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  • Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s

    Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Squier belonging to the Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s model.

    30 user reviews
    Prices starting at $380 average price: $390
    Find it in the classifieds starting at $250 avg used price: $322

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s review

    Do you feel the vibe?

    Squier has been making low-cost guitars based on Fender designs since 1982. Because their early guitars have now become collector items for some, Squier is seeking to regain some of that magic with their Classic Vibe Series. This latest series was launched to capture the "vibe" of classic Fender designs as opposed to trying to be exact reproductions of vintage models.

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    • Manufacturer:Squier
    • Model:Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s
    • Category:TLC-Shaped Guitars
    • Added in our database on:07/28/2011

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    User Reviews Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s

    Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 30 reviews )
     22 reviews73 %
     7 reviews23 %
    Value For Money:
    King Loudness08/10/2011

    King Loudness's review"Yet another winner"

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s
    The Squier Classic Vibe 50s Tele is made in China as an affordable version of the much coveted 1950s blackguard model Fenders. It is an extremely good value for money, and is highly impressive overall. It features a pine body (noteworthy because that was actually the body wood used on some of the earliest Fender Teles), a maple neck with 21 frets, vintage style tuners and bridge and a standard Telecaster electronics setup with two single coils and a control layout comprising a volume control, a tone control and a 3 way selector switch. It all adds up to being a great instrument for sure. It's available in a white blonde finish and a butterscotch blonde as well, both of which are very 50s.


    The design of this particular Tele is really stunning considering the price point that they build it to. It's not the lightest guitar in the world, but the body feels SOLID and well constructed. The neck has a thick gloss finish that is well applied. Some (including me) think that it's a bit too thick a finish that inhibits hand movement, but that's a minor issue as the neck is very playable as is. The out of the box setup is great and it's really a dream to play.

    Getting a good tone out of this guitar is dead simple. Teles are some of my favourite guitars to play because of the variety of tones you get from not many options. The neck pickup offers some stellar jazz tones, the middle pickup gets fairly funky when you want it, and the bridge pickup is just what the doctor ordered for your country and rock prescriptions.


    I've tried this guiitar with various Fender, Marshall and Mesa Boogie amplifiers. I'd say the Tele excels at clean and lower gain tones. The pickups (disputed to be made by Tonerider Pickups) are EXCELLENT. They're very dynamic and response to pick attack and use of the volume and tone controls. You can really approach it with a light touch or you can dig in hard and it will respond very well. To me that's a mark of a great instrument. It does everything from jazz to country well on clean sounds, and to me it parallels the sound of the $1,000 American Teles with ease. As you add gain the guitar still sounds great too. Dialing in a great hot rod British rock tone gives room for some blues, some classic and hard rock as well as some scorching, paint peeling country/shred hybrid licks from beyond... so much fun!

    This guitar is definitely a killer sounding Tele. Tele's are great and this one lives up to what a good one should be tone wise.


    All in all I'm very impressed with these guitars overall. Every Classic Vibe I've tried has been top notch as far as the quality goes, and it's shocking that they can build them to feel and sound as good as they do for the $350 they sell for new. They're definitely worth checking out by all means. If you prefer the sound of a rosewood fretboard they also offer it in a 60s Tele Custom model, which is great as well. You can't go wrong with a guitar with such an awesome Classic Vibe to it!

    elgringos's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" sqiuer?"

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s
    It is a Chinese, my lord!
    Maple neck is pretty!
    21 frets.
    volume tone
    2 single coil pickups Squier Vintage Style Custom Alnico III


    The handle is very nice, c-section.
    a heavy can.
    but overall it's really a pleasure


    Crystal clear sound overall, but for me to make minimalist riffs with dégeu saturation.
    I play with my bass amp so I was too little not help that levels: s


    most: production, sound, the price is nice (even without the pick guard)
    Cons: avoid thick ropes and weight

    salinas55's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" it! is "A 50S TELECASTER '!""

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s
    Everything has already been said here and on "Audiofanzine" there is the Fender Squier website / worn to click 'on "www"
    If not "Med in China" with a finish of small Asian hands worthy of "the middle kingdom!" and care with serious warnings "Gibson". She makes her weight around 4 Kg


    -A remarkable handle on 9.5 radius and excellent frets. If in 10 years, he twisted I will change even if costing 200 E. This will tell you if I love this guitar.
    Ergonomics, access to acute, shape and weight of a telecast. Though set of all 'so it's super simple. A little "cheap" equipment? R / E / S. tighten a little jack with a small 'taste' of "Loctite and inter washer." Mechanical hold well play an evening, although somewhat sensitive to humidity. At rest, storing vertical.
    -Because of their low prices, not to say ridiculous, as often in the mag there was a whole "slew" of "and EPIPHONE FENDER". In the wholesale cost could afford (it sure it was not Gibson 70 'or 90 Fender'). So I have to try several combo with "Fender buttocks" and "Marshall" when my choice is tightening around this "BUTTERSCOTCH / blonde." The pickups were a "bold" little more than the other vibe. The knobs?? noticed nothing, insignificant buzz and a small "sustain" not "degu" to handle 4 screws ... I was really impressed!. Compared with my other 2 FENDER Telecaster I prefer the VIBE. Suddenly a few months later I could not resist I "made" the "VIBE STRATOCASTER 50s" terrible!


    Yes, it matches my style and a style "well Telecaster twang, slamming statement." "And no offense to" charlots ", do not forget, it was!, And it must remain" the Guitar poor "!.
    Ho!! Lack potato ... Ho! Microphones microphones that this ... HO! That is not ash ...
    -The Tone? microphones? What is this?? you know what it's Vintage?? and its "single pass" 50s??. "A" solidbody "is a board, a round covered and microphones" dixit ... Leo!
    It is incisive, this is cutting edge is so rustic .... "ROOTS" Blues and rock ... hell!
    Now in use, I often sticks to one of my combo's or VOX amps, Fender, The valve, Soldano or Mesa and peti Marshall, sure they were in the "safe" but simplified adjustment without forgetting the unique TS / 9. At low volume it s'pass' on a small combo transistor modeling and there is something fun ...


    -Used often for almost their outputs in 2008 / / 2009 this time she did not suffer. And .... with respect to retissants and to not dwell, I apologize for SQUIER, you simply keep "FENDER" on the butt and we'll talk ....
    He may be is a small joke but this "TELECASTER" is in terms of equal quality to Fender's '60s and early 70.Pas only province ... but in the 60s ... my Happy 15 years ... I have not forgotten that finding an amp and an electric often "Med in U.S.", reported to the obstacle course, not many European few Jap's is all ... very expensive .. . often we manufactured ourselves and the issue amp an old radio "nasal postwar" repaired "this is ... this is ... this is ALL!".
    Let me tell you, when we crossed a one did the "choosy" ..... So the handle .... The body ... all the pickups wound by hand some real horror which exported to Europe. celons ... tell them of the time ...
    THEN ... you know with this VIBE would have been the FEET! And "m *** e! It is EXCELLENT!!.

    jeangusyoung's review(This content has been automatically translated from French)" Let time tell us more"

    Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster '50s
    Made in China
    The rest of the features is known (bridge with string through, neck maple modern C, 21 frets, 1 volume 1 tone 3-position switch 1 ....)

    I had a big "a priori" the pin on a TELECASTER, but it takes a little review its judgment. Why this wood would it not good for for that? Why Squier would use the wrong bread stabilized risk to deform? which would ruin the image of the Fender brand as their own.

    9/10 because of the ash still ... eh ;-) .... it would not cost them an arm either.


    Nice handle with well finished on the side that does not pick half of the hand when one slides several boxes frets.

    3.8 Kgs compared to my back musclor okay, or stomach or chamfer cutting for the elbow but it is not for nothing TELE. and then nothing really rude either

    Access to the upper frets not complain, I have big hands and am not a virtuoso solo in small boxes so everything is fine

    The selector is doing its job for the selection of microphones and knobs are solid. By against the log is not my thing. I think from 4 or 5 out of 10 means little or nothing more.


    I who love Sheryl Crow and Rolling Stones (among others) I sound I wanted for that.

    It can be slightly fat, twangy and punchy and also crystalline.

    For the moment I plugged directly into my marshall 5275 reverb. It gives me a guitar that roots do not really demand a myriad of effects. Maybe a chorus or vibrato on and on ....

    I love all the sounds, but if the neck pickup deserves to be reassembled 2 mm

    9/10 for the neck pickup micro 2mm too low, and wiring that could have been a little better even for a guitar of this range.


    Purchased 27 February 2014 its use is recent

    Compared few sisters

    Repeat this choice, for here we must first allow time to tell us how it ages. then we'll see.

    I love everything in it. to really quibble I blame these knobs without graduation to know where we are, but really to quibble, because it may improve for a small hack.

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