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moosers 02/25/2009

moosers's review

The Sony C-800G is a tube condenser microphone made for use in professional recording studios. I would never recommend bringing this outside of your studio as it is not built for live use - it is simply too expensive and too big. It is such a powerful microphone and emits so much heat that it needs its own little radiator, which is the big thing hanging off of the back of it. Since it is a tube mic, it also has its own power supply. This is one of, if not the best sounding microphone I have ever heard.


I've been using the Sony C-800G for about three years. When I first heard it used, I was absolutely blown away. The clarity and overall tone quality is unbeatable. I did a shoot out with some pretty awesome Neumann mics and some other high end tube condensers and the C-800G reined supreme. I don't get to use this everyday, as most studios cannot afford to have one, but whenever I do get to use one it is an absolute treat. I can't say enough about the fullness and crispness of the tone quality. It is a great vocal microphone for all types of singers, but will work great in any type of situation. The price makes it impossible for just about anyone except for big professional studio owners to have them, but if you get the chance to use or rent one, you'd be crazy not to. The Sony C-800G is in a class by itself and I haven't heard a microphone that can match the crisp and clean sound this mic has. If you can afford one of these, God bless you. As for the rest of us, if you can ever get your hands on using one of these, you need to take advantage!
Phil Nobel 04/08/2007

Phil Nobel's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

This microphone has an excellent cardio pattern.
We can use it on a voice or solo instrument against other players with the best rates of rejection.
Micro lamp (the temperature is stabilized by a TEC Pelletier effect) or the allure of Alien ... a passive radiator
This micro has a power that costs a little less expensive than the micro ...

NB it receives the response curve of the microphone with the signature of the technician who performs the Japanese


I use it for several years.

Resolutely high-end, almost "perfect" in a female voice and some male voices, sax ect.Il cash potatoes of most instruments used by humans.

The problem is the lamp life span + / - 350 hours of use. (Count 1 / 2 hours to a perfect temperature ...)
But hey that's the price to pay for the exception.

I know most of the high-end microphones (solution D, M150, Brauner, M149, Soundfield, ect) and the C800-G as all these tools at this level, his personality!

It seems that Americans have rappers installing U-47 on their mobile for this
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a couple of C800G, ... Miam ...
suge 09/25/2005

suge's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

-trs good mic for voice
-cf card manufacturer for the characteristics


I already have several mics including a TLM103, a C414, a gemini home is electronic good mics but nothing to do with the fact that the elite party of studio mic for my part