2x12 Guitar Cabinets
Guitar Cabinets 2x12 Guitar Cabinets
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2x12 Guitar Cabinets user reviews

  • Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Horizontal

    Mesa Boogie Recto 2x12 Horizontal - machefer's review


    2x12 closed cabinet (panel screwed) two clestions v30 Heavy (trs!) and one fist on top! an output for connection to prvue SERIES (with a cache p'tit it to go wrong when you plug blind ...) 800 euros ... the closed cabinet enables an exellen…

  • Nameofsound 2x12 Black Warrior Vertical

    Nameofsound 2x12 Black Warrior Vertical - Fab Le Noots :evil:'s review


    I acquired the cabinet in May 2004, but I do not post that now is an APRS m'tre ide prcise capacity of beast. As you can see, it's a 2x12 vertical cabinet, whose width dimensions are those of an SKB rack. But Grard NOS offers several formats, and j…

  • Marshall 1922

    Marshall 1922 - revola's review


    This is a good speaker. HP celestion ... The sound is typical Marshall trs. It's simple, if you Marshall's flat, you want an extension of your speaker or your head combo amp and you do not want / can not carry the 4 * 12, 1922 is a good deal. …

  • Brunetti Dual Cab

    Brunetti Dual Cab - Mr ok okok's review


    qques after hours of testing ... after a few tps ds -Connecting mono or stereo into 8 ohms or 16 Fully-enclosed, with the possibility nanmoins to open (for the Phillips) from behind if you need (not me, but appreciable c to have a choice) -2 H…

  • Marshall 1922

    Marshall 1922 - fot's review


    Trs good speaker. It is still quite soft in sound, but it is closed derrire, even though it sends qd to be provided as long it takes. Scniquement has been less than a Randall 4x12, but hey, it's not the same price either ;-). Lightweight, easy to t…

  • Marshall 1922

    Marshall 1922 - jasonse's review


    HP celestion 12 " 2 large grips for transportation I use 2 for a good Stereo AVOP. Very simple config 2 between the rear jack Excellent record of all frquences I like (I have two) …

  • Marshall 1936

    Marshall 1936 - Sl!pKoRn's review


    Speakers: 2x12 G12T-75W S88 Power output: 150 Watts (2x75W) Impedance: Mono / Stereo options: stereo 16 ohm / 8 ohm mono Dimensions: 600mm x 750mm x 310 mm Weight: 24.6 Kg Anyone knowing a jack plug will use this material ... I use this…