M-Audio Transit
M-Audio Transit

USB audio interface

User Reviews: 4.69
XLRcable 08/16/2011

M-Audio Transit : XLRcable's user review

" Simple, practical and functional"

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Used on pc windows 7.
Audio Outputs: An optical output and a line-out jack (3.5).
Audio input: line input jack (3.5) or optical.
Sampling frequency: 96 kHz.
Sampling Rate: 24 bits
Hardware: Connection to the computer via USB 2.0.


The driver has never bugged, and updates are regular. This interface achettée in 2008 is usable on windows 7.


Extremely simple installation, the driver intends and settles virtually all alone.


Model very simple, no frills, but reliable and efficient! The input and output line are good and no problem of bugg, blowing or otherwise.
I recommend!