Analog Man Beano Boost
Analog Man Beano Boost

Guitar/Bass booster

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Ronmo 09/05/2010

Ronmo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

A boost based on the Dallas Rangemaster 60s, and fully analog with germanium transistors.


With a "volume" and a 3 position switch (low / mid / treble), it is very easy to use.


This is not a clean boost or overdrive, AC can boost certain frequencies with gain and a lot of heat, it's been really sing an already overdriven amp or pedal type fuzz, overdrive etc ... it also works to clean to "crunch" sound but not his chosen field.
The choice of 3 frequencies (mid / low / treble) can adapt the sound to the amplifier (british / us) or the guitar used (single coil / humbuckers).
With this pedal, the sound of harmonic throat, gaining in thickness and presence, a must for the soloist.


It's really a great "boost" that can sublimate saturated sounds, especially in the solo game, an area where it warms the sound, and really gives the impression that the amp is pushed to its limits.
Not to waste anything, the pedal is very quiet, which is no mean feat when you see the number of db of boost!
Geordie 03/23/2007

Geordie's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Characteristics well described by Blouly, nothing to add!


Setup could not be more simple! A switch, a knob, like a lot!


So there you touch seriously. Ni'importe what scratching is enhanced by this pedal. Good must have a good tube amp, with a slight crunch, it's wonderful. Amp with a clean sound ... watch the ears!! It leaves quickly in the high unmanageable ... I prefer it paired with an amp pushed into the drive.


I've had 2-3 years, always reliable, great pedal, very strong. Very nice too. Choice of course I do it again. The SOUND OF BRITISH 60's! AND THE SOUND OF RORY GALLAGHER !!!!!!!!!!!

10 +
bouly 11/03/2004

bouly's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

It's just a treble booster, the MODEL of the legendary Dallas Rangemaster, useful by Led Zeppelin, Rory Gallagher, Eric Clapton with the Blues Breaker of the Beano album, o the name.
Made by one of the kings of the effects, or Mike Pears, who bump for the greatest guitarists.


TRS is simple, there are footswitch, one SETTING THE volume, and I have taken the option toggle switch, which selects three modes of boost intensity, low, middle and high .
T'appuis a foot ring.


It's super effective, has had 10 years looking for how Jimmy Page and Rory Gallagher came to have this sound trs acute and dirty in a good way. I understood, seeing that they used a Treble Boost, so I started looking for that Holy Grail, but not easy to find on the old continent, so I made the leap to order the United States.
I'm really not above, the total growing stock.
For those not familiar with this sound, the better to listen Lemon Song Led Zeppelin on the album Led Zeppelin II, you will cmprendre what I mean


Since I have, I use it all the time, its clear crunch, branch in my Orange amp is the sound!
I pay $ 165 + $ 30 shipping, great value qualitprix should benefit as the value of the $ is suprieur.

I am thrilled with this Beano Boost.