The T.bone RM700
The T.bone RM700

RM700, Ribbon Microphone from The T.bone.

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All user reviews for the The T.bone RM700

Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 11 reviews )
 6 reviews55 %
 4 reviews36 %
 1 user review9 %
Value For Money:Excellent

ericthegreat's review"love it "

The T.bone RM700
This is a ribbon mic, which is a dynamic microphone that records with a figure 8 pattern. Ribbon mics were all the rage in the '40s for public performance, but in today's rough and tumble world, I'd recommend keeping this type of microphone for studio use only, as the ribbon is very fragile and would be burned up with if phantom power were accidentally switched on.

The Tbone RM700 has its own XLR cable attached to the mic and no on or off switch. When not in use, it should be stored upright in its case.


Ribbon mics record using a different kind of technology than typical dynamic or condenser microphones. For someone looking for a vintage or unique kind of sound, a ribbon mic can sound great on vocals, but the user will have to deal with the figure 8 pattern. I used this mic on one album and was really satisfied with the results because we recorded the vocals in a good sounding room, which this microphone only emphasized since it has a bipolar recording pattern.

That being said, this mic is not fit for all occasions and isn't very versatile; although I've heard people miking drums and guitar cabs with ribbon mics, I wouldn't recommend it because too much moving air can destroy the ribbon. A good pop-filter is a must when using this microphone.

I really liked mine, but in spite of being careful, one day someone accidentally turned on the phantom power and burned up the ribbon inside the microphone. I never bothered to replace it, because even though it sounded and looked cool, it wasn't really versatile enough for me to use in very many situations. I doubt I'll ever buy another ribbon microphone again, but have to say that TBone did produce a decent product in the line of this mic.

vivalazik's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" DO NOT BE ABOUT IT"

The T.bone RM700
Ribbon microphone, passive, directivity 8.


I use it for a few weeks. I bought it because I wanted to familiarize myself with this type of microphone for not too expensive.
Conclusion: This is very typical. Not "transparent". So it can be quite difficult to use the microphone as a single when shooting. But additional microphone is absolutely great! on an electric guitar amp to complement a SM57 it's great, I finally found the natural sound of my amp !!!
On toms you take everything down in a very musical way!
On an acoustic guitar for the mid-side is great ... same with my Dobro and generally anything that has to sound natural ...
In short, I do not divide them. For the price it's amazing that I won as my catch his acoustic! it happens a lot of EQ to take down the tape is mounted to the attack is mounted his usual static or dynamic ... with a natural sound super.
At that price: go for it!

blaez_minkoff's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone RM700
Everything has been said about the characteristics.
1 bag + 1 wooden box + 1 + 1 clip suspended micro = correct at this price it can not refuse!


I used a lot lately in recording electric guitar.
I love the sound color. It has many serious, perhaps too much. To compensate I deviate a little HP (30cm) and I cut the bass amp.
I find it more fun than the inevitable SM57 I am tired of his force to be heard on all prods. It is also softer than the other best-selling the E609 category.

Very good value for money.

A friend has two RM700 on one of them we changed the transformer balancing a Lundahl LL2912, the rolls of ribbon mic transformer. After some tests ears wide open it seems that it does not improve the sound quality of the microphone. Damage, a myth collapses. I rallongerais this notice once we have pushed a little testing.
Chris Martins09/27/2012

Chris Martins's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rather very nice"

The T.bone RM700
Ribbon mic, ribbon type short, Figure 8. We can not do much with this type of technology except to make it active. This is exactly the same as the Cascade Fathead, the Nady RSM4 and other references made originally by the factory Alcron.


Received today. Tried it on guitar amps, vocals, acoustic guitar. In three cases, it is much more natural than any dynamic mic with a rounded back that intriqèque typed vintage sound very pleasant. Like all microphones are accurate, it is sensitive to placement. Advantage: The microphone can adapt to many situations and can be used as placement or EQ technical choice in the decision. Disadvantage: if you move, you lose the selected sound. Anyway it sounds, it's cheap, it comes in metal suitcase and wooden box, but this is obviously not the absolute micro, which in any case does not exist, the recall.

f.r.a.c.a.s's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" RM700"

The T.bone RM700
I use it for taking guitar and voice and I'm not disappointed
to think of the voice through a preamp (mic rubant)


pretty good mic RAPORT qualiter price

Anonymous 's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Seems no need to drop ..."

The T.bone RM700
Micro singing band, where I was looking for the warmth that they boast, and respect for male voices that characterizes them.

I put immediately in the chapter "" my opinion of its robustness: it has fallen one meter high, and still works like new. Maybe I had a bowl, but nothing has altered.

9 / 10


This is my second after a Sony dynamic microphone. Something else. It requires a preamp couillu more than my mixer, which is why I bought a Lunnar TP-01.

The consideration of high volume sound cash he knows is that he is not comfortable in the records of intimate singing. Should push the preamp to capture is better rendered, and it causes the breath.

Me who has a rather high-pitched enough range, I have to force myself into my lower register to the trunk that rings out in the micro ... Or scream.

I will test soon rendered his transplant before the bowls of my bass and guitar amps, it may reveal skills that I did not expect necessarily.

Anyway, not much for a good tape VERY VERY SOLID.

8 / 10

la.boulanderie's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" The tape has "zifs""

The T.bone RM700
I wanted to test a ribbon microphone without spending too much understeer, just to see.
I'm not going to compare it with models studio or high end, I have no experience for this. But I can say what tests I did and compare these tests with my other pickups.

First impression when opening the box, the microphone is smaller than I thought but gives a good impression of solidity. Hanger is much more cheap.

I plugged in my ultralight MKIII. There is no need for phantom power is like a dynamic microphone. It took up the gain level strong enough to get a proper recording level (+ 16 db about) but I have no breath annoying at this level.

I have first tested on my voice. I found the result less interesting (precise) with my static lamp at T Bone too. But there is a color not uninteresting in the midrange but the placement of the microphone to the mouth is quite tricky. I would do further testing away a little over the microphone or on the contrary, the closer but with a filter antipop. I will complete the review at this time.

Then, I used to dub the guitar amp (5 watt bugera a tube very nice). I placed 20-30 cm of Hp on the side of the baffle with the microphone slightly tilted towards the ground. On the same record I placed a dynamic AKG 320b mounted on the HP. I liked the result with the ribbon microphone, the character of the amp has been well preserved but the microphone to bring some sweetness to the sound. The momentum has been rendered more aggressive in terms of acute in comparison. The mixture of the two sockets gives a result quite right with a mix 2 / 3 Ribbon + 1 / 3 of dynamics with a slight panning between the two.
I did this test on a dozen current title with different guitars and different treatments (crunch sound, saturated, wah wah, Univibe, feedback, telecaster, sg, Vigier Excalibur, half cash, ...).
The test worked well for different moods.

On the few taken ribbon microphone was centered on top of HP unless it well.

In summary, I am not sure this is the microphone of the world, nor a real benchmark for ribbon microphone, but I think that this microphone can be useful on some specific applications. I feel it also requires more control in terms of its placement in space.


At that price, it's a choice I do not regret it.

Jmz's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone RM700
Ribbon Microphone. Good quality. Comes in a tuit a little "cheap", we like it or not "Disan", but the object is solid.

I always mod-er song, customize it, but it is original dj friendly trs.


<p class="bbcode-cite"> Quote: <span>I reu 4 days ago. I am extremely of. That day, the grave are ugly. In short, it limits unusable. It's off again tomorrow at Thomann ds exchange against a real microphone.
For the price, better buy an SM57.</span>
H yes, sr is not really comparable with a 57! I think we need especially to learn about what is achte before criticizing.

I Ralia plutt positive opinions. This small micro prtentions not doing its job. Unfortunately I did not test a battery (the fact that it is bi-directional 8-in-what makes a partner IDAL a cardio for a couple M / O overheads! Mmmm Yummy! ).

For now, I test on electric guitars, acoustic and voice. I found it lacked DEFINITIONS on electrical parts saturated (or crunches). By against, on a scratch sound, it's a rgal (always vs. the bass and treble attnuation subtle). On man's voice as he trs good job!

Beware though, this microphone can s'avrer Dfine well in the high, provided that the place very close to the source. But, that said proximity also said serious contribution, or the micro with dj tendantce fltter the serious, I suggest (that's all staff) of attnuer just what is in below 150/200 Hz

mrleon's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone RM700
Micro ribbon. I bought it for guitars plutt lctriques.


I reu 4 days ago. I am extremely of. That day, the grave are ugly. In short, it limits unusable. It's off again tomorrow at Thomann ds exchange against a real microphone.

For the price, better buy an SM57.

chrisd33's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)

The T.bone RM700
A ribbon that is necessary to prciser? a small aluminum plate that vibrates pretty good .. For use on various types of setting, alone or in conjunction with other mics .. Rsultats comparative interressants that make you want to try to place every time.


Rest in his box for some time, failing tural conditions to use it, I'm given the heart's two weeks dernires on a studio recording of a pop rock band. So I just give my express ..

NB: The microphone is on a concert because he avoided a directivity which takes in eight of the atmosphere, which gnrerai ingrables Feedback to live with the returns.

On battery: More precisely a nitre to the bass drum in a complment 112, rsultats more than satisfactory, although the cash has severe pressure, it is more heat directivity and with this we are left with an ambient track with the kick drum prponderant is not ininterrssant, gave a nice color to the other barrels complmentaire taken by their respective micro. A warm color of the drums acoustic pice provided it is not too rotten!

The low trade-in amplifier, phase out the event in complment a DI, I did not find a terrible, I much prefried a 112 or a pg52, fatter , rounder, especially if the kick is already taken with tape, I deprecated, it is necessary, in my opinion, keep an identity in the respective low in order to bring out everything its place.

Saturates on a guitar: the foot! I placed the RM700 in the center of the amp (Marshall) 15cm, 2 SM57 couple with two edges of the ORTF HP (history of creating a faux Stereo) and a phase out SCT700 derrire the amp has a high nitre in the room. What happiness! a rich, clean, takes over the tape at the center, at the top and prcis trspchu (compared to 57 that seem at once trs mdium down and badly Dfine) The SCT700 brings yet another room DEFINITIONS trs crystalline amlang all at once gives a good grip trs guitar.

I prcise each has taken on a RM700 t line in a prampli Joemeek 3Q with a small compression ratio and a minimum 30-40db gain, I guess that can give a preamp with a better quality!
In conclusion, this micro trs prcis ribbon at the top (with the gradual attenuation of giving it a sharp characters) and couillu at the bottom. Given its price is a good investment trs that can be placed everywhere and will soon forget an SM57 in continuance of guitar amp. On the cam, you could almost make a decision with a couple of RM700 and two overheads .. I have not tried it on a voice or copper, but I will not fail to make a small shift.
To have in its fleet microphones!