EVH 5150 III 50W - Black
EVH 5150 III 50W - Black

Tube Guitar Amp Head belonging to the 5150 III 50W model

User Reviews: 4.45 Average price: $1,000

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Value For Money: Excellent
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Editorial review
  • 08/05/12EVH 5150III Review

    Eddy Van Houten? - EVH 5150III Review

    When Fender launched a new amplifier featuring a new "EVH" logo and the traditional "F" next to the 5150 III logo, questions were certain to rise. Rumors said this new monster is made for metal. There are too many secrets surrounding this new amp — it's time for me to jump into my van and find out the truth.

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tonmazz 08/05/2012

tonmazz's review "EVH 515III 50 Watt monster! "

Wow! This little brother to the 100 watt EVH 5150III is an absolute monster of an amp. Still a tube amp like its big brother it sports 50 watts which sounnds like 250 watts when turned up. Sporting 2 6L6 power tubes and 6 12AX7 preamp tubes, this thing can hang with the best of them. Comes with MIDI footswitch and built in effects loop.


Very functional for gigging with its three channels allowing for clean, rhythm and lead settings. One difference from its big brother is that you have to share EQ controls on channel one and two while three has its own. I guess you can't have everything but this comes close to giving you just about everything. Manual is sufficient, no rocket science here. Easy to use and understand.


Cleans are good enough in combination with effects through the loop. Rhythm channel is probably the best part of this amp, just pure tone like EVH himself would expect. It is as close to pure Marshall tone as I have ever heard from a non Marshall amp. Very pure sound, not muddy at all. You have all of the punch in all three channels you will ever need, hard to believe this is a 50 watt amp. Channel 3 is super over the top distortion with the inherant tonal quality of channel 2 but slightly thinner for cutting leads. Once again, way more gain than you will ever be able to use but so great it's there if you need it. The presence knob has so much range, it is almost impossible to get a tone you are not happy with. All of the tone controls simply work well and have the range needed to take this amp whereever you want it to go.


Having had the big brother 100 watter, this is a much better amp in a smaller package. Absolutely love the price point of this one. So much amp for the money, under $1,000! All three channels are extremely useable and bring something to the table. It has both cutting tone and bottom end power which makes it so close to the perfect amp. It is also very open and organic, not compressed like a transistor amp is. Just roaring, Marshallesque tone for any hard rock and even metal situation. Hard not to like this amp! Bottom line is, great price, great sound, comes equipt with a loop and midi footswitch, looks great and works perfect. The only downside was as mentioned, two channels sharing an EQ. If this bugs you, buy the 100 watter and problem solved.
xeuma 04/23/2013

xeuma's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Very good head"

3 Channel 50W lamps in white version comes with footswitch


no manual, it's plug and play

the big sound is present from the beginning has provided you use a good speaker :)


Contrary to what has been said I love the clean sound of this amp, you get a very very nice dynamic grain (light crunch) for ed pieces to the hot chili peppers for example it's perfect :)

the only annoying thing is quite common in EQ channels 1 and 2 .... CNAL 3 is independent and there it really sending a big mashed his well FAT I love the Deftones!


1 month with an orange 2x12 cabinet signing Jim Root ...

I would return in a few time to polish my opinion on this amp
Innerside 04/02/2013

Innerside's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " A "little" monster ..."

Lamps 50W amp
Everything there is a classic amp.
HP outputs selectable depending on the hp is used.
3 channels, including the 1st and 2nd with eq / shared flight.
Preamp Out
Effects loop
Midi In (super convenient)


Very simple:

- It energizes
- Heat is allowed a few moments
- It switches the standby
- We sent!

The sound is very well defined, clear are friendly, the monstrous crunches, and more saturated sounds are really huge.


Yes, the metal, the head is huge, and became a classic.
I use it with a Line 6 M9, which allows me to switch channels via the noon, and at the same time use a configuration of various sounds (clean + chorus, flanger + Crunch, Lead + delay ...)
I added a TS on the crunch it gives him a great bite.
We must also think of a good noise gate if you push really hard to gain.


I use it for a few months, and I really find the sounds I was looking for a sound that is both organic and aggressive but also incisive.
I have not tried other heads, my choice is directly went to EVH.
The only "negative" will be the small difference in volume between the clean channel and crunch, which share the same eq and the same volume.
I solved this by slightly boosting the output with the M9.
Another thing to know is what is not that small, for comparison, it falls smack bang on my 2x12 in width, and is a little shorter in depth, so nickel apart.
Evgeny 06/30/2012

Evgeny's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " Very disappointing"

Power: 50 Watt All lamp
3 channels
Controls per channel: Gain-Low-Mid-High-Volume-Channel Select-Presence
Common EQ for channel 1 and 2
Effects loop
2 outputs for external speakers with switchable impedance (4, 8 and 16 Ohm)
Dimensions: 216 x 508 x 304mm
Weight: 11.4 Kg
Included footswitch

On paper, this head is very interesting. Head still impressive (quite deep), which in addition is presented as having the same sound as the original 5150III it deserves a priori that one is interested.


The guitarist colleague of my group was planning to buy a head to replace his 5150. Having taken a big slap on the 5150III at a concert, he is so interested in the head at first very attractive.

After a day of tests in two different stores to was the big disappointment, it does not sound like 5150III absolutely original, but this I am going lower.

Concerning the use so there's nothing particular to say. If this is the switch-up and standby voltages are located behind the head. Which can be annoying in some cases, but also the resonance knob is at the back.

A Note that provides footswtich apparently with the head, a good point.


We tested this in two head shops in Paris, one on a Mesa 2X12 cabinet and the other on a 1X12 Palmer.

In both cases we were disappointed, Clear Channel is arbitrary rather cold and impersonal, but of course we were not the why.
It is on the overdrive channel that disappointment was the largest, the amp delivers a very strange with a bump in the lower midrange very unpleasant.
Basically boosted channel has nothing to do with the original header, the sound is exaggerated in the lower midrange / bass as if trying to hide a lack of presence and scale in the sound. In the end it becomes very unpleasant action on the knob of resonance reduces this effect when it is close to 0, but the sound becomes cramped and noisy. In addition, the EQ is fairly ineffective, impossible to erase this unpleasant sound.

Constant on the same baffle palmer with the second head, it's not strange, therefore, not just the cabinet. Also I notice that the second head blows a lot less than the first, so I now doubts about the quality of manufacture.

Also note, a very big difference in volume between channels. The head is then limited unusable if you use multiple channels in a group.


In conclusion, this head is in my opinion to avoid.

Too bad it is yet a point of view very interesting features given the price, but the sounds are just mediocre.
Better to save me a little more to pay a real 5150III used, that sounds much better even at equivalent volume.

And for those looking absolutely a compact head, carvin the V3M is well above issue sounds (clear sound excellent, good distortion and many adjustments), the Koch Studio Tone is also very good (a good grain). Also this 5150III 50 W is not so compact it, it almost as deep as wide.
ozzy ozburne 04/08/2012

ozzy ozburne's review (This content has been automatically translated from English) " A real success ..."

Super full, great finished.
Any head lamp, 50w, 3 channels, effects loop, headphone, midi ... Clear and "crunch" on the same settings, with its distortion settings. Overall presence. Pedal supplied shielded. Super finish, no complaints. Two colors rested, which is rather unusual for an amp. Mine is ivory. Even the speaker cable is included!
She still has a wild look that little EVH!
Made by Fender in Vietnam, huge transformers, knobs indestructible, here breathes the strong.
I play it in a 2x12 plextone purchased from Sydney to Toulouse, with G12M. (The HP EVH 15ohms is apparently based it on the old Celestion Greenbacks).


It's plug 'n play.


The overall sound is very rocky and very straight. Ca does not bleed, it is not in English pop here.
I have something to compare with the marshall jubilee and Bogner at home. The EVH nothing wrong, I have not touched my other amps since she arrived!
The settings are hyper efficient, this head is both very distinctive and very versatile though: you can play many things (rock, EVH requires), it still maintains his personality.
The best sounds (to my taste), with the volume are at least 6, and the grain is set to gain, then the knob of the guitar. There, the light is sublime, super-dynamic, very successful, more Marshall (good series) that Fender (it's a shame!), Channel 2 goes from crunch to distortion in the former (we really EVH sounds, even those of the first albums), and channel 3 is medium, compressed, modern. Despite this, I've even been able to get good sounds rn'r old, yet very saturated, lowering the treble, bass and presence, forward mids.
I play this head with an aphex and a small delay in the loop, and each TS808 volume up and gain to 0 on channel 2. The 3 does not take well the TS, too compressed and already quite saturated.
Against a constant: a warm, but right and accurate, that does not forgive errors Thurs Should work his guitar! It's harder to get that crunch and distos bavouillent (and I love with my Jubilee) typed Marshall / Slash example. And yet, with a good OD (OCD fatboost etc ...) on the excellent clean channel, we find our great marshall crunch typed based on the dynamics pushing the volume of the preamp.
Channel 3 is a treat solo. The gain is huge, always very musical. I find it does not take very well the OD, but definitive, it does not need it (and yet I love add a crunch OD on a saturated or habits).
No breath in spite of the high gain.
Sounds also chamber volume, I have no complaints.

Go, a downside, the headphone output is lousy, but EVH plays often flat, so ... And I do not use it, so ...


No one could .. amp, typed Van Halen (we pay for and fortunately!), But not that ...

Sounds of hell, versatile, that does not copy the great of the genre, but has its own personality. I find that the ratio QP is simply excellent.
Even the speaker equipped 2x12 G12H looks to me to be a steal, with a super affordable price.

I love Van Halen, not his entire discography, especially the early albums, and my opinion is not that of a geek or fan club. I had just spotted a 50w amp (ample), 3 channels, effects loop, € 880 for nine. A cool brand, Fender, EVH signature is super cool (bin anyway ... yeah, it takes me back 20 years ago, when I started as a guitarist, finishing high school, early college, when I scratched my head for try to understand how they made a tapping or an artificial harmonic-and yes, no internet at the time-like Is not talking about love or hot for teacher), reduced size and weight (for 50W), although finished. The big brother has a great reputation and more ...

What you ask for?

I'm really happy with this amp, I hope here to read this review!