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MetallicaMan 12/11/2005

AF Content Manager Fiche CM : MetallicaMan's user review


Audience: Beginners
Country Built: korea but I'm not on, sorry.
24 frets, ibanez pickups 5 (no more details ...) band bass, treble and mdeium but select them individually.
Chavalet floyd, régalge volumet and tone, 5-position micro selection.

Handle very nice and fine, hand glides perfectly over a treat.
Access to the last fret is easy, even the last ^ ^
The shape is classic, but practical, high quality, with no disturbing course, the guitar is a bit heavy but nothing too serious, I've seen the worst! (Not only ^ ^)

In terms of sound, depending on the chosen micro, with the more serious you get a good sound, clear and powerful, same for the second serious defect in the middle, a sizzling premanent very disturbing, in other words that it is unusable, the two frequencies are correct but they are all the same tendency to play high-pitched, so no abuse of that guitar solo ... you dommage.Je looks like we can ignore but preso j 'considering changing the pickups acute ...
I put 7 in the neck and lergonomie which is very good and make you want to play.

As I said in my username directory is dedicated to Metallica, the guitar lends itself rather well, I play with a Marshall 10Watt amp and effects pedal Boss Metal Zone MT-2.
For all that is the rhythmic one can easily play all the first Metallica album, the songs thrash metal what. According as we approach the rock / pop is sometimes pert as her, especially when the guitar is clean, the treble can be very confusing.
In short I do not use much treble on both my home directory and all the better because they are not very clean, I discovered by playing the Iron Maiden, some agreement drafts are sometimes see dirty, in the acute course.

But I put a note to the metal as it should, with very good bass and medium corect.

I use it for a year and a half, this is my first electric guitar and I have since tried other models (Cox Stagg Fener Gibson etc.), varied and I noticed that this guitar really is despite its defects a interresting guitar because I have paid only 250 euros and for that price you end up with a guitar in general much lower quality, in fact it is simply excellent for beginners, but past a certain level, when we s'apprcohe solos and you discover its true acute weakness, acute microphone.
I therefore advise to the beginner.