Marshall 8080 Valvestate V80 [1991-1996]

Marshall 8080 Valvestate V80 [1991-1996]

Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp of the ValveState I series

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User Reviews

Audiofanzine FR


(Originally written by victhebig/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Hybrid amp with one preamp tube. Controls: tube gain, bass, mid, high, channel on/off, OD1/OD2 drive, contour, FX loop with dry/wet mix, reverb, master volume, line out. UT...
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MGR/nick dixon

"Marshall Valvestate 8080"

i got this amp second hand from a freind well at the time i thought it was a really good amp. I mean it had two channels, one is clean and the other is the overdrive channel. They are handy if you like playing the blues, or getting a simmaler sound....
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