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Classic (Discontinued)(52), 5150(50), Bandit(47), TransTube(39), 6505(35), PV(35), Studio Pro(30), Raptor(29), KB(26), TNT(24), TKO(23), Ultra(22), Windsor(20), Triple XXX(19), CS(17), Predator(15), Milestone(14), Solo(12), Max(10), Millennium(10), XXL(10), Grind Bass(10), Revalver(10), JSX(9), Cirrus(8), TVX(7), Stage Pack(7), Ecoustic(7), KB/A(7), PR(6), vt(6), Escort(6), Wolfgang(6), EuroSys(6), HIsys(6), Tour(6), Supreme(6), Marvel(5), Impulse(5), XR(5), SP(4), JF(4), Rage(4), Special(3), Mark(3), IPR(3), FX(3), QW(2), Odyssey(2), 3120(2), PVX(2), Vypyr VIP(1), PVi(1), PVM(1)

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