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Thread readGood bass amp manufacturers on a budget[Bass Amplifiers]1youngblood7897107/10/2017 12:24
by Andrew_Culture
Thread readThread to be solvedFocusrite Scarlett 2i4 2nd Gen too loud!?[Focusrite Scarlett 2i4]2sicknyoung37007/10/2017 12:21
by Andrew_Culture
Thread readComments about the review: Hive: Be Careful, It Stings![U-He Hive]1sleepless49307/09/2017 19:15
by tomf
Thread read[Getting started] Recording drums — Stereo Room (Part 2)[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho18007/05/2017 01:03
by Nantho
Thread readElectrostatic charges cause problems with Scarlett 18i8??[Audio & music gear]0jszy16207/03/2017 21:05
by jszy
Thread readJuly 1, 2017 editorial: comments[Audiofanzine]7Mike Levine44007/03/2017 10:41
by alperez
Thread readDrum sounds[Casio HT3000]0SanderBass15707/02/2017 12:32
by SanderBass
Thread readTascam 688 multi track midi studio[Audiofanzine Features]0Audioz21907/01/2017 19:36
by Audioz
Thread read[Getting started] Alternative mixes - Part 2[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho17506/30/2017 05:37
by Nantho
Thread read[Getting started] Recording drums — Stereo Room (Part 1)[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho19906/28/2017 03:39
by Nantho
Thread readBuzz/hiss with focusrite scarlett solo 2nd gen ONLY WHEN RECORDING[Focusrite]2cybrupt50706/25/2017 23:11
by Jules Lawrence
Thread readHeadphone Mix out of Saffire Pro 40 Line Out[Focusrite Saffire]1Justin Lund39206/25/2017 15:02
by Stickler
Thread read[Getting started] Alternative mixes - Part 1[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho19106/23/2017 01:57
by Nantho
Thread readMix Control routing panel[Focusrite Scarlett]0damngoodmrjam20706/22/2017 14:19
by damngoodmrjam
Thread readSaffire on Windows 7 64bit sound distorted[Focusrite Saffire]0Dave Mullard18806/22/2017 07:02
by Dave Mullard
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