Trace Elliot Super Tramp
Trace Elliot Super Tramp

Hybrid Combo Guitar Amp

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mooseherman 01/09/2011

mooseherman's review "Great Solid State Amp"

This is a solid state amp made by Trace Elliot. This is quite honestly the only amplifier, or product for that matter, that I've ever seen made by this company. They make some other stuff but I haven't seen it. I'd read some really good reviews online and decided to try it out.
It has 40 watts of power. There are two channels. The second channel has a third channel option, basically a gain boost. There are EQs for both channels. The first channel has one volume knob, while the second has a gain, gain boost, and master volume controls. Both channels also enjoy a master reverb control as well as two master volume controls. There is one 1/4" input as well as an effects send/return which are also 1/4". There is also a footswitch option.


Using this amp is a piece of cake. It's easy to get a great sound out of it with almost any guitar. It's not noisy, as it's solid state, so that's a nice feature too. Switching between channels is tough without a footswitch, but with one, it's a piece of cake. Fortunately I have the official one, so I can actually kick in the boost controls which makes the distortion channel that much better. Being able to kick in a boost just for solos is a really great option. The EQs are also great for dialing in just the right tone.


This sounds great for a solid state. Actually, this is a pretty great sounding amp in general. It's not as warm as a tube but it comes pretty close. Plus, it's almost completely noiseless and sounds great with pedals, though honestly, the distortion on it is pretty great too. It's a great buy for somebody who doesn't really like pedals and effects. If you just want to switch from clean, to dirty, to solo (aka really dirty), it's easy as cake and it sounds great. The gain channel tends to be a bit much for my taste, but overall i can't complain about it as it's got range. The extra boost doesn't color the sound too much, just enough to give solos a bit more grit and character.


I like the price, range, and tone of this amp a lot. While it doesn't have the rawness of my favorite tube amplifiers, I feel like it's got a lot of extra features that make up for it. I basically think that this is one of the best solid state amps I've ever played, and while I feel like it doesn't quite hold up to tubes the features and controls, as well as great tone, make it hold up nicely. These are hard to find nowadays (go figure), and they're worth picking up if you like this kind of sound and these types of amps.
.Mous. 01/31/2004

.Mous.'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Lamp power & transistors, I think, depending on whether one speaks of the Tagus pramp or power amp
Complte connection (even with two speaker outputs, for connecting a second HP if you - especially if you a), except that there is no headphone output, but if you want one, do not buy a 100 W because it is the puisance displays the odometer, and it feels good, if I may ...
I used the Peavey (well, also), Marshall (well, as I think up an assoc "anti-Marshall," I speak not ...), etc ... but aa really EHJV!


Configuration as a guitar amp .... I say more? If: there are three Tage pramplification: a clear, one saturated and one that larsne ... say, if we play less than 3 meters of bte.


The clear sound of a PCHE without being aggressive, the two channels are all saturation is used, but, say, to go from rock to cool mtal mtallis well but hey, for the crunch, I am not convinced.
For rverb 'I do not know, I almost dtruite ds that I bought .... So ...?
The legalization is effective (and that's saying something), there is a clear one for the saturated and most importantly, two masters that you can choose to walk .... ca throw a damper on the urge to buy marshall ....


It's good, that sound plutt enjoyable, a saturation non-fuzzy, clear sound CLEAR (yes, I know, I'll still spit on marshall) even high power (here c is done).
Quite heavy, although it is very small.
Personally, I prfre, but this is only my opinion, Hughes & Kettner, but it's not the same price, without being a factor of two.