Korg ElecTribe EMX1
Korg ElecTribe EMX1

Groove Machine of the ElecTribe series

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Target: Beginners
theaudioandvideoguy 03/22/2012

theaudioandvideoguy's review "get this unit now!"

The Elcetribe-MX is a modification / upgrade from the original Electribe, they are mainly used for dance. But in today’s music world you can find a use for it in almost any genre of music that is on the market currently. After using the Electribe EMX 1 it didn’t take me long to realize that this thing is built to last. I have dropped it a few times and it kept working just find. Probably because of the metal chassis that are keeping it solid. Most of the buttons are back lit so you can use it in a club setting or in a dark room without any problems. And the LCD screen is also back lit, and it is easy on the eyes. No need to worry about straining your eyes here.


All the functions are pretty easy to access. Not really too many submenus. You will probably need the manual though unless you are coming from the first version of the Electribe, if you are coming from the earlier version you can probably figure most of the stuff out just on your own. Especially if you hate manuals like most of us do! But if you need the manual it is pretty easy to understand. Pretty standard structure and its not too thick.


The sound of it is great, no complaints in that area. They could have put a little more work into developing the reverb dial though. When you receive the Electribe it will show up with 3 songs on it I think if I am remembering correctly. The effects that you can use for your songs are overall great, you wont be disappointed with them at all. It will really give your music the final touches to make it pop and stand out.


Overall, the Korg ElecTribe EMX1 is well worth the investment in your music. With the ability to use tap tempo so set your tempo eternally you can go wrong. This unit is great for live shows. A good friend of mine has been using this unit for a long time with his live performances. You will have complete control of your music with this unit. I recommend it and a lot of people do as well. Control every parameter of your sound with the Korg Electribe EMX1
yoTrakkz 08/04/2011

yoTrakkz's review "Give it a try.."

The Korg Electribe EMX-1 is great, it really doesn’t take much time to get to understand. Its ready to go right out of the box. If you do need to use the manual its really straight forward. I had no issues with this at all. It has midi connections which is a must have in any of today’s studios. It also takes a smart media card which is used for a lot of other equipment so nothing special was needed for this one. Its not a very big piece of gear. Very handy and portable, I used it for about a year. I took it several places that I had to be. Its very sturdy and can take a beating.


It has 4 output jacks, and audio imput/ MIDI in out and through, right around 20 onboard effects. But as we all know. Not all standard effects are good. So only a few of them are worth using. But there are a lot of sounds that you can use and edit with all of the knobs. Its all pretty much self explanatory.


Sounds and effects are ok, not too many effects though. But there are a few good ones that you might use over and over.


This machine is great for someone in Hip Hop or Drum and Bass, it was extremely fun to use when I had it. You can use all the knobs and functions in real time and hear the changes right in front of you. I am glad with my decision to use the Korg Electribe EMX -1 . It really didn’t last long for me though, I needed more effects and more options. But it was definitely a good starting point. It was one of my first pieces of gear and I will never forget how much fun it was to use it. But once you become advanced you will have no more use for the Korg Electribe EMX-1 any more..
FP User 10/31/2008

FP User's review

Very limited features. The key about the EMX-1 is its ease of use. Again this is a GREAT "first synth". Noobies won't be bogged down, it definitely has a low learning curve.

Price paid: 800$ (factory price)


This is the key here. Exceptional ease of use on the EMX-1. I really want to put a thank you out to Korg for making a synth that a noob can pick up and start making dance/techno/trance, even DnB. This is a AWESOME learning tool for new guys and will get you the basics on producing really fast. There has never been an easier starting place.


The synthesis engine on the EMX-1 (the same as the microkorg) is a decent but lacking digital analog engine. Compared to most other analog modeling synths out there, you will be dissapointed. However, for a beginner with little knowledge of synth programming or just looking for a first step synth, it delivers. The sound can sound very "digital" at times, very "tinny" and metallic. It takes some really good tweaking to get a phat analog warmth to it, even though korg puts a vacuum tube to add "warmth". Its hard but it IS possible.


Very durable, metal/steel plating, sturdy construction. Only complaint is the cheap plastic knobs.

The love I feel for this synth is the kind of love one feels for a first kiss or first love. This synth was my first kiss with music! Brings back a lot of memories. Like all first loves, your time with this synth (if you have the talent and drive) is limited and you will soon move on to more powerful stuff, but my first song was created on this and I will never forget what the EMX-1 gave me; the gift to make music for the first time in my life!

Originally posted on FutureProducers.com
Posted by: I_watch_stars ( 3-, 2005)
RedPen 06/04/2014

RedPen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Nice some time but ..."

All features are on the Korg website or on the Net.
It has MIDI, however, conventional headphone jack ... what.

The sounds are editable yes.

The sequencer has no groove sequencer Roland, but it does its job, there is frankly worse.


Everything is at hand, the use is quite easy, even for a beginner.
The manual is quite well designed, some have more need than others if it is their first Groovebox for example.

The arpeggiator on the other hand is a joke. It's just a sort of "Beat Repeat" and an arpeggiator nothing worthy of the name.


The drum sounds are really satisfactory for some, some kick sound good.

Synth for its part is more debatable: while there are many possible combinations, but the sound is far from being crazy or unique, it is sometimes a little dirty, and their history of lamps "to give her a more hot sound "made me smile a little, well ... I do not talk about effects, otherwise I will become aggressive. :)

It was one of my first machine, I kept a few months, because I thought we were quickly made the rounds, I sold it, and it lacks nothing in my set-up.


I used it for three months.
It was my first groovebox.

I agree with some reviews that define the EMX-1 as a machine that makes dance punk dog, as well as in babos sarrouel in gout. Nothing derogatory in it, it also happened to me to go chug to get an idea of ​​what it was, and that several times. I have nothing against these people, some will think I put them in a box, maybe yes, but they either do not hesitate to put people in boxes, and that is normal, it is human. Brief. I digress.

In chug, the couple often EMX-1 and ESX-1 + Korg KP3 with sounds heard thousands of times, a very high BPM is rediscovered, very too often.
Character is not my cam at all, and sound level, I feel that this machine is only good for that, to make the Hardtek / Tribe / Psycore / Hardcore / Goa a little dirty, and we have already heard all these filthy "kick" grimey who "BoingBoing" 160 BPM. Even if I make Techno (qu'Underground Resistance is my witness in = D) I do not do this kind of Techno, and I can not seem decidedly to love this machine and its sounds.

It is not worth much used today, the price is interesting. Neuve against, 400 bullets for it, it is too expensive, and it is simply theft, pigeonnage.

I will not repeat that choice with experience.

This is a machine that has done me laugh, but now, it lacks a bit of personality, and its sounds are very stereotypical, very focused on a certain kind of music, and that's a shame. But do not tell me that composed of tubes, is not messing around either. As the place on the "podium" machines, this is a bit exaggerated. To each his own is true, but still ...

Jayrem XtcK 02/13/2014

Jayrem XtcK's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Excellant, coupled to an ESX or ES1, I recommend"

Stereo outputs, mono inputs, triplet ... Midi vital minimum for connecting various other "working tools"

Effects: excelling once well understood

Very good machine to start (see +) in the world live.


Full manual but certainly some baths used are incomprehensible.
The whole ear may in many cases work.

Do not hesitate to spend hours fiddling with knobs above ^ ^


For the live hardtek / tribe, adequate sound BUT in addition, a sampler of ES1/ES1 style mkII or ESX is expected.
For my part, 1 EMX/KM402/ES all cables connected to OYAIDES gold plated .......... miammmmmm


I soon since 5 years, the first two years, I have little use because I preferred my other passion BUT used for two very good years regularly, the creation of a track is relatively simple .... ...

I had an upstream ER1, a Synth FX (Alesis) and CDN 88 ^ ^

+ Part: taking very simple hands when we are willing to make the effort.

Part -: Usefulness of the memory card??

Price / quality ratio excelling (additional sampler all the same advised tt depends what you want to do) and yes I would do the same choice without hesitation (but new)
mAdVax 01/28/2014

mAdVax's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Super toy"

Stereo output, mono input, triplet Midi ... the bare minimum. The audio input is only mono? And yes, it's petty.
Three block effects in total, a bit of everything, including fiddle and "dirty" sound (why would "dirty" sound? This expression is stupid). These blocks may be configured in series or in parallel.
PCM nine parts, five parts "synth" modeled in large part by a voice: little control over the PCM sounds, a little more on the synth parts. Modulations available are very limited. All this is very basic, it is a little objective.
As often with Korg, Midi implementation is exemplary.
Storage card Smart Media is totally obsolete, as far as the disks! But this is not a problem with the EMX, which requires only little memory. The internal memory is comfortable, and you can probably do without memory card.


In general, the machine is easy to access. At least as long as one remains on the surface. The manual is comprehensive, but not very well organized, and it is not always easy to find information.
The sequencer section increases a little modulation possibilities. Several tracks are definable modulation, allowing many variations, such as "analog" sequencer. In addition, these tracks sending MIDI CC to control another machine. on the other hand, direct access to the values ​​recorded on these tracks is particularly poorly designed, manipulations are too numerous and painful.
The arpeggiator is particularly bizarre, impractical, and ultimately limited. No way to play something other than a statement by not! More than a submachine gun arpeggiator. Damage, other features could be interesting.


PCM sounds are ... PCM sounds. There are good and bad, all fairly standard for the electro style question.
The VA engine is probably based on the Radias, ultra-simplified. Isolation, the sounds are rather bland. In a complete set, sounds, no doubt, but without originality. Sequences modulations increase the possibilities, but are so difficult to work with, it's discouraging. Ultimately, only short sounds can be interesting, which further limits the use of this machine.
The effects are simple, often effective, but frankly if we average out the classics.
Audio outputs were particularly noisy on my copy. Apparently, this is common, but not systematic. Some argue that this breath comes lamps, but I'm not convinced.


I kept it about 6 months. I do not really know any other groove-box, but I had several different synths.
I managed to create some interesting loops, but only after long hours of manipulations. I also found that I let too trapped in these loops, I could not easily develop. For me, the Electribe is too focused on the loops.
I regret a little modulation sequencer, I have not been able to completely replace. To my knowledge, only certain machines at Elektron offers the equivalent, and even better.
In my opinion, this machine is reserved for live use, for repetitive music on fast tempos, with sounds compressed. This is obviously not a surprise to anyone, but do not expect to draw something else.

It remains accessible to a child very playful module, intended for immediate pleasure. But too expensive for what it is.
One day maybe I will test an older model, EA or EM, only the sounds of the MS2000.
MJCJM 07/07/2013

MJCJM's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The EMX is neither more nor less than a groovebox with a rhythm section after most of these legendary Electribes with a synthesis part concentrated on five sides.

1 input and 4 outputs switchable in Mono Line / microphone, headphone jack and a MIDI trio.
Port for smart media front to store presets and patterns.

The new smart media by replacing the SD CARD, useful for ESX but nothing justifies much memory for EMX.

A trio of effects is available that can be combined (1 +2 +3 or 2 +2 or 1 +3)

The sounds of the rhythmic part are quite numerous (more than 200) and the pitch can be changed via the envellope etc ... but no filter, a pity because even one for the whole rhythmic part was a plus, but nothing prevents the filter output!

The sounds are part of the Summary changed at will, as it is the strength of the EMX, but I regret that this synthesis is super easy (via two parameters only), but I was still surprised by its sounds ...
16 types are available with a few times through combos, a subtractive library of 76 classic forms of waves (keyboards, guitar / bass, and even drum kit) and a summons for Mic / line input!
The sequencer is quite handy and has been upgraded from earlier versions and allows longer sequences.
256 patterns on a maximum of 128 steps, 32 steps, which is not bad at all.
No problems by chaining patterns, in short it is quite effective!


The config could not be more clear as everything is within reach knob.
Only the sequencer which lacks nothing, if not a little ergonomics ...
(Sometimes seeks some editions when one is accustomed to Yamaha sequencers)
The manual, I did not read everything seems so indicated on the screen!
Becoming entangled in some brushes between the send part and send level in effect, here is simplified, but we made it!


Sounds suit me perfectly, there is a grain of its particular and this completes a great VA for example, which I think will not sound the same at all.
Some mixtures are worth visiting, and are not found in any other synth.
It was the subtractive, additive, formant, PCM, single or dual wave form, VPM, cross modulation, ring modulation, a simplified version of the synthesis of WaveStation, and other combinations ...
The filters are most effective with the drive, and I much prefer the color of resonance compared to the MC 808 for example, which sounds a bit too cheap!
We have the LP, HP, BP and GMP + standard, they do their job, and we are glad they are there.
LFO meanwhile is very good and responsive (again much more reactive than the MC 808, but good when you know that you can assign 8 different LFOs per preset in ROLAND, we can easily guess that such complexity demand for the resource!
Special mention for the assignment of the LFO to synthesis parameters, again this is very well seen and it allows sounds Electribe out from the crowd!
The "synthesis" to play chords is seen ... but why not have available a polyphonic part 3, 4, 5 see sounds? Which would have avoided playing the same chord throughout the song ... !
The effects are quite good, especially the delays! Filters rajoutent opportunities for synthesis but also allow to benefit the rhythm.
Modulations such as chorus and flanger, the ring mod (and yes even ° °) the talking mod, phaser, distortion decimator and still decorate your sounds, but if you can add an external effect, it may be not luxury!
Because "in effect," the reverb is pretty ... cold, and EQ part bland!

The lamps are for their "dangerous" for your speakers (or worse, your entire audio system ^ ^) Exploitable thoroughly yes, but the volume,-_-)


I use it for low end, but actually quite fast around!
That said, even if the rhythm is quite lacking (for it was not bad then) The synthesis section allows long hours triturages so certain combinations reveal its possibilities!

This is my first and probably last Electribe (unless new ones are born)
I would not have fallen for another Electribe (perhaps the ER1 or the EM1?)
I bought this EMX in very good condition with 2 new for a very good price lamps, a few days after being robbed and lost all my gear, in order to console me a little!
I expected a toy, and I was not disappointed, some parameters are limited, especially in the synthesis, but the result is there and sounds can bluff more than one!

With experience, I probably would do this choice because even if I retooled since ... I keep it proudly!
106jbs 05/15/2013

106jbs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " To learn the drum, I hearts!"

2sortie with effect
2sortie no effect
1entrée mono

1midi out
1midi in
1midi thru

Not editable on pc ... bp

wav bank 207 non-replaceable 9 + 5 track synth track all powered by two ValveForce tube system, which gives a very nice and even heat that makes it strength.


Intuitive enough to start, the manual allows to use all the functions. The functions are easy to use. Some little miss still between what is said in the manual translated into French and reality, for example, the "shift" key + selecting a pattern plays the motive, open live, if you want to select without the play must have a bit of a quick hand. The MIDI implementation is almost complete, to my recollection, there is a code that I have not found NPRN.



It is an instrument oriented electronic music, it says "Music Production Station".

For the Dub step, Korg offers a new file upload in UK_bass machine easily downloadable from their website. This reveals a lot of sound of this machine that does not deserve to end up in the cupboard.

One downside, the synth is monophonic damage.

Above, on the other hand, I love everything that comes out, it is good when the lights are properly calibrated. ^ ^


I use it for 2/3 years without actually tried other model. I like the price, accessible and with experience, I do it again this choice. In addition a program like live for driving with a good sound card, a system of complete and accurate monitoring, production may take another dimension, but that it is still my opinion.
Cybernetwork 05/06/2013

Cybernetwork's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

The connectors for audio: three output jack headphone an L R, no entry ...
No buzzing, noise or ground sound, the sound is pretty clean.
The connectors are MIDI in, out, thru.

A pattern effect on or not on each hand!
rev, fig, phaser, ring mod, pitch shifter, comp, distortion, deci, resonator, filster delay mode, as well as a delay per unit.

The machine is pretty oriental drum n bass, nu nu scool break, hip hop, garage, and of course "hardtek tribe" which we recognize immediately the grain of those old vinyl kind fky, corp capsule etc ...
A drum machine that are grain!

There a free utility to facilitate ldition pattern.

A squenceur 4 measures (64 steps) to enable focus on each hand, roll mode x2, glisendo, swing.
As well as options for dcaler, copy, change the units ..


Is Gnrale setup simple?
Very easy, electribe or fisher price ?? No it is very intuitive, a 5 year old child would use it.

The manual is complete, everything is until proven otherwise!

All the usual functions are in front of you: o


The sounds they agree your style of music?
That this particular grain rather old scool in terms of electronic music that I appreciates.
But the raw sound does not break bricks.
Once in a pass and related software as it should be I think we can draw very good result.
The bass when crushed have something terrifying, some kind neurofunk,
and after a growth resampling I think there will soon make way HEAVY!

Hand against the effects are "limited range" but they have their cots like old school.

What sonorits you prfrez, you dtestez? ...dropoff Window
Dfire be hard grind, as I said I love the bass, sub are terrible and short synth I would say the drums (PCM or bundled) are seen again and again, like int ca ressera sure;)


I've had two weeks, but it's been a while I know this bekane ...

I had the es1x, em1x, er, 2 ea i-pad ...

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I love his sonorits oriented drum and bass, nu skool, garage, and this heat I find really diffrent em1x his successor.

This machine is no longer manufactured since 2002 and stagnated argus 130, 150.
I think in light of "its rarity.
Maybe one of these machines will become collector's my personal favorites ca purchase decision on this because I do not really utility at least for now ......
I've also taken by nostalgia and because I love these electribe that are a breeze tamper ...
Besides I care for my kids :)
finca 03/24/2013

finca's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " EMX 1 Toolbox Electro!"

2 x 2 outputs (one pair avk effects without the other effects)
Full Midi
Many editable sounds (synth wavetable ...)
Sequencer stepper or live TB
Memory very good option to save to SD card


Easy to use for anyone who knows this type of machine ... A little more difficult for beginners but learning is done easily using the manual and videos on youtube.


I think the focus is obviously in music electro / hip hop etc ...
Sounds that are meant to "realists" are wrong ... the machine is not made for that!
Only two assignable effects but not bad c
The sounds can be very powerful, well twisted!


I've had 2/3 years bought used
The sounds are very good and I especially like the ability to handle live as a TB / Roland TR
Routing possibilities are very interesting output
I had before the first A blue and black the EM allowed me to give me a hand.
I got 3 years ago for 300 € used which was a very good price at the time!
Note, however, a small problem is making taint this good balance: in fact tends to blow a fuse and stops the machine. Once repaired (thank you Artisan Sound in Marseille!) And fortified ... No problem! I lower my rating because of this!