Duesenberg Les Trem 2
Duesenberg Les Trem 2

Guitar Vibrato

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bolinox 06/09/2013

bolinox's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " good stuff"

vibrato for paul.
I have not had to change my lp custom. just added a Tunomatic skate.
I can be bridged to graphite.
holds well the rope without a proper tune with race. accurate.
good quality.

It easily installs in place of the tailpiece. the 10th of mm must be very careful .. comes with two different thread and 2 Clées.
bought € 78 including delivery on ebay at edinger-guitars. received one week after.

reserved only: it does not mount. and the forward handle is bloody. bigsby compared to that closer to the handle of the easel. Me, I'm not used.
I will try to stall a spring for a small can of course go to the ropes. (just 1/2 ton is enough for me.) I like having a choice in my tremolo.
if I do, I put pictures ...
pascal.stbe 08/15/2010

pascal.stbe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) " Simple and effective ...."

A product I would like to see more often: simple, effective and reasonable price. Installed in 5 minutes, without any modification of the guitar allows very subtle vibrato effects, a real alternative to the Bigsby, much more convenient and accurate use. Awesome !!!!!!
SlapKid 05/21/2010

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I've had it a week, installed on a brand paul vig (or yds) eruption. The tremolo costing 75 euros, and is very simple to install.

While I was there, and for the best deal possible holding, I took a tunomatic bearings and a set of Kluson Locking (40 euros each, cheap in total. Purchased direct from Rocking Teutonic north). No drilling etc, while exchange (fifteen minutes maximum).

The action of the tremolo is pretty light, feeling very ideal for meowing at Vai and chords vibrated to Setzer, top and bottom. Disagreement, which is remarkable given the simplicity of the product. Be said that with the tunomatic bearings plus mechanical lock that remains is that the saddle point teaser. Note: the angle of the strings is less mechanical saddle-broken on the vig eruption than a les paul, so hopefully more conducive to the holding of agreement.

The arm is very well made, adjustable in both length and angle (high-low), and runs just firm enough to not flipping out.

Vibrato excellent, I had a bigsby is not the same (more clumsy and less good feeling), and to put the strings on the hopper 2 is without rival.

Anyway I am super happy with the transaction! I recommend, especially if the guitar has a switch away from the mic stand (I presented on the lag roxane TREM2 on my 500 and I struggled to switcher).

From the very beautiful book, the look is also delicious, high-end.