Fender 1998 Collector's Edition Telecaster
Fender 1998 Collector's Edition Telecaster

TLC-Shaped Guitar of the Telecaster series

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Nikozzz2000 04/01/2013

Fender 1998 Collector's Edition Telecaster : Nikozzz2000's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Classical guitar telecaster, rather Typee 60 in the look and design


From the grip we realize the finish rrien to do with the tv standard is the very good finish, varnish, frets, pickups, great class!
Round super nice, one of the easiest that I could possess. Ergonomics typical of models telecaster.


Sound, any sound aaaah :)
Even the microphone is often clear limits on the use teles, here is delicious :)
The neck pickup is warm and creamy wishes.
I tried it on marshall (mmmmh) vox (Mmmmmh + + +) fender (+ slamming but even when mmmmh) and live (home studio)
Everywhere, all the time, its great :)


I have 4 years, has redeemed any collector, I hesitated but I could not let go of after trying it!
I find pickgard slightly below the rest level finishes.
Excellent value for money, this is a GREAT guitar, I would buy eyes closed :)
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