Digidesign Pro Tools 7 Le
Digidesign Pro Tools 7 Le

General Sequencer of the Pro Tools 7 series

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Value For Money: Excellent
soccerplayer25 03/27/2008

soccerplayer25's review

Digidesign Pro Tools 7 LE was really easy to install and set up with my Mbox. I have it installed on my PC laptop and there haven't been any compatibility issues to date. I just really followed the steps that came with Pro Tools and it should be easy to get going if you follow the manual.


I have a Hewlett Packard laptop with a 3.0 Ghz processor and 1 GB Ram and I haven't had too many problems running Pro Tools LE. However, I have a friend who runs it on a mac and it seems to run much better on there. I can record 2 tracks at once with my Mbox and I have had no problems doing that.


I've had Pro Tools LE 7 for about a year now and I couldn't be happier. Pro Tools is the industry standard and its great to be able to bring my sessions from home to larger studios and vice versa. I've used other software in the past such as Cubase, Logic and Sonar and while to me they are all really powerful, Pro Tools has been the most user friendly and the most powerful. While you will spend more on a Digidesign interface/Pro Tools software combo than you would from another brand, having the Pro Tools software makes it all worth it for me. Being that it is the industry standard, I don't think that I could work without having a copy of Pro Tools for myself.
le chineur 05/24/2009

le chineur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Installation without problem, but thanks to several years exprience with the software, so a little patience, and it works, if your sound card is compatible with the program and your computer: ( see on the site Digidesign compatibility).

When I pass the G4 intel Mac Pro, I had to wait several weeks before the Digi 02 and Pro Tools LE is compatible with intel ... probably damage collatraux of war between Apple and Digidesign ... Again, patience, I did not Verify the compatibility: it is now settled.

The main advantage of Pro Tools LE is its compatibility with Pro Tools HD: you can start a project home and complete it in a studio with HD can be taken in the studio back home HD and making the edit, even if you lose the plugs, and if we limit the number of tracks returned to the once. Simply replace the plugs unavailable on the other of the same type (for editing will do), and disable / reenable the tracks according to his need IMMEDIATE. In my case, Pro Tools multitrack magntophone Whereas a broad offering editing capabilities, appearance Reduces twelve o'clock as the simplest. Note, however, some internal instruments correct, but the edition I am working on twelve o'clock Logic.

Do not expect to find everything you need in a single program: dpend all of your expectations, and the way you work.

I work on Logic for Fast Fashion for MIDI (I need to visualize a partition, and twelve o'clock edition in Logic is really sharp)
I work on Pro Tools 7 LE for audio (my audio files are no problem and forth between Logic & Pro Tools, Logic, except that the files reconnat stro interlacing, while Pro Tools LE 7 CRE 2 audio L & R).
I'm working on final edit for the professional orchestral scores.

The manual is a bit rbarbatif and easily dcourageant who has not the basics. I had the chance to learn intuitively as and, looking over the shoulder of his ings in the studio, I noticed that everyone had a mthode is what makes this software so versatile to use: if you want to get something, it is rare not to find an easy way to get there. I also had the opportunity to record live with a Digi 02 & pramp RME OctaMic: once the levels are calibrated yapuka ... and there was plenty of time to re-work on session later ...


Intel Mac Pro Mac OS X 10.4.11: 3 GB memory

Caution: Do not overload plugs with: it can quickly be limited: to promote the plugs such as Hall & dlais on the track, and submit tracks by bus to the activity processor SAVE


I have been using the passage of 6 7, and before I used the 5 ... So all the ten years

The +: display of waveforms, shipping fast and intuitive, editable work area in a click or a keyboard shortcut ...
The -: MIDI but usable limit

In rsum I am satisfied with this program if I did not fail me, for its flexibility edit audio, (and to give a clean mixing session on an HD ing when the budget allows ....)

T ever by the MIDI, I knew where I stood and never intend to do MIDI with, without exception ... Now it seems that Pro Tools LE 8 has made progress in midi ... try

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Installation was not pos specific problems.
No incompatibility MAC (PC that's another story ...).


I tourn Protools on a Mac equipped with an Intel Core Duo with 2GB RAM.
The software works.
It's long loading unlike other apps (see Acid Pro).
The configuration with Mbox 2 is stable.


I used 4 months, I had enough ...
Why essay? Because everyone swears by Protools ... Why? That's a good question, I have not found the answer ...
MIDI management, I prefer to avoid talking about the same VST (vitons the fcheux subjects).
The effects are good quality still happy for the price we pay. Honestly I do not see any advantage over other apps of the same level (see Cubase).
I confess I do not understand this vritablement mania swear by Protools. Considering the prices pratiqus Digidesign Protools and reputation, I am very trsdus.

What is the interest to work with a hardware / software more expensive than the competition and really better?
dymarzio2 03/29/2008

dymarzio2's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I board buy Mbox2 I wanted protools, protools I board had ...
the three dots to the galley was to install! but
FAUS it goes! I think a user on average two
was entitled to its share of crashes in series, error, and company.
Has cooled enough to start, if not frustrating,
after all with all the crap around protools! and all pro
the tralalala, the solution in audio, etc ... outright
we said we would do better now to buy samplitude!!

Briefly, the first day, in contact with protools, it often enrages!
then after you understand a little tour of the site to upgrade
the software required, we move from the basic version to 7.machin is
checks the USB port which is connected Ms. Mbox2 (and yes it
FAUS to be careful, Ms. requires a dedicated port in its own right!
Computer users warned understand a little warning), it also checks a lot of little things that are
explained in the manual (in French am the way, in pdf format) and there! its Tournai (BE says so ...)

short, easily installed plug, we forget the VST, which
is a shame, but after all ... all air stable,
therefore see the use!


I board up a bike for the occasion, has as its What was planned things so I well done! CoreDuo cpu 3ghz, 4GB RAM, 500MB hard drive, and all tralalala, two nice flat screen 22 "for visual comfort (have room on the display is very important when you have spent hours to sharpen a soft like this!)

Finally I put my eyes on the interface of ProTools, I run a
plug (kontatk3, EZDrummer) I plug my guitar on my ToneLab LE and
mix on my desk ... and finally the Mbox2, I plug the bass, my microphone static short, I switched on the studio! monitoring the output of Mbox2 ok, everything seems ready! we take off!

I send a drum track with presets Ez, nice keyboard
kontakt sheet with three chords that I play in a loop, the first step done! I created a stereo audio track and I configure the inputs IN1 and IN2 to use what comes out of my desk mix, rec j'enclenche then I go into a little groove on bass, same for the guitar, then a friend has played the voice of improv a third runway, I want to set up a fourth in which I add small guitar solo ... Briefly, after the frenzy registration go to mix! then the balance on the plug, it compresses, the EQ, reverb on, it automates levels, one chorus, the flanger, the limit is cut, the glue is off, on ... Briefly, the mix work and honestly we have fun! we add an instance of a solo instrument kontakt history to discover the MIDI editing and ... have fun a little less!! MIDI has never been the strong point in protools, I had heard, I read it everywhere, in short, was no surprise that I am a chouilla disappointed but overall it could be worse, luckily there Findus, my keyboard, it will not edit, we'll play live and edited behind, will be more lively and spontaneous! with my qualitées recognized as a pianist I board successfully aligned three notes of saxophone and worse voilou ... we touch a little, we shall deliver up its fleet because its a little but do it anyway! short, MIDI Editor sufficient to edit a live recording but not to edit GG pretty complex sentences directly in the sequencer, or to my 9, to say that symbolic
I am disappointed but after all was to learn gymnastics

What else, I board already doing a fine novel! place further notice


I would say that time spent helping the rage of the installation only a few few little crashes disrupt the whole, was otherwise stable, just not bad swing track, more than enough in a home studio, the Sound is really good, the protools (and its companion the Mbox2 in my case) is not a scam small budget, if you want to start using equipment that holds water and then turns pro digidesing signs a interresting offers accessible

not everyone can afford ProTools HD and digidesing understood it and even if this app is not as powerful and flexible than its big brother HD remains a good investment for which the means learn to use it ^ ^
Cutboost 03/18/2008

Cutboost's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Install no problem
Configuration ease


Dell Inspiron 6000 platinum
has turned impeccable '
is stable, even on a laptop PC :-)


Good value q / p (compared to a much more expensive cubase)

I purchased to be compatible with HD studio sessions (prparer the job to the house). This is actually not an HD-level performance, but it's not a scoop. Neither better nor worse than another squenceur just another philosophy.

I would do this choice (cheap, I bought 220 euros with an mbox 2 mini, portable history of being on vacation). It's almost mandatory to have pro tools when trying to earn a crots in his (I am not a supporter of Digidesign diktat, but sometimes you have to follow).
paradies 12/08/2007

paradies's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Installation on MacBook Pro Silver 768MB of ram, g4.
problem of USB bus power, requires one of etelechatg spcial drivers on the digidesign site (unless it is a maj firmware?) short after having to install a hack solution that costs the era ja around 700euros, we s'aperoit that phantom power does not work! (Tjs bp of power supply by USB!)
The registration of plug ins to activate them is a real galre


Macbook pro g4 silver bi 768MB of RAM
Software etemps time to plant
performance zero for MIDI, (that for pa sfait!, good mix (thanks to well-known routing pro tools). But the main advantage of this solution is the image sync and naturally we must pay a DV option for you. is a version normal performance "audio / video" no!


1 year, after working three years on Pro Tools TDM.
J loves the interface, the console emix and management of the audio signal in the bus. The possibility to continue the project on a pro tools!

I dtest management noon. The acquisition of the DV option is not a good idea because a slowing too much, and even on a mac end xeon 2007; Bond metter of video on a mini window. Features audio medium, except for the mbox pro

On a PC moderately reliable (plonasme) with 256MB of RAM and a samplitude, I could edit and mix uen twenty tracks with sampliutude 48khz, with full screen video on a second screen and plug in many. With logic that is a real software for music, we have the same flexibility in routing pro tools.

The report price is not good quality, software brid CHRE card because "it helps to have pro tools" and a test solution to pass the moon is made of STL;
Pro Tools LE Pro Tools will never be HD (which deserves its cons by reputable)

I will not go that choice, but the magic word "pro tools" reassuring symbol of professionalism, and wanted a partner, it was "small" with the same budget, LOGIC STUDIO 500 euros and has only one audio card I think a firewire allows more bcp in all areas, since the video notement ^ trs open FINAL CUT
Flex le groove 11/05/2007

Flex le groove's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Super laborious installation.
It's worse than a reformat and reinstall Windaz SD (memory recall)

Mac, if you have the latest computer "brand apple begins" top top fashion and fashion is DTC (in your c. ..) for PT work: not yet compatible.

I put one on balance because anyone can do it if you have at least 2 hours ahead.


After installation, we move the action.

In Contents of issue:
Not bad. it works well, it's not intuitive forcment but once shortcuts return to the head it's effective.

Major weakness is my taste: the southern part of the edition, especially in terms of display.

The mix: it's the mix, the automation etc ... I ca me.


It'll be 3 months that I use.
This is a good tool but requires patience and some decision-head.
geminiskool 08/09/2007

geminiskool's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

- Installation is it without problem?
4 clicks on a dual proc G5 1.8GHZ, and footstool ...
very simple.

- Have you experienced any incompatibility?
No, pro tools is really a well thought no soft crash, a quick and efficient hard to match.

- The configuration gnrale is easy?
not much to configure for it to turn ...
after to go further by against it must be known. But like all big software, you must understand the logic and learn the tricks.


- What is the configuration of your computer?
g5 dual pro 1.8, 4g ram

- The software works he correctly on this configuration?
Nothing to say

- What performance?
based on the number of plug ...
for example 50 or 38 Q6 rcomp with 32 tracks and a video in DV, it will run.

- This software + hardware configuration is stable?
never seen a soft turn like that. Open 24/24, 12 not use big day and a lil bug every 3 / 4 months


- How long have you use it?
4 years

- What is the particular feature you like best and least?
trs expensive and the options for MIDI

- Have you tried many other models before acqurir?
or yes ... except Pyramix

- How do you report qualitprix?
expensive TDM versions trs
THE affordable versions

- With the exprience, you do again this choice? ...
eyes fermbr />
Pro Tools offers opportunities in almost infinite mix and edit:
keyboard shortcuts, tools, office automation, ergonomics ...
ringing sound, the interfaces are robust and well made (except preamps ...)...

the big positives:
the omf, being able to open its sessions in 90% of the same studio, the precision (tools, calibration, session management via worspace eg, ...)
ergonomics, the keyboard shortcuts (you can almost do without the mouse) and especially stability, it does not crash ever and the little time we encounter a pb with a session (eg wrong file) there are 10,000 ways of recovered.

Low points:
all options (idispensable in many cases) cost a fortune, and omf dvtoolkit2 eg.
plug-ins cost a trs expensive too. (But the best are in RTAS or TDM)
MIDI, ill-conceived.

than that of happiness, I use to work for 4 years (industry) and home (music) I see can do without it now.
I used Cubase, Nuendo .... it has not come their ankle.
there's just logic audio for MIDI which is formidable, but not stable and boring asser with plug-in.
Grans 07/19/2007

Grans's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Well I'll put the record straight
Pro Tools is not I 7. I have a 6.4
and frankly c the ball especially nivo sound because the sound is really powerful and Tappe ca. The MIDI functions are enough for me because I record everything in real time the flies
and Bomb Factory plug-ins are effective.
After the pro tools stuff pnible c product activation but hey if c frankly a very good product fast effective.


Well I'll put the record straight
Pro Tools is not I 7. I have a 6.4
and frankly c the ball especially nivo sound because the sound is really powerful and Tappe ca. The MIDI functions are enough for me because I record everything in real time the flies
and Bomb Factory plug-ins are effective.
After the pro tools stuff pnible c product activation but hey if c frankly a very good product fast effective.


Well I'll put the record straight
Pro Tools is not I 7. I have a 6.4
and frankly c the ball especially nivo sound because the sound is really powerful and Tappe ca. The MIDI functions are enough for me because I record everything in real time the flies
and Bomb Factory plug-ins are effective.
After the pro tools stuff pnible c product activation but hey if c frankly a very good product fast effective.
ProgTony 12/15/2006

ProgTony's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Quick and easy, except the ugly and manual in English only. No incompatibility issues (the VST is not compatible, but hey it's not a scam or a bug ...). Configuration is a snap.


I have an AMD Athlon 1.8 (which is about 3 years), with 768 MB RAM (minimum!) And an MBox 2 Mini. I use it with Reason for now, and ca train a little, I must increase my RAM. Otherwise the "hardware-software" is perfectly stable. I have 9ms latency to 128 ... it's good enough for me, but with a better machine I could have better I think.


I use the PT since I got an MBox 2 Mini, so ago about two weeks. Before I was in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9 ... and of course the difference is incroybale ... but it would with any soft recently. I also have Sonar Home Studio 4, good software, but for about the same price as the PT, the Digidesign wins the round easily.

Pro Tools 7 LE is a little hard to understand (and very ugly manual virtual long) for a beginner, but after two weeks without progress, I'm doing almost perfectly. The interface is simple and convenient, the sound quality is great, the plug-ins are very good. Only the MIDI editing is a bit disappointing. It's crazy to say, but with all these new opportunities (interesting for that matter!), It was difficult to do things that Pro Audio 9 is! But I think with a few days of practice, I could get used to this.

The tracks available are ample for the home studio, I have not yet reached. My only real complaint is the inconsistency with VST and VSTi. Before I get the software, I did not know that inconsistency, and right now, my and my Kompakt Lounge Lizard feel quite alone on my computer! It's not too bad now that there Fxpansion VST to RTAS on, but the good 100 bullets surplus was not expected and is quite annoying.

Otherwise, top, the choice I would do without hesitation, the price / quality ratio is exceptional. I think the phrase that sums it up is this: The Pro Tools version is not an "amateur" an excellent professional sequencer ... is a smaller version. I do not know if you are receiving the difference, but hey, it means that unlike Sonar HS 4, for example, with just over 100E (or dollars at home), you get software in your size, but with power, sound quality and an interface worthy of studio pro.