Dunlop JH1 Jimi Hendrix
Dunlop JH1 Jimi Hendrix

Wah-Wah/Auto Wah/Filter for Guitar of the Jimi Hendrix series

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yangounet 02/04/2013

Dunlop JH1 Jimi Hendrix : yangounet's user review

" It makes the job"

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Colors the sound fairly hendrixienne (provided you have the strat, the amp, the fuzz and EQ ad hoc).




Effect perfect for what it is supposed to do. it makes me laugh to see people hacking the bypass of pot etc on this pedal. All buy something else. This pedal is made to modify the sound in some way, and it does it very well;


Very satisfied. Purchased OCCAZ 60th qqu time ago and it did the job. this is not for the funk rock sound but a bit aggressive and screaming, it's perfect.