Mooer Ana Echo
Mooer Ana Echo

Delay/Echo/Phrase Sampler for Guitar of the Micro series

User Reviews: 33 Average price: $98
Average used price: $58
maul 09/14/2013

Mooer Ana Echo : maul's user review

" I'm a snob ..."

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3 buttons hide some trouble finding the right settings.
This is fine, and after the first session of use, I returned to the store.

It was not until I see the pedal John Mayer than I planning to re seriously.

It has been screwed on my pedals.


A good point, the manual is in French and rather well written.
This is serious.


As I said earlier, do not put everything at noon, we must understand each button and measure with finesse.
But once you understand, it's a treat.


I am very posh in gear, and with me, everything comes from Japan or the States.
But this Chinoiserie is a killer.

Hendrix is ​​my set:
- Custon Audio Wah
- Ibanez TS-9 Japan (they abuse have transferred manufacturing in China without lowering the price)
- Full Tone Already Vibe 2
- MXR Fuxe Face Jimi Hendrix Limited (FYI Grey Fuze MOOER has exactly the same sound, I did the test)
- MOOER Ana Echo

Fuel Tank power supply and cables DiMarzio (a real investment but worth it)

Highly recommended.
I will look on the Hustle Drive replica of the Fulltone OCD first time) very soon also.