Hughes & Kettner Studio 84
Hughes & Kettner Studio 84

Tube Combo Guitar Amp

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Pete-Layburn 12/19/2010

Pete-Layburn's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " MADE IN GERMANY"

20W all-tube, 2 channels, effects loop, Celestion Vintage Rockdriver, HP outlet additional direct output.


Volume on Channel 1, volume on channel 2 + drive, master volume, reverb and EQ Accutronix active (low / middle / treble from -5 to +5) for the 2 channels.
We must find the equalizer that goes: I now leave everything to 0. Purchased


priority for his successful saturated frankly, fleshy and furious.
Add to that a personality and a truly effective equalizer ... the clean sound on the other hand left me rather perplexed.
It is not the success of this amp, as too cold for my taste (German thoroughness?).
That said, it's the advantage of offering a certain neutrality welcome to use effects pedals ...
I therefore put the overall score of 7 because of the lack of clear channel heat, but be aware that the popping sound is really good.


If we accept that at least one of two available sound is very successful (the saturation for those who have not yet understood the price :-) and very democratic in the time for an all-tube amp (and made in Germany please!), then it is assumed that 7 is the minimum score to give this amp that has followed me for a good ten years without fail.
Danke Schoen, H & K!
Rotormouse 12/02/2004

Rotormouse's review (This content has been automatically translated from English)

All Tube Amp: 2 12AX7 and 2 EL84 in pramp in amplification for an output of 20W
1 between an instrument and switch in between faade
1 line output, output to an external speaker and an FX send return the rear
Canal 'clean / crunch'> 1rglage volume to vary the crunch
channel 'distortion'> 1rglage gain for saturation and a master rglage to adjust the volume from the clean channel
EQ: common to both channels> TREB mid bass
Reverb: trs not convincing I must say

Last rglage: SETTING THE General for the power output> function to enjoy all the rglages, including the low-level not crunch Dranger neighbors


Given that prcde, and yes use is very simple


I play rock ind-pop rock and some blues with two guitars trs diffrent:

A-fender telecaster japan with microphones not terrible

> Clean channel and neck pickup position or intermdiaire, we get a blues sound, reggae / ska surprising: very hot, "comfortable" and just slamming into intermdiaire. The crunch is not bad if you push too much volume. Pass a certain level, the worst crunch is really too rough and not harmonic.

> Channel distortion: not bad for the Rhythmic with the gain in the middle, beyond has become a bit messy.
I prcise the micro needle is really my T trs crillard. So we go over the CATEGORY.

A Gibson-standard ltd edition 2004 with burstbuckers pro:
> Clear: same remark with the neck pickup and intermdiaire position: it is warm and well Dfine time. A good lil blues is welcome.
But the crunch of default remains the same, except with the gibson pickups, the crunch comes much tt (question-level output). Not easy to have a clear trs if not play it easy and if not lower the volume of the microphones.

> Saturation: Good is when even the best, especially in micro acute: the sounds are much better Defines
Its quite Tranchand a little but not too vintage.
For if you push too much against the gain, even as default prcedemment: a pure win without actually winning round or potato.


In conclusion:

the amp used only suitable use for clean sounds blues.
For distos, it will do in the not too brutal rhythmic rock> mtallo abstain.
In my opinion too many solos for prcis Defines precision and fans.
I use this amp for several years, I bought with my electric Premire scratches (on TV).
I think for beginners, it's a good dj amp, which made it clear what a the "lamp", which sounds not small (HP 12 ") and is not the forget, a good sound also makes me want to play.

After a few years of practice and with a scratched suprieur level, it is so much change for an amp that fear my gibson breathe: but what? J'rflchis ....

NB: closer to the opinion on the H & K tube 20 (a priori it is the same amp, with a design diffrent)