Synq Audio SMX-2
Synq Audio SMX-2

SMX-2, 4+ Channel Mixer from Synq Audio.

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All user reviews of 3/5 for the Synq Audio SMX-2

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officialbob5's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Synq Audio SMX-2
Rackable: No
Conection in: rca jack, XLR
out connector: RCA master, rca return XLR master
box almost useless effects due to the button layout that mix with those reading sd card and built mp3.
5 buttons and 5-way selection of tracks
Filters 1 low, medium & high channel.


rather complicated general configuration when it is used the first time, the buttons are too big filters are sometimes jump. The channels are too close to each other. (We seem to see the concentrate on the huge, sorry if that sounds vague)

Manual: I've never seen


Transparency: I have worked with in the club and always a lot of noise around.
filters work pretty well.

rendering with microphone is pretty good

gains tracks are sometimes too sensitive and cause errors


most: sd card reader, good connectivity, channel selectors.
least: box unattractive effects, large buttons little space and visibility.

Mabrev's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad"

Synq Audio SMX-2
Table 5 channels + 1 channel mic with DJ talkover switchable and adjustable.

7 inputs including RCA 4 line + 3 phono switchable line.
2 microphone inputs with hybrid connectors Jack / XLR
1 Effect Send & Return on RCA

Master 1 on RCA or balanced XLR
Master 2 RCA
REC output
Switch Stereo / Mono

The inputs are assignable as required by the selectors on each channel.
Tri-band EQ on each channel, but which do not cut total.

Fader Curve Adjustable.
Adjustable crossfader curve.

Effects section is configurable and assignable to a particular channel or channels assigned to the on side A or side B of the crossfader or the Master.
In addition, effect "crossfader" apart, but anecdotal.


Configuration could not be more simple, like any mixer ..

Faders & crossfader slide well, by setting them against the curve is not accurate.

A first section affect crossfader is completely missed: it proposes to call, moving the crossfader, a loop on reading in courses that shortcut, and as to measure the progress of the cross, or choice a pitch down, but the effect is rarely successful. And partly because of the cut too frank when the race reaches the end of the crossfader.

The second section of effects is much more successful. But with big black dots:
-The worst is when the shift triggers a sound effect. Sometimes it means. Looks like a CD that skips .. And it hurts the heart.
In-kind horrible, it has the effect parameters on notched knobs, which will require several turns to increase a parameter! Absurd because really cumbersome to use. We can push it to increase the rate of change of a parameter, but this does not work where you really need: the filter! Make a Low Pass fast, on a whim "I feel good now" (or 20kHz) is impossible, because too many requests knob towers. Must prepare in advance because we will usually 0 by: High Pass on one side, low pass each other. Anyway, hello tendinitis.
-The reverb has a sound yucky ...
-Feedback from the echo am not quite in time, too fast even mitigation thoroughly.
-Other effects, less important to me, seem correct.


The sound is okay. It does not transcend anything. No breath.

Equalizers, as said before, are not a total cut.


I've had a year and a half, the value seems good;)

No reliability concerns. It is like new ..

Too bad the effects are not more ergonomic ...

I will not repeat the same choice. Here is a table that does everything, but moderately good. Next, I want a table that comes out a sound of hell, faders and equalizers flawless, the rest being small.