Marshall 5010 Master Lead Combo [1982-1991]
Marshall 5010 Master Lead Combo [1982-1991]

Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp of the JCM800 Solid State series

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LOMAX-77 06/20/2014

LOMAX-77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French) "THE Marshall sound. You said Transistors?"

MADE IN UK! Product like all his contemporaries at the time or Jim Marshall still roamed the aisles of its production lines and oversaw a little what came out. The version I commented is the LEAD MASTER 30 -. 5010 The mine was in 1990 I already owned before her big brother 5210 I'm already excited for fifteen years.. Therefore already familiar quality version of this series of transistors JCM800. Series solid state bestseller 80-90 years who brought joy to all the scratch without too often that does not have the means to pay for the lamp in the late 80s.

5010 So. In perfect condition. Used bought 2 years ago for 150 euros. 30 very heavy for this amp in the purest spirit watt Marshall in all its aspects. Visual, sound and use. It is well known field for all fans of big sound grown to a climax by the great Jim (blessed be he!).


Speaker: Celestion G12S-50 - POWER Professional Loudspeaker (Ipswich England) 4 Ohms


Transistors (Motorola Type?) SEE PHOTOS
MJ2501 - T8824
MJ3001 - T8738


Bought used without manual. What good. Plug and play. 30 watts allow to use cif conc, rpeter small, studio sessions or at home. The master volume is handy for this. This is not the lamp but here again the evidence with this series it is possible to make great amps based on "simple" transistor. Heavy enough to combo his size however it remains correct level weight and transported without difficulty. Big advantage in this series, the indestructible transistors, against fragile lamps use and transport conditions pro. The small town touches all the great amps Jim Marshall good class logo which imposes on stage forever. Little more when you are already fetish aficionado Marshall. (Without going to wear either of brand T-shirts, do not push).


My model date of the latest period (1990-91). Unlike others reviewed here, it sports registration MASTER LEAD 30 front and the usual handwritten inscription (5010) on the rear panel. No hum. If you forget to turn down the master ON / OFF, it was this little usual and normal snap on amp transistors. So for the HP household is taken to properly take good habit to mute by performing the steps-stops. It takes all excellently boost pedals - overdrive - distortion. Versatile at this level Hyper.
The sound is typical Marshall to death. Its clear completely exploitable. It is crisp, clean and round. No hiss or hums individuals. The preamp volume provides access to the entire desired range on this amp. The clear light to ultra-saturated. I read in other reviews that lacked potato and was confined to the Blues. Not only. I find it really versatile. Panel Jazz for its warmth and clarity early in the race on the Preamp volume (0-5), blues Rolling Stones (5-7) Led Zeppelin / Deep Purple / ACDC / Pete Townsend 70 Rock (7-8) Slash / Grunge Nirvanesque, Oasis and Guns 90 Rock (8-10). With a drummer who buggers, knobs pushed up I never passed me. With a more appropriate pedal, the beast will collect no problem on a game-saturated and metal. But with embedded electronics, it is still a good old school vintage register dominant Rock 70. Whenever there's a plays J. Page inside. ^ - ^ Rendering generally quite heavy and loaded low but clear way to trebble thanks to MID and often left to 7-10, not below except for the jazzy sounds clear. Note the handy knob PRESENCE that magnifies and brightens the sound to the level applied. I knocked on many amps all more famous than each other. Marshall, Fender, Mesa, DRZ and so on, from standard to more or less shop. You have to admit I always come back to "small" bousins ​​of little value but proving to be good deals. Because it is flushed with the right gear small unpretentious as it sounds and it's really good. 5010 This is an excellent example. I do not care how many lamps, the price of beast on the invoice. As it provides what is expected. Having started as 80% of us here by tongue to be able to afford a first undrinkable guitar and the amp that came with it, with time everything is refined, the requirement also. This 5010 graduated with honor. I played this amp various guitars (Strats / Bare Knuckles / Vanzandt, Les Paul / SD Seth Lover / SD / Bare Knuckles, DC59 (Dano Lipsticks.) Is easily found sounds Slash, Jimmy Page, Billy Gibbons, SRV, Hendrix, Who, even Nirvana, Soundgarden, Guns for nostalgic 90's. This is just excellent. Doubly good considering the price of this amp used, low fragility compared to models lamps. Whether good and not expensive. That's what's good everywhere No reverb is sometimes frustrating as the amp sounds good, but in terms of space and the resonance of the room it overcomes. In the studio or in a small cafe Scene is a bit boxy. But it happens. It has never bothered me, the sound is dense, fatty, the dynamics are excellent. Let's Rock. Like the good old days on the original amps also devoid of reverb (sic Fender reverb 63). In its decision the SM57 it is corrected in the mix by assaying a little reverb in post prod. Ca has never been a problem for me. Sometimes used a reverb pedal output to the guitar amp. It does but I pass. Note that at very high volume and all settings pushed to the bottom, a slight hiss / noise could be heard. Somewhat normal everything thoroughly. Any distortion at max thrust will cause the noise of "power". Again, not a problem for me occasional pro use. It happens in the background of the game


The type of material that I love. At the moment not too expensive Used, vintage (24 years Poppa!), Robust and efficient frankly. Not live up to big concerts, yet it out proudly in small configurations of such cafes, small concerts - festivals. I also used prod. He travels regularly between home and studio. A little heavy, it's still portable (not like the big brother 5210 just as great but whom the burden of a dead donkey). I bought it used and I do not regret it. Amp indestructible. Not even have to change the original HP brings me what I want. The G12S-50. I do not change by snobbery. It is very good. The day I'll be aiming I spent a good Weber well. But it costs an arm. Must be imported into a 4 Ohms. Expenditure frankly not news to gain a sound relative. The kind of amp I strongly recommend more than anyone starts, too not afford or do not want to slam an arm for an amp of equal power or too elitist nickname shop. If you pick the LE Marshall, a rugged amp that trudging around without fear, forget the puritanism of those who swear by "lamps". Lamps and they sound must type in! and if you do not use a pro with the required space around, your neighbors will not like it. Faith old guitarist who likes to slam the minimum pez when warranted, this amp has the MOJO! (Like most of the series such as 12 LEAD, LEAD 20, 5210, etc ...). Cheap little gem that I never resell. MEGA GOOD for real musician (not for merchants collectors, saw what it sells is nowadays).

Like what it is technically possible to design very good less expensive than lamps transistors amps with the development that goes behind. According to the manufacturers would it really profitable to sell only cheaper amps? extensive debate. God bless Jim! God bless UK!
C@rlsberg 01/12/2008

C@rlsberg's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Amp trs simple in its use. 30 watt amplifier transistors, 2 inputs and a footswitch.


I bought it new but no manual ... So rock & roll ... just like her! No heat lamps, but the amps sound very fat even when to have fun at home. I had a branch above, but ZOOM 9002 ct just crunch the amp enough. One branch, turn the knobs and away you go. Foncirement, the clear, ultra-saturated is not his forte, but putting prs little dirty while half of that wish: op


I used it diffrent guitars (pickups simple humbuckers) and my guitar is a copy dernire musicman on which I mount of Seymour Duncan a double bridge and a double major in Splitt) and I found the sound I wanted (with the power that can not get back all my family)


Fter we will both our 25 years together in 2008 ... He was always home except for a recording studio, rpt 'or in concert it is unfortunately not the height:' o (

C'tait as my first amp (bought in the only store of rural town I lived o) I did not compare with other amps before buying ... any fawn, I get it even when taken just silent because he stamped Marshall ....

Since I had the opportunity to try other amps, but this little combo (in size but not the weight ...) suitable for private use.

Finally, if you get a chance, plug a Bontempi organ above the saturation through the bottom .... it's cheap and there's a sound ... con is a teenager, but dares all o)
joprato 07/26/2007

joprato's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Small Amplifiers Transisitors 30W with 2 inputs (high and low), it has no effect but with a Boss pedal SuperOverdrive it makes a truly unique sound for the blues.


The setup is all that is simpler, and we get easily a good sound, the sound is quite clear round and clear in the treble, as the manual, I have not (purchase)

his genial with some pedals


Personnelemnt, it suits me to do, I probably resell it.

I had a couple Boss SupoerOverdrive for the blues for me Restituta a grain just right, I love, no breath, a great sound.
I try other amps (lamps and transistors), but it is only he who has managed to get this feeling. (But I buy more ...)


must have about 5 years I have, I love it, but not for the sound, look also for its simple, it seems all nice but it can be very "crunchy"! haha
all I can really blame him is his weight ... I think it is really very heavy!

I try a lot of other models before taking it, just to compare, and I am not at all.
for the quality price ratio, I know not being given that gift, so ...

PS: It is great for studio recording (coupled with a nice little SM 57 ...) but it is obvious that with its small power of 30W is not to do ... what a shame .. scne .

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Note that the fabric of mine is light brown rather than black. I give 6 voilu because I would have some effect too.


Manuel? Or? I had my occas 250


This gives a good thing by putting a distortion 10, 10 and treeble Prsence 10. Has become the good. But the rest ....


I've had six months, bought used a 250. I do not know if I would do this election ... I try the other amp ... B eh yes
IIPPONN 11/19/2005

IIPPONN's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Standard look of a marshall combo
- 30W transistor amp,
- 2 among high and low,
- A sotie hp / line output
- Pota: 1EQ, 1 master, 1 presence and 1 Pramp
no need for manual!


The config is very simple,
it's a combo that is ready, I just used my home (for repet concert and I have another amp).
the person who lent me the are 2! he uses repte and concert, but he told me he lacks power (hey yes 30W).


The sonority is cool:
Initially it's true I've tried and I got kind of sonority marshall sizzling with clear sound (I do not know if it's the amps that wants to or if it was because he is vieu ...) and since I noticed is that the Pramp pota kidding when thoroughly and pat it I get a good, nice distortion.
for a brief vieu 30W marshall has going to play at either, but this concert is very fair (in any event have to be taken up by the sound).


I have been with me for a me, my friend who has 2, has for quite some time, if I souvien he has purchased either was given him.
one that is home
the +:
the sound is nice for a small marshall
the old school look
the -:
bin lacks a power nap (but then seems to me to blame kitsch has a 30w amp be a 30w amp ...)
which would cool t is small switch that boosts the Pramp
the quality of the pota that virtually all déconnent.
jod35 08/23/2003

jod35's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

An amplifier transistor. I use it to play the harp on it but it's a guitarist friend gave it to me (after being rejected several times by other guitarists). Despite its size and weight (it has almost the same size as the valverstate 2000 ...) and the name of Marshall, I recommend for those looking for power (and his side, ca is not worth the quality of an amp Tube ).... Nice guy looking for his old blues ...

The settings are fairly simpas

Side connections, just two inputs (low / high), no headphone

Here are the instructions on the manual:
Master Volume 30 watt transistor

Sensibility: All controls than 0.35mV RMS
1.7V RMS maximum input level

Swing Tone: Bass 100Hz - 15dB
Middle 500Hz .... 25dB
Trebble 16dB (mid max)
42 dB (mid max)

Power output: 30 Watts RMS into 4 ohm load
IC and transistors built

Loudspeaker, Specially Designed 12 inch 70 watt RMS 4 ohm

Power requirment: Mains input - Internally set 220/240v. 40/60hz. 110/120V. 40/60Hz
Internal fuse 110/120V hands. - TIA 220/240v. - T500mA
Max input power 65vA
HP Output, Approximately 100mW Into 4/8ohm
Appromimately DI Output 600mV RMS output level at 30Watts


My brother (guitarist) no one has tested only once: for him, he is nice but lack of energy and it is reminiscent of the old blues - rock a little to Johnny Rivers.

For the harp, with one good mic or shure (although I advise against it) of the Bluesmaster hohner, we get a cool sound, the old blues sound ... Only regret is missing the reverb.

I found the manual on the net (on the website of marshall I think) and even the diagram technique for components etc ... the manual is limited to the strict minimum, some specifications ...


For the harp, I find it pretty cool, it looks pretty cool with its old potassium.

The usual setting of marshall (simple: all the potassium in depth!) Is prohibited.

In short, this is the amp that could give the lie to the reputation of Marshall (I'd like to see play on metalheads, they would be surprised!)


It'll be a year since I have it.

What I like most is his former side, simple (the amplification system is very simplistic) and robust (I have no pota sizzling despite age). In addition, it is rare to find other people who have it. The look suits me very well.

What I like least is its weight and size (even if it was a 100W lamp, I will understand), the transport is a hassle ... its lack of power, crunch (and not easy to get the clean sound, ideal)

I tested the 2000 valverstate my brother (for the harp, I would not recommend), the Peyvey Classic (I know if the 70w or 100w) tube (TERRIBLE!) And a Custom 30W transistor (very good sound for the guitar).

I remain convinced that this is not the amp that will make me play better ... even though my teacher did not try, I think any good harmonica player is able to make it sound.