Fender Performer 1000
Fender Performer 1000

Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp of the Performer series

User Reviews: 4.515 Average used price: $293
Stfsatan 01/02/2011

Fender Performer 1000 : Stfsatan's user review

"Very nice hybrid!"

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It's a hybrid amp (1 tube for the preamp and solid-state)
The connections are more than enough for what I use it.
You can use it zapping the preamps with a footswitch, it's awesome!!!
Normally, it comes with a footswitch with 3 switches, 2 for distortion and crunch and 1 for the reverb!
In terms of controls, it's very simple: volume, bass, treble, and middle for channel 1
Channel 2 has volume, bass, middle, treble, gain 1, gain 2 and reverb


Yes, it is very simple!
I don't have the manual but you can find it online!
Generally speaking, FENDER has a superb clean sound but less so in terms of distortion; and this is no exception to the rule! As long as you know how to dial in an amp! The distortion is more limited, but still credible!!!
Be careful, this amp is very loud!! When the volume is set beyond 2 the level is pretty high!! Read the tricks on the product page to solve this problem, it works great!!!


Yes, it suits the music I play, which is mainly punk but it also allows me to surf different musical waves and I use it together with a jcm 900 4501 so I won't complain!! I have the FENDER treble and the MARSHALL bass, so it's unfair to whine about it.
I play a JACKSON DX10D guitar equipped with DIMARZIO SUPER DISTORTION and PAF PRO pickups! For effects, I have a ZOOM G92TT pedalboard.


I've been using it for 11 years now. I know it by heart. It's a good companion, but it's a bit heavy. It's quite the bigmouth even if it hasn't had too much to drink. They don't make amps like these anymore!!!!