Boss PH-1R Phaser
Boss PH-1R Phaser

Phaser for Guitar

User Reviews: 58 Average used price: $126
Lemon_head 06/21/2008

Boss PH-1R Phaser : Lemon_head's user review


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This is a phaser, green, like all phasers from home boss.
There is an input, an output adapter between a boss and 3 knob (rate, depth and res)
is the same pedal that boss ph-1 but with the button in res + (r o the small cot of 1)


Very simple, quickly found the sound that one seeks


Phaser is a type 4 stage.
sounds a very hot vintage, was "alive" (as opposed to mode 4 of the internship ph-3 for example)
It's great to play with.
there is nothing I hate this pedal, I love the phaser and I am very well served


I have this pedal for almost a year
I love this pedal tt.
my having had free (big stroke of luck) but I think given his age and quality we can not find it anywhere and any price.