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Thread unread[Getting started] Go Safely and Back Up[Recording & Mixing]0Nantho11410/28/2014 14:51
by Nantho
Thread unreadOctober 25, 2014 editorial: comments[Audio Fanzine]7Mike Levine45310/28/2014 06:02
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadPossible to monitor DI guitar through guitar amp?[Electric Guitars]3holygrail15910/28/2014 05:48
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadWhat is lighter LED or halogen?[Lighting]1Reniny91810/28/2014 03:20
by puppetmaster
Thread unreadComments about the review: More than Just Another Reverb[Eventide UltraReverb]0Mike Levine14610/27/2014 10:55
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadadvice for recording electric bass tracks[Basses]5stevey_z25310/27/2014 05:26
by DIYaudio
Thread unread[Getting started] How to Prepare a Mixing Session[Getting Started]6Nantho244110/27/2014 02:36
by CaliMoose
Thread unreadBest headphones for mixing? (monitors are not an option)[Studio headphones]2NEEDMOREBASS30110/25/2014 15:17
by Rockingham01
Thread unreadDoes changing the stock tube in a mic make a big difference?[Microphones]1DAWesome16410/25/2014 15:09
by Rockingham01
Thread unreadare small monitors a good buy?[Amps & Monitors]2hookedonpigtronix15110/25/2014 03:22
by mr motown
Thread unreadYou have only ONE mixing tip to give/follow. What would it be?[Recording & Mixing]6j.jones7820410/24/2014 14:31
by angelie
Thread unread[Getting started] Better Tracks through Editing - Part 1[Getting Started]2Mike Levine18710/24/2014 05:12
by Mike Levine
Thread unreadFocusrite Saffire Pro 26 - inserts & headphone mix issuesGo directly to the latest post[Focusrite]12LutherVanBoss36710/24/2014 01:58
by LutherVanBoss
Thread unreadhelp me out with my scarlette 2i2?[Focusrite Scarlett 2i2]1IDKwhatamidoing25510/24/2014 01:32
by Simon Focusrite
Thread unreadComments about the feature article: Send It in an Envelope[Sound Synthesis]0newjazz8510/23/2014 14:47
by newjazz
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