Behringer DDM4000
Behringer DDM4000

DDM4000, 4+ Channel Mixer from Behringer.

Dj gom 08/08/2013

Behringer DDM4000 : Dj gom's user review

«  Very satisfying - A concrete value price »

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Value For Money : Excellent
_ Sampler synchronized beat
_ Multi-Effects 4 sections
_ 2 patented BPM counters
_ Digital crossfader and MIDI
_ 4 Channel Phono / Line stereo sound for up to 8 sources
_ 2 Microphone inputs with Gain, EQ, Talk function and effects
_ 4 stereo channels with Gain
_ 3-band parametric EQ with Kill function
_ Control fader curve and flexible crossfader assignment
_ Sampler with sophisticated feature-locked loop to rate
_ Control the pitch in real time
_ Effect Sampler FX and crossfader start
_ 2 processors assignable and BPM-synchronized effects (Bitcrusher, Resonator, Reverb, Flanger, etc.).
_ BPM Counter fast and accurate patented automatic synchronization of MIDI sampler, effects, fader boxes, external rhythm, etc..
_ Digital crossfader with adjustable curve
_ Switches and Automatic Reverse
_ Crossfader with two new modes in frequency selective croosfading
_ Section headphone with separate PFL Mix / Split and Bass / Snare boost functions
_ Key reminder of the last table configuration
_ S / PDIF for direct recording
_ Rackmount Kit provided

(Characteristics Thomann)


The general configuration is it simple? The usual functions are they easily accessible? The manual is clear and sufficient?

The grip is quite intuitive in all, the effects are easily assignable (except for the mic or have to travel a bit in the menus). Although some parameters remain vague enough for me, and I have not yet seized utility (without feeling the lack so far), such as "bounce to twelve o'clock clock" in cross section, in the south FX or "XMC" in the mic section for me section are buttons that are there, but useless, they probably should have a utility that I do not operate, but they do not interest me more than that.
Regarding the usual functions, no worries, I did not need the manual to teach me to use it, even if it is quite clear (rather thick for that matter).


I was struck by the clarity of the signal that let in the table, where before there was breath, DDM 4000 pass only the signal that had come in, clean and pure.
Regarding the equalizer, it seems to me that it is customizable, you can edit the frequencies supported by each of the three bands (thus never changed to the conditional), each band has a pseudo key "kill" to cut or isolated (your choice) the corresponding frequencies, but the frequency can be manually switched off since each band at least cut the signal.


I use this table regularly at parties, birthdays, or even at home for my own pleasure, she has never let me down, I have since modified the original cross fader by fader innovative, more suitable to scratch, but the quality of the original cross is not questioned, and it would have probably made me even long hours without my whims.
This is my first "pro" table, or at least adapted to the disco, I had chosen both for its quality and for the price, really attractive, and I'm not disappointed, the quality / price ratio is excellent, and I'm not even tempted by the higher-end models that propose at most a few additional effects for a price ranging from double to triple (or more). I found a product that met my requirements perfectly, simple and effective, with a very good price here.