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4ms Pedals announces a quadruple LFO

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Effect manufacturer 4ms Pedals will launch in April a quadruple pingable LFO in Eurorack Format.


  • Four independent LFOs with Ping input jack, Tap tempo button, On/Mute button (latching), Skew CV jack and knob, Reset jack, LFO output and output level LED indicators
  • Timing of each LFO is set by a clock (ping), either external or internal (tap tempo)
  • Ping button flashes to the incoming ping signal or internal tap clock
  • Mute/On button mutes the output, lights up when "On"
  • Skew CV gives continuous transition from ramp-up, to triangle, to ramp-down without changing overall length of curve
  • Outputs can be polar or bi-polar: Jumper selects 0 to +10V (e.g. for driving a VCA), or -5V to +5V (e.g. for modulating parameters)
  • Reset jack re-starts LFO immediately
  • Comparators on ping and reset jacks allow for any waveshape to be used for inputs
  • With an optional ribbon cable, ping jacks can be normalized to QCD clock outputs
  • 12HP, 1.5” deep

The price is still to be announced. Visit www.4mspedals.com for more information.

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