Mackie SRM450v2
Mackie SRM450v2

Powered PA Speaker Cabinet of the SRM series

User Reviews: 4.58 Average used price: $324 Warning, the average used price is based on a small number of classified ads
Dj Loudo 11/06/2009

Mackie SRM450v2 : Dj Loudo's user review


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it is I got my first SRM450V2 this afternoon Pros: lighter than the first SRM450 is clear! for testing, I'm at home in an apartment so I could not upgrade its push but what I heard is the quality of acute bloody less aggressive than the first! medium well enough for this low I know I still have to wait to make a night to realize the difference in the end ... so first seen rather good. I start after a test "size" or I can push the
For several nights that I use, the results are very satisfactory, although this low, medium, short, but this one can and fever to go short, sufficient benefits for up to 50 people every musical style.