AKG K 141 Monitor
AKG K 141 Monitor

Studio headphone of the K 141 series

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Average Score: 4.4 ( 4.4/5 based on 5 reviews )
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diddid 02/11/2009

diddid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Big problem with this headset! the windshields were liqufies after a year ... RESULT 40 euros to replace them. So dismal quality manufacturing ...
Put a hand even when it is well to do the monitoring because the record is Fidler.
The sound is okay and quite specific on.
With the exprience I take something else, because I'm tired of the whole.
Rivage 11/02/2005

Rivage's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I have three years, and my grandmother used it for twenty years before me. I love her neutrality. I also have a audiotechnica less accurate. I got it for twenty euro Used (model vintage silver!). This choice I would do without hesitation, I have never heard better headphones (even the sony to 500 euros). About the ghost I would not talk about linearity, I am also surprised that some are mixing this because depending on the size of the ear canal of each certain frequencies will resonate differently (yes we are in space sealed in our escoutilles example led me right is wider and lower right bombard me with the headphone) and above there is no true stereo depth that requires interaction of the two sources with each of the two ears (but perhaps I am mistaken). Anyway the sound is pleasant, and still allows to get an idea of ​​its true that you listen.
Lymbs 09/20/2004

Lymbs's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I use these headphones for a month and it is a formidable precision!
Stereo image is excellent, it perfectly covers the spectrum without the bass is too Submitted which for me is an asset prinpale.
The only points ngatif are:
The connection a little "cheap" in my taste of the headphone that should allow me to highlight here some time in my soldering iron as aa t prcdemment said.
The lack of comfort that can go up the pain for overuse. > I put 9 because of this.
Before trying this I use 2 MODEL sennheiser too rich bass ... but comfortable (and yes you can not view all)
The report quality price seems to me trs good, only time will tell me if I would do this choice.
Dinostudio 03/11/2003

Dinostudio's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Stereo space beautifully rendered, Lower prcise and never dull sound trs pro, neutral .... It's not for nothing qu'AKG dominates the world of the studio for years. .. I am my troisime, and I find it unthinkable to mix or mastering without him. Pay the price ... more than 700 francs ... has had a bit expensive (when the other ct concurence to cost the same price!). It is also not the 'extreme fragility of the product, although qu'tant careful enough, my akg all have a pass time or another by the box "I redo the welds" ... despite all this I remained faithful Sometimes there is ... the things which we do not seek or more and buy it by closing your eyes, this is the case for OMO detergent (lol), Shure microphones and headsets AKGpour
Blue Bird 02/02/2003

Blue Bird's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

I use it for 5 years.
It has a relatively good DEFINITIONS and is enjoyable to work with. '
This is a good choice. (But beware, for the monitoring, not as a return to interprete)