ENGL E412VG Pro Straight 4x12 Cabinet
ENGL E412VG Pro Straight 4x12 Cabinet

E412VG Pro Straight 4x12 Cabinet, 4x12 Guitar Cabinet from ENGL.

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Gandalf07 04/08/2014

ENGL E412VG Pro Straight 4x12 Cabinet : Gandalf07's user review

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How long have you use it?
I received it a week ago.

What is the particular feature you like best and least?
I must say right now! is PRO! the gate metal front grillcloth not and that's fine ... Then the thickness of the solid baffle breathes not a shadow of a doubt about it! Equipped with four Celestion V30 sending it tough but the definition of the sound is very balanced (between severe and acute)
I made this comparison because I had a marshall cabinet before this one, and although the overall record is sharper and more defined sound in saturated and clear.
The only downside is its weight! it is around 50 kgs and the lives it is not joy all the time but if done ....

Have you tried many other models before buying it?
No, but I wanted it because I wanted to stay in this brand.

How would you rate the quality / price?
With experience, you do again this choice? ...
As described above the baffle is really pro in its manufacture.
After this is true ENGL is not a given brand but when you do not love ...
Yes I would do this choice because apart from the weight is heavy figuratively!
The sound is really there and what is most important.