug directly into input 2 amps (to get stereo effects): an old stack tube combo and a fender.
Played with different guitars (strato, LTD EC, Ibanez), the pedal meets every sound and every guitar sounds like it should sound. It also intends to fine the quality difference between the guitars, which proves that the signal of each is respected.

I was amazed by the dynamics of the pedal. One can, on one sound, spending crunch in clear just by playing on Knob volume of the guitar, which allows for more finesse than other multi-effects (it also depends on the amp behind).

Far from being a gimmick, we feel that the light of pre-amp does its job and adjusting the injection rate of the lamp by its completely changes the sound performance of the pedal.
Personally I changed the original lamp with a 12AX7 Mesa which has completely transformed the sound clear, warm, deeper ... beautiful! However the effect on overdrive was more limited ...

In short, for a multi-purpose I repeat, the sound quality is by appointment and with a little practice you are able to achieve all the sounds you can imagine, from simple to more crazy ...!
On this point, it is important to note that it is unnecessary to use any sound modules failing to reach a boiling sound.
Personally, I always start with the clear sound of the amp and then I add to as and when the desired effects while trying not to overload the sound.


I use this pedal for over a year and I am fully satisfied. Compared to other multi-effects or amp modeling, there's no contest for me. She also buries a lot of setup amp + pedals while being simpler and more reliable (no cables between the pedals so no loss or attenuation of the signal).
Played in groups, she draws beautifully out of the game and his presence is impressive (while being dependent on the amp and settings behind each patch ...).

Only negative point: the loosening of the untimely expression pedal becomes very soft ... A screw at the rear allows to tighten the pedal travel. The problem on my model is that the window for access to this screw is not in front ... which requires disassembly of the entire back panel to adjust (about one 20aine small screws to remove each time c ... ' is painful). However this may be an isolated case, to check when buying.

Coming from a ZOOM G2, I was expecting just an extension of possibilities ... but from the G7 is much more than that ... the sound clearly has nothing to do ... in exchange for greater complexity setting (which is logical given the possibilities of the beast).
The G7.1ut is really a good choice for a multi-effect and a serious alternative to a configuration amps + pedals much more costly and burdensome to achieve the same sound quality.
However this pedal is not suitable for people who do not want to bother to hone their sound ... it is not at all in the style plug and play ...
A pedal that also deserves so ...
scorpiolino 05/17/2010

scorpiolino's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

A multi-effect that has nothing to envy of others!


French manual download on the net? so no problem there!
It takes all times use the manual to understand the functions.
I would say that taking your hands is not easy, but once we picked up the stuff we share very rapidly in freestyle!


The effects are superb carente géniaux.les distos, flanger, chorus, octave, phaser, wah, pitch, tremolo, etc. ...
The amp simulations are the height? The adjustment access is comfortable
cons by the assimilation of an effect on the pedal is quite complicated and quite mediocre (I still have not managed to put the wah ay)
I followed some advice on replacing the original lamp with a 12AX7 electro harmonix and it sounds even better.
The connection to the computer via USB is a does not understand it (I the branch line)
The game mode is really good also giving free choice for each pad


I use it for 6 months and I am more than delighted that Pete has merits.
I also admire the strength of steel pedal while
I can do without.
We could talk of heures.Si you intend to purchase; go there eyes closed!
pti.dej 12/20/2009

pti.dej's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

all types of effects available, the only effect which causes me a problem is the pedal wha-wha! very poor, so my g7 or a problem, I'm still looking!
otherwise there is a lamp inside that réchaffe sound is really a plus. I just change it by a brand 12AX7 electro harmonix, suddenly I have a better defines its use across the path of the button "lamp", the sound has more harmonics, it's great! I really recommend this change (which has cost me 17 euros!)


the config is a little complex at first, I had to reread the manual several times with the device side to understand a few adjustments. And then when the chopper thing, it becomes simple to program, plus many possibilities of sounds. Me I do not use the patches of plants, I built my own sounds. Like the channel button A / B switch to change the channel like a real amp.
Another thing bothers me, you can not put a TS808 with the amp you want for example, is either the pedal or the amp in the preamp choices, too bad!


sound quality is excellent, very impressive, with my Fender Start Classic 50 'I really sounds wonderful! injury to the disappointing wha-wha!


I use it for two months, I play in a group with, once you understand the SETUP is a very good multi effect, sounds are realistic, warm, really blues when you want! cleans the sounds are average but well, it is used more for overdrive or distortion with a little delay and reverb happiness!
I would do really what choice multieffect especially once the lamp has been changed to sound even better. It is good manufacturing, metal, buttons accessible on foot, practice for group play.
topoleff 05/07/2009

topoleff's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

What effects? A few prs all that exists (compressor, whaS, flanger, chorus, echoes, rverbs, harmonizer, formulations amp + distortion, shifters, phaser, octave, filters, equalizer, cabsim, ring modulator, noise gates ( x3), etc... etc.).
Everything is ditable and mmorisable (80 patches x2), we can also edit the rglages by computer, but you must buy the cable twelve o'clock -1 point). Analog technology, Global Warming by two 12AX7 type lamps which can be assayed the effect.
It's a big pedals, solid, rubber reinforcements latraux. Connections USB, MIDI, headphone output, output amplifier mono / stereo


Setup and gnrale edition sounds simple enough. The manual is clear, not causing trs, but most is. APRS, you have to test.
Dlicates find some functions to beginners (the switch channel A / B, or ARRM), but you get there. The factory sounds are mdiocres, but are a good basis for making its own sound.


The formulations are varied There's that choice
Rsultat pluttraliste in style, plutt that copy.
Effects with dose modration to avoid to make the pure (except if you like).
I use a Cort X6, and with this multi-purpose, I have an unlimited range of possibilities. It may as well do rockabilly, the Shadows (ha the good old days), AC / DC, Clapton, Hendrix, SOAD. Just be good (not my case). A little less for the formulation Deutsche guitar, not great, but jai little dig the issue. The ARRM or step function seem difficult to use. But the octave (AAAARGH!) the foot (the standard ensures.


I've had it 8 months, APRS have used a zoom g2 I liked, from the edition not practical.
I know of no other multi-effects, but what I draw from that is the me everything.
Bought used on ebay 150 is a super good time.
I do it again this choice without hsiter (unless the price goes down well ZOOM G9).
samu-gratte 03/22/2009

samu-gratte's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

This is a multi purpose electric guitar.
CHARACTERISTICS las looking for below or view the site zoom.


Setup is simple. This can be done on the PC via the MIDI but I have not tried it yet. We find her easily. We chose it RULES and that's good. The manual is sufficient is very well explained.


I do not regret my purchase. I first wanted to direct me to the pedals but when I saw one Multi-purpose I will not regret it. In addition Intgr with the lamp (you can change the original one because when we turn to its more than 8 become draft) it gives her a warm enough. I use a Kustom amp 10 W and a guitar made in China or I do not know (it's a guitar for beginners but I'm not a beginners: p) c Frankly multi effect to for beginners or for confirmation. I will keep much longer.


I recommend it. It is gnial! You can do everything with (or nearly so. I bought 132 euro used. I REFER to hsiter choices!
Studiocreuse 02/10/2009

Studiocreuse's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Used for over a year, I am more than satisfied, really sounds I wanted, before I had a Boss GX700 also very good, but, after changing the lamp for a good 12 ax7A the the net is very clean and distortion do not suffer quite the opposite: a recommendation without problem even if the expresion of pedals in my opinion is a gimmick, I keep my baby cry and my volume Ernyball When even that much more easy to use


That says it all


Very valid; on amp (marshall 9200 or 1960 with 2 baffles direct mixing desk) even see direct return HK fast, very very good between us, that said


9 / 10 I have already said