Marshall MG100DFX
Marshall MG100DFX

Solid-State Combo Guitar Amp of the MG 2nd Gen series

User Reviews: 3.7100 Average used price: $255
Maytouk 04/01/2012

Marshall MG100DFX : Maytouk's user review

" Foutage of mouth"

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Amp full, easy to use, not need the manual.


So then: what sounds m ... Clean saturated and no presence, it is poor, it sounds cardboard, the tone controls are the low end. I even thought at one point, the amp had a problem!


I tried two studios in repeats. Frankly there are sub-brands that make you feel the mieux.Ici "I am the low end for suckers and I rely on my reputation"

The +

Amp full

The -

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