Excelighting Illusion III
Excelighting Illusion III

Laser less than 500mW by Excelighting

Users' review: Average mark of 4.5/5 for 1 reviews

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Excelighting Illusion III : sweety75's user review

" I love it" 9 (9/10)

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Product bought new in August 2011

Overall Opinion 9/10

420-mW laser RGPY, although Obviously DMX-512, capable of couraging many are, including an impressive spatial effect and 3D, 85 figures, false ceiling, wave, tunnel, etc.. Works in auto mode, musical, Master / Slave and DMX. He is the laser IDAL mobile discos and clubs who want laser bnficier dun remaining within a reasonable budget.

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Laser RGPY de 420 mW , bien évidemment DMX-512, capable de réaliser des nombreuses figurent, dont notamment un effet spatial et 3D impressionnant, 85 figures, faux plafond, vague, tunnel, etc. Fonctionne en mode auto, musical, Maître/Esclave et DMX. Il est le laser idéal des discos mobiles et des Clubs qui veulent bénéficier d’un laser restant dans un budget raisonnable.