M-Audio Keystation 61es
M-Audio Keystation 61es

Keystation 61es, 61-Key MIDI Keyboard from M-Audio in the Keystation series.

Seaman 05/04/2010

M-Audio Keystation 61es : Seaman's user review

" Very good product even if passed ..."

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Choice of equipment to replace an old emergency 49-key MIDI keyboard Keytek died after many years of service and many glasses of beer passed through her womb.
Have opted for the M-Audio Keystation 61es (so 61 keys):
-Price (+ / - 150 euros 5 years ago)
-Keys with aftertouch, touch piano-style (light), Midi Out and USB connectivity, keyboard transposed, congestion, connection for sustain pedal, pitch bend and modulation Dials.
Accessory: volume control.
At the time little keyboard has buttons for control of sequencers and plug-in (fader, transport, etc. ...). Keyboards with these characteristics were a higher price, and personally, OTC.
It is possible to connect the keyboard or via USB or via MIDI. This type of connection I was advised by the vendor. On some series notes were sent by the evil Midi connection (see forum, it seems to me that this problem was addressed).
Tip: when you plug the USB keyboard, it is possible to use the port as a MIDI interface: can connect an expander or other machines that can receive the South and, from the sequencer, using the Midi port Out of 61e as a midi interface port .... An additional port is never enough!


The touch is nice. I'm not a regular "grand pianos" so am not in the ability to compare with a Steinway or another.
I have a little regret about the pitch bend wheel: the return to the central point is extremely sensible.Difficile manage Pitchbend accurately around the center detent. Moreover, it is unfortunate that we can disable the automatic return of the knob pitchbend towards the central point, how has the Modulation Wheel.

The keyboard layout is not complicated, as with anything: a ride in the manual will teach you more than hours of tinkering without convincing results.


I use this keyboard for 5 years.
No other model was tested ... also say that I was tempted by any other model.
Except for the Pitch Bend wheel (see above), I have no negative comment was issued on this keyboard.

Currently: Having affordable products on the market and use more massive plugins I would advise any buyer has to move towards offering a keyboard, in addition, control functions such as transport, faders, assignable buttons etc..

On a purely personal opinion, I think this type of keyboard is exceeded by the current products, however it remains a regrettable purchase.
5 years since the 61es serves me, no problems, no default. All buttons are functional, as are the knobs and connectors: the M-Audio 61es is strong!