Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special
Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster Special

Electric solidbody guitar with JZ/JG body belonging to the Classic Player Jazzmaster Special model

User Reviews: 4.811 Average price: $800
Average used price: $698

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Average Score: 4.8 ( 4.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
  8 reviews 73 %
  3 reviews 27 %
Value For Money: Excellent
Editorial review
  • 03/01/09Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster & Jaguar: The Test

    The Parable of the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar - Fender Classic Player Jazzmaster & Jaguar: The Test

    In the beginning, Leo created the Telecaster. Keith and Bruce were happy. On the second day, Leo created the Stratocaster. Jimi and Eric were in ecstasy. On the following days, Leo created the Jazzmaster and the Jaguar, which, although intended for jazz, found followers within the surf music scene of the 60s and the rock music scene of the 90s. Today we'll be testing the 2008 edition of these mythical guitars ...

Users reviews
Jérémy Guézennec 04/06/2014

Jérémy Guézennec's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Yes!"

I bought this Fender Jazzmaster there a year by hand in Lyon in someone who obviously does not address the best way ... a setting later, it sounded amazing! I have long wanted a guitar for my Gretsch G5248 following too rigid and its too fat. Jazz has become: versatile and impressive, which is not particularly lacking in personality. The original pickups are really good, especially the medium that provides real-typed his Fender Stratocaster recalling in particular. The neck is perfect, it never goes out of tune (it's awesome).
Quite heavy, I had problems at the belt, but it also had his old dad: I'll opt for straps and locks this is resolved.
The price / quality ratio is pretty good, insofar as one can acquire a great guitar for less than 1000 €. I do not really see what the real difference between and significantly worth of guitars in 2000 or even 3000. A Southwestern which has nothing to envy to the U.S.. Its look is super original while avoiding being extravagant or vintage-on price, handles are surprisingly balanced and tortoise pickguard ... mioum.
Pros: sound, great playability with a slight pull, the quality for the price, no need to re-tune every two minutes.
The -: the bridge just a bit ... the "rhythm" mode when switche micro switches and knobs that top concretely obsolete but hey, it does not bother either does one tell. And. .. that is all.
I believe that even in 15 years, I repeat the same. Perfect for playing garage, great for typing in the psyche, it also keeps a clear sound Fender well known and often praised. This is no exception to the rule!
Jiher 01/04/2014

Jiher's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " A great lady"

I use it for almost a year back, and I'm not ready to part with. I use it in addition to a Fender Toronado (offset model unfairly discontinued between Start and mustang, dual microphones). Jazz is in the finesse, the Toronado dirty.
Mine is mounted with a Jazzmaster pickups made in 1962, vintaaaaaage.

I tried randomly in a store, because I found it beautiful. I knew that even when artists I listen to excessive use, so I did not take too much risk (concert Villagers, but mostly Television Group in 1977 and his album "Marquee Moon", a wonder) .
Plugged into a Fender Deluxe 112 Plus, the quality was at the rendezvous: the most satisfactory clear sound of the world (to my ears). We go crunch, and there is nothing more "independent", nothing.

It's a bit if you want to be witty, a failed Stratocaster in the soul. These microphones are very sensitive to the dynamics of the game, which has the advantage of highlighting a very nuanced or disadvantage not to forgive a rough game (depending on which side it is) game.
Meanwhile, it gives something a little Stratocaster, but also rough, dry, as if they felt splinters that would escape the handle (which is great, by the way), and most importantly, more dynamic and bassy that a Strat. These additional presence of bass and rhythmic riffs.

It gives an impression of a sound less "clean" on a Strat, not quite Fenderien (in the Strat / Tele sense). And that's the whole point.

I find it much more versatile than people say, these people just do not know how to use the volume and tone knobs! Not to mention the double-circuit this beast (lead / rhythm), which is a crazy useful.

I love the quirky look. The negative point I have on mine is not about the guitar as it is original, since I'm talking about the sound of vintage microphones.

The body is beautifully balanced and light. A treat to play standing as sitting, she forgot on the back as on the knees.

Again, listen to "Marquee Moon", the first album of band Television, released in 77. All guitars are recorded two Jazzmasters games riffs intertwined in a perfect album to get an idea of ​​the sounds you can get out.
tarz200tdi 06/01/2012

tarz200tdi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " A shovel of character"

Bought second hand about 6 months ago.

For specifications, everything has been said.

In my case it was a buying opportunity: For a while I was looking for a girlfriend to my Gibby SG, which is as complementary as possible. I was away on a telecaster, but knowing the character very (too?) Over the latter, I watched what was happening in other fender, outside of the stratovolcano (great guitar, but I do not know I can not ... too .. too saw it?).

It is by chance that I turned on this guitar.

To summarize, this guitar has it:
> Look fabulous (it's a detail ... but that counts right?)
> I found a violin quality (although I still would rather assemblies "tenon - mortise gibson fender with large screws ...)
> A hardware ranging from not bad (the mechanics are really good vintage ... simply resize the nut eventually) to very good: the pseudo tune-o-matic associated with good vibrato is always a pleasure, even if I found that the tail of vibrato seems a bit off in its housing. Holding agreement has positively surprised me.
> Microphones and sound of hell ... The pickups have a grain (especially the serious ... I like the treble but the bass ... yum) excellent, and a very wide range. The light is beautiful, ranging from very dry and slamming Fender to something more velvety via the band selector. Crunches are falling, and, best of all: the beast behaves very well in distortion. On sound distortion is independent Queen (at the same time it is known for that), but she does not mind going to sound more dug.
> The routing between combinations of mics is pretty clear ... It's not a Jaguar HH

If we were to find fault:
> It is bulky! The body is really great
> It is heavy ... Not as much as a Les Paul, but much more than a SG!
> Setting the microphones (one plot per cord in addition to the pickup height) is not obvious at first

Anyway ... The position of guitar No. 2 is a difficult job because I'm pretty quick to resale ... But I do believe that one party is to stay permanently!
sienar 04/24/2012

sienar's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Great"

One month I play on it and it's a real treat!
I absolutely wanted a U.S. but after trying both, the price difference is justified clearly not! (Although a jazzmaster us will be mine one day or another!). So I tried one U.S., one Japanese, one telecaster us, and a gibson.

The peculiarity of this guitar is what is really the sound ... I speak for jazzmaster in general. It is halfway between the glitz of a Strat and a heat lespaul.
Comfort level then it is clearly established.
With experience I will ever clear that choice in this price range!
Mr Torò 01/11/2012

Mr Torò's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Good!"

How long have you use it?
2 months

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
A real Jazzmaster to 2000 €

What is so special that you love the most, least?
The sound of the Jazzmaster, lightweight, comfortable handle, the vibrato.
But the feedback comes quickly with the bridge pickup.

How would you rate the quality / price?
€ 640 bought in the United States, but the French state takes you a fee over € 169 ... (Watch) Excellent value for money

With experience, you do again this choice?
Yes, I wanted a jazz, I had a jazz
mibru 06/06/2011

mibru's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " I love it!"

I use it since July 2010. I tried it by accident, I fell in love ds the first chords. I tried a US MODEL SERIES limit with nitro-cellulose: the jazz master was carrying!

I love the sound and it has a low trs beautiful and smooth bass that I love. I play trs little saturation, I use just the boost the VOX AC15: and it gnial! The sustain is amazing.

I play 50 Rock, Blues, Jazz. The only area where I use my plutt stratocaster classic player 50 'is the Country.

The report qualitprix is ​​excellent!

I Rasht the same guitar without problem and has given me a passion for jazz master. But this is the price: special for me and for the ears of people who m'coutent!
Hagakure 12/15/2010

Hagakure's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " The sound I was looking for ..."

Purchased in August 2010 ... As I play indie rock and even noisy, or punk, or psyche, I was looking for my sound. I hesitated with a Gretsch, very popular with indie bands. But when I tried the 2: there's no picture!! Comfort level (what a handle!) & The quality of play, it is serious it! Certainly, it has a very particular sound ah ... This sounds clear in crunch & distortion in the potato! I love it! I use it with a Hot Rod Deluxe and more pedals (fuzz, Wha, delay, phaser, chorus ...). The sound is always nickel!
Thanks to this beautiful creature, I found my happiness ... What slowed me the most is the price (it was my 2nd guitar) but I regret it at all ... I'm new at this (only 3 years of practice) but really the ball!

Billy Hill 06/06/2009

Billy Hill's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Made in Mexico for the rest will see fender.com

Channel trs enjoyable and very easy to play.
CHAC in acute is perfect There's really no problem!. The rgonomie is really perfect, you can feel it when the door is really nickel.
Its easy for you and board industry.

It possde a good versatility trs (blues, jazz, rock and other noisy) than it is on the metal top is not good but everyone is free to do what he wants but it will not really my choice for the metal. I play a Fender Custom Vibrolux and it was the rgal
The pickups have a good record trs. I use the bridge for rhythm. The sound is really incisive as it was I want a ring. The position is interesting but intermdiaire plutt its clear. The neck pickup gives a lot of bass, which can dplaire some (my bass) but really adchire fuzz.
The Tone knob allows for a wide range of well that when I see zero-Tone is not too useful. The sound is REALLY dull and feeble. Finally everyone's tastes.

Clean sound level is not a telecaster or a Stratocaster is really a round and with lots of bass. This is not the best guitar for crystal clear sound is a bit on this point ngatif scratch, I think. For a I put "only" 9.

The postition of the small top button (not chai how the following is called: i) h bin is not easy to use. Really low (almost got me too) but as is said in another view, the game is interesting on this finger knob.

The vibrato (same as the AM) and really good and you keep a good tune even have APRS abuse in all directions. Precision is not a Floyd!

Trs is common on jazz, jump ropes of the bridges. But the no but then no problem. No need to change to an easel Mustang has not move a pet. Good even when I have a deep draft.

I've had six months. J'hsitait between J. Mascis and the classic. I test the J. Mascis Fender and I suppose to play on marketing by offering the scratches. The handle of the Mascis is incredible, I admit, but for the rest j'tait really.

There's just so the story's clear that m'embte a bit but for what it brings me in all other sounds, I agree.

Price level there's no picture quality, you're almost a Amricaine but seriousness, in my opinion, it's really to take a US chipoteurs.

One more thing, it is always better to test all in order to be a sr it suits you, do not rely on the opinion. to help you just a little bit.
And yes I remake that choice!
Math13600 05/19/2009

Math13600's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Everything has been said.

Channel unbelievable. Start with a Southwestern 60, I much prefer the quality of the varnish and the appearance of this race. Flatter radius requires 9.5. The frets are much thicker than most Fender ... which makes the action lower and feel more crossed the plate for example.
Access to acute ... good is a fender ... broad at the bottom no problem.
is heavier than a Start or a TV is on but being accustomed to the 335 + bigbsy particular, this is the cake ...
Nothing to do with a current reissue japan (japan very good model otherwise. I think we reached the level of an American. Fender wanted to go with are people concerned about the quality I think it's pay side of the purists, who will buy US anyway.

The Jazz is a guitar that is worth ... I think it is a guitar that has all levels, well above most Fender guitars ... it has a round, smooth, with the ability to remove radically the treble to get a really jazzy sound and "smothered" ... but on the other hand, it allows for treble pickup that does not belong to no other guitar ... This partner has an output level and sustain a more consistent ... we get a pretty explosive cocktail.
By distortion, fuzz ... this is really it gives more ... sound unusual ... power associated with the Fender ...
So a guitar character, which always has the little extra that disturb the most part, or not ... for little (relatively) groups using the Jazzmaster.

I tried a Jazz Japan, the current model, and honestly, nothing to do with the quality of a Mexican. Best microphones, best finish, bridge that buzz more (even if it's true that if we play behind the bridge is less convenient but largely feasible), which takes up vibrato and best finish (do not screw the models japan!)
In summary we can say that is a model that gives a little plumb the image of jazz, giving it a new lease of life.
Th3_Par4doX 02/11/2009

Th3_Par4doX's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Fender MIM (Made in Mexico)

- 21 Medium Jumbo Frets
- 2 "Special Design Hot Jazzmaster Single-Coil Pickups" simple format Jazzmaster Pickups US-made with adjustable pads
- Bridge Adjusto-matic (the counterpart of the tune-o-matic Fender) floating
- Block Jazzmaster vibrato
- Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard C, a radius of 9.5 ", then flatter a handle on U.S. models
- The mechanical vintage style but are all metal (including key not like some strata of Mexico) and inspire confidence

- Special to the Jazzmaster two circuits (one lead a rhythm) controlled by a switch
-> On the "top" a tone knob and volume acting directly on a modified neck pickup sound
-> As for the "bottom" it has a 3 position pickups selector and its own tone, and its own volume

Also note: a sleeve junction / review body for more sustain, vibrato block near the bridge to avoid the buzz (chronic problem on the jazz standard) and improve sustain, a flatter neck, using the same varnish on US guitars.

In short a Jazz improved with more microphones pêchus. All this comes in a bag Fender Deluxe that inspires confidence.

Ergonomic handle great, I immediately felt comfortable with ... A brief crush on my part, after it has left your performance testing. Are accessed without any acute problem

The weight of the animal is therefore (must be said that my old scratched weighed nothing and I have the physique of an oyster), but reasonable (even for me XD) is a Fender alder with good microphones big what, not explore ...

I find great shape, then we like it or not an aesthetic point of view, but in any case ergonomic level is nice to play. However it is a real wound to the store and find it covers / flights "unofficial" (not expensive).

Rocket science in that skyscraper (it's not a Jag) once you know What is the switch between two channels and we know how to rule his vibrato (but then that is a single square set) and what is the trem-lock system which is handy when the vibrato properly adjusted. But this link will tell you more -> http://www.webrocker.de/jaguar/cms/2007/05/12/setup-the-tremolo-system/

Small flat on the placement of the famous switch, if like me you are a nag that bears his guitar very low and uses his forearms to club his strings you may inadvertently actuate the switch ^ ^ But hey let's remember that this skyscraper was designed for jazz at the base. After two methods or a tape you doing it as Kurt Cobain, or you pay attention to your game and you go back you scratch like Jay Mascis. Basically nothing to turn a point on the notes for my taste but enough to report it anyway.

It has a very good sustain, and it is squarely the Agreement (as evidence my playing style strongly rhythmic and barbaric) I pushed him a tip by pulling the vibrato like crazy for 4 hours to repeat it was still granted after O_O. Dunno if it's because I have well adjusted and I use the 11/48 (in E flat) but anyway I never had to complain at all about that.

Easy to get tones with flattering, then it depends on what you want to do and if your amp is hot;)

Sounds obtained offer a mixture of round and characteristic twang to jazz. In particular this one which just eyeing the microphones on P-90. However you can get beautiful crystal clear sound. Not as much as a jaguar or a stratum, however, that little hand a little dirty and I liked round. Then return for a good EQ or decrease the volume of mics you can get out own sounds even more satisfying. I am particularly a fan of the intermediate position for its clear, I use it on all my walks, intermediate position in saturated definitely great because she defends really well.
The bass sounds clear that both in full. The micro acute I reserve assets responsible for rhythmic drive is where it sounds best, I use little clean except for raving about the surf rock.

As for the alternative circuit operator only micro serious, it provides a round, a little stuffy and very clean. I find it a bit difficult to exploit, say it makes good for the game and the fingers to produce sounds from beyond the grave full of chorus and reverb, but it blunts the edge of the microwave altogether. I'll see if I draw something, for now the other circuit is enough for me and I am used to that by putting this Killswitch as its volume at least ^ ^

My favorite style is the Grunge and Alternative Rock scratches the noisy for me to say that it offers wonderful sounds downright exploited for rhythmic pop and folk or the blues.

In short a skyscraper in its type, to love, a little rounder than their brand counterparts, but definitely not a store next to a Les Paul. It's under the hood twang! You can play rock surfing comfortable with! For those who love the sound of the pickups and play simple rock vitamins I think it's a good plan. After if you are looking for a really cleans crystalline and sharp, I suggest you try the Classic Player Jaguar Special. I could compare the two for nearly 3 hours in various music stores on Mesa Boogie Express, Deluxe Fender Champ, the Vox AC 30 head and a Marshall JVM. There's no picture of the Jag has cleans to die for, but ultimately it sounds too close to a Start or tele, or I wanted out of this delirium. In addition, the Jazz buried in his full, the fatter side pti requires, at worst ergonomics I did not like the pitch reduced by the Jaguar (weird is not it?).

Comparative truce between the two sisters, they are physically similar but far from being in character ... I mainly used my Vox Valvetronix and my Cry Baby, by the versatility of the machine I was able to touch a little bit of everything but I think not having done the tour yet. I will soon try it on the AC 15 with a friend I would tell you stories. Otherwise note that the circuit has severe Jazz to soften the violent nature of the Cry Baby, try it in a clear!

If you are in search of a skyscraper with its neat that you refrain scratching is flawed because typical vintage in all this it fills my expectations in this area.

I for a month and I love it in all its aspects. I tried lots of nice guitars although I have ever owned one myself ... US strata and Mexicans, Telecasters, Jazz a Japanese (I already loved the gameplay of this beast), and a Gibson SG American to realize that I liked a lot on his Fender but I wanted to think outside the box . In big fan of Jay Mascis Jazzmaster the necessary of itself. The rest is simple, as soon as Jay Mascis and the series came out the opportunity to buy a good quality Jazz without the famous bridge prob-matic I decided to pay me my first "real" skyscraper. So I tried the whole series CPS, the Jag HH to Jazz Jazz Jay Mascis as well as in various shops before making my choice on what I had already decided at the outset. For 800 euros you have almost an American as it is made up of U.S. components, only the assembly is made in Mexico which is far from being derogatory to both Mexican Fender defend themselves well at violin. After some purists feel that the Jazz this scratching is not really a Jazz by the improvements made to it, but to me it sounds and it is essential to know and move with the times when we offers beautiful things ...
And how I would do this choice ^ ^
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