Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus
Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus

Chorus for Guitar

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delayedbis 09/27/2013

Dr. Scientist Cosmichorus : delayedbis's user review


Chorus pedal, everything is in the title. A gem of a 100% analog technology, Japanese chip v3 upscale. Made in Canada with Love.

handmade with seriousness and passion, in the rules of art by Mr Ryan Clark, character more than friendly and colorful ()

The first contact is not obvious, I must admit.

All settings are very subtle and the corresponding selection switches.


This is not an easy daughter several hours to explore the vastness of sounds, and a few days to enjoy it, from every angle.

Patience is required but rewarded without difficulty, though /

I do not recommend it to those who use this effect from time to time, see the side of the chorus room at Maxon, two knobs and a little softer.


Its very specific, high versatility. The interest lies in the "hold" or "freeze" function, in moderation as much as possible.

Guitar and synths, upsetting for me.

A non-standard signal components than handpicked, and a fairly significant look /


Few months of practice, I have set my heart on it as a story with a happy ending ...

holdons and freezons in chorus, Dr. Scientist Rules the world /

I intend to get one second, guarantted satisfaction. /

Ryan and his wife Tanya are engaging and always surprising, they deserve to be put forward in Europe, increasing demand.

An unforgettable moment!