Orange PPC212C
Orange PPC212C

PPC212C, 2x12 Guitar Cabinet from Orange in the PPC series.

fabbcrich 05/08/2014

Orange PPC212C : fabbcrich's user review

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Heard in concert: not so personally owned (and fortunately), I have tried a lot of speakers on which I played in concert and my homemade speakers.
Big bass with V 30 it hides some things, they are deaf, smothered to death and precision dribbling 0/10.
Mediums well ahead, full, thick, warm, not screaming (rare enough to be mentioned), but also ..... strangled to death and always drooling .... a grain rather a crunch with a hi-gain amp which usually sends a big distortion.
Treble ........ I do not hear the boards, even at 2 meters from the cabinet with the boost for solos.
To summarize: in concert unusable if not transplanted and must send the sauce, and yet .... bass is good, but if it was not for mids and highs out of the mix we will not away.
Plywood is not THE best materials and saw the pictures the cabinet has no bracket or wall to stiffen carpentry, even for a 212 this is an important detail, so joinery poorly designed.